• Baia Mare

    Call for papers - Representation

    The virtues masks of propaganda

    Since the armed invasion of Ukraine, we see on the screens once again the tragedy of humans struggling to survive a war. At the same time, various speeches and sites justify or invalidate this murderous action. With the help of virtuous statements, propaganda takes its place to lead us to no longer distinguish between what is said and what is done, between what is true and what is false and lying. Virtues are displayed as being at the base of these actions, as supreme values which oblige us to go “towards the good, towards one’s duty, to conform to a moral, religious ideal [...] despite the obstacles” encountered that must be destroyed at all costs. In this way, a doctrine is put forward as an “honourable” logic. This “mass communication strategy [is] aimed at influencing the opinion and actions of individuals or groups through biased information” (Augé, 2007, p. 12) and partial truths. It eliminates in advance all debate and historical contextualization. This simulacrum of information proceeds by omission of certain data and misinformation being often rooted or developed in political correctness.

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  • Baia Mare

    Call for papers - Thought

    Political correctness, wooden language and newspeak

    Le présent appel s'inscrit dans une réflxion sur la valeur de l'information dans nos sociétés globalisées. Il s'agit de s'interroger, de comprendre et d'analyser la manière dont ces modes de communication de masse contribuent au vacarme général; de saisir comment et pourquoi ils se propagent ; de clarifier aussi de quoi ils parlent et à qui ils s'adressent. Se donner le temps de réfléchir ensemble critiquement afin de développer une littératie pour s'y orienter et que tout cela prenne un sens.

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