• Montpellier

    Call for papers - Language

    5th International "Language and Territory" Colloquium

    This multidisciplinary colloquium will discuss the different ways that languages and territories are linked, and will show the political, social and economic stakes that arise from the relationships between them. Above all, these terms refer to men and women with their social practices and representations, at the core of the logic of territoriality. New territories give rise to new language practices, which, in turn, create new spaces, discourse and meaning. The "boundaries" we draw between languages and territories are permeable in time and space, depending on factors such as population displacement, language policies, linguistic and social representations, education, mass media and socio-cultural values.

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  • Bordeaux

    Call for papers - Modern

    Vine, wine and education from the 18th century to today

    The vine, the wine and the education are themes which appear distant and which nevertheless can be gathered around the training program and the places of apprenticeship (high schools wine, universities, schools of oenology ...) and school knowledge through disciplines such as geography, biology, art ...; This does not prevent the School from also fighting against addictions, alcoholism and its excesses. It must be said that vine and wine have always brought people together, constituting a real cultural heritage spread all over the world, wine being then a cultural and societal cultural reference. Thus, this theme could be studied around three main axes by involving several disciplines from the Humanities and Social Sciences but also Sciences and literary and artistic disciplines.

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  • Vielmur-sur-Agout

    Study days - Geography

    Occitan heritage at the heart of territorial projects

    Cette manifestation a pour objectif principal d’interpréter et de diffuser des résultats issus d’expérimentations sur la mobilisation du patrimoine occitan dans des projets de territoires. Ainsi, ce workshop vise à favoriser les échanges entre les acteurs économiques, institutionnels et culturels impliqués dans les politiques publiques centrées sur l’activation de la ressource occitane. Cette thématique illustre également les enjeux des relations inter-territoriales au sein de la nouvelle Région Occitanie.

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