• Dakhla

    Call for papers - Africa

    Energy Economics between Deserts and Oceans

    Third International Congress on Desert Economy

    The ultimate purpose of the International Congress on Desert Economy – Dakhla, is to be a scientific and multidisciplinary platform on desert and Sahara economy development, in order to contribute effectively to the good governance and in the sustainable development of desert regions, by stimulating meetings between all stakeholders on a global scale, with a view to fostering cooperation and partnership, among (Sahara) desert countries (Africa, the Gulf States, the United States of America, China, Australia...), with the aim of creating a conducive environment to the exchange of experiences, expertise and innovation, around themes related to desert and Sahara economy development, such as: Tourism and travel industry, agriculture, renewable energy, raw materials, transportation and logistics, sea and ocean economy, technology and innovation,  entertainment and sport economy, cultural and intangible heritage, nature and environment.

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  • Call for papers - Science studies

    Law, ethics and fieldwork: how are research practices changing?

    In the analogue era, legal rules were not always known, their interpretation was limited to the question of copyright or respect for the privacy of persons recorded in interviews, and anonymization seemed to be the answer to all outstanding questions. On the contrary, the digital era has given rise to a real reflection on these issues, challenging some of the working methods on the ground. From now on, in addition to the new rules brought by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), researchers must know how to implement a data management plan or when to inform Data Protection Authorities such as the CNIL (French National Commission of Informatics and Liberty) about methods used to process personal data. They must also take into account the following issues: how to reference witnesses and recordings, what are the rules of long-term preservation, historical exception or data destruction… Can the researcher make an informed decision while on fieldwork while being fully aware of the rights, duties and on consequences of their corpus creation, the constraints on exploitation, dissemination or transmission? What consequences could this have on the gathering, archiving and process of return to the informants?

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Merleau-Ponty and Technology

    “Chiasmi International” n° 22, 2020

    The question of technology is not often directly addressed by Merleau-Ponty and is rarelythematized as such. The philosopher does not explicitly elaborate what today we would define as aphilosophy of technology or a theory of techniques. And yet, this issue often appears in thebackground of his analysis and sometimes it even constitutes the pivot of his questioning of themutual implication of the sense and the sensible, nature and culture.

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