• Aix-en-Provence

    Seminar - Law

    Controversies over Methods in European Union law

    This series of seminars aims at providing an overview of different methods in European Union law, both old and new, both mainstream and not, by putting them in perspective with each other and by questioning their underlying assumptions. In order to do so, participants are expected to engage in a reflexive exercise that will make their methods and their position in the controversy explicit: What methods do they use and what do these methods imply? With whom and against whom do they think European Union law? Do they find it useful to exhume an author that in their view has been unduly neglected or, on the contrary, to call for new approaches to understand EU law?

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  • Seminar - Thought

    Workshop Bergson

    As part of the project on Bergsonism in the global history of philosophy, a seminar on the most current international Bergsonian research will take place from January 2022.

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  • Lyon

    Call for papers - Economics

    Building bridges. Around David Graeber’s legacy

    The objective of this conference is to bring together contributions from the different disciplines involved in David Graeber’s works, including anthropology, sociology, economics, political science, and social philosophy. The contributions can be related to a particular discipline or to a particular subject, treated from a transdisciplinary perspective.

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  • Versailles

    Conference, symposium - History

    The Myth of Versailles and European Courts, 17th and 20th centuries

    Ce colloque est organisé dans le cadre du programme « Identités curiales et le mythe de Versailles en Europe : perceptions, adhésions et rejets (XVIIIe-XIXe siècle) » mené par le centre de recherche du château de Versailles. Il a pour objectif d’analyser le modus operandi du mythe de Versailles dans l’Europe monarchique des XVIIIe, XIXe et XXe siècles, en prenant en compte les deux éléments contradictoires mais complémentaires qui caractérisent cette notion : le réel et la reconstruction du réel. L’enjeu sera donc double : cerner comment les différents aspects propres à l’identité de Versailles ont pu nourrir un imaginaire, mais aussi saisir la manière dont cet imaginaire a pu susciter d’autres réalisations – architecturales, rituelles, politiques.

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  • Dunkirk

    Study days - Sociology

    Concevoir la ville de demain

    The way we live in the 21st century and recent health events have changed the traditional organisation of public space in the city. The social and cultural dimension has been particularly affected. Population flows and their circulation, the organisation of individual and common spaces must be rethought in order to find harmony for everyone. Faced with new ecological, health, social and economic developments, we ask an essential question: What is the city of today made of? How can we build the city of tomorrow?

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  • Ponta Delgada

    Call for papers - Representation

    Women, Gender and Intersectionality in the Lusophone World

    Following a hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lusophone Studies Association (LSA) is pleased to announce its next conference dedicated to the theme “Women, Gender and Intersectionality in the Lusophone World”. As such, it will welcome individual papers, thematic panels and roundtables on topics as diverse as: diasporas, gender, education, film, history, law, literature, migration, race, religion, among others.

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  • Villeneuve-d'Ascq | Les Rues-des-Vignes

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    La cour se met au vert. Mises en valeur et usages politiques des campagnes entre Moyen Âge et pré-modernité

    The Court escapes from Town. The countryside as political asset from the Middle Ages to the early Modern Period

    The idea of heading off to the countryside is associated nowadays with a wish to get away from a stressful, noisy, and at times oppressive and foul-smelling urban environment, to rest in peace and quiet, in healthy surroundings, in close contact with the bounties of the natural world and animals in their “natural” habitat. Far from any anachronistic intent, applying this expression to court studies is a call to scholars to adopt interdisciplinary approaches to examine the many ways in which aristocratic circles related to and interacted with their rural environment.

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  • Yaoundé

    Call for papers - Africa

    L’esclavage en Afrique : savoirs et décloisonnements

    Slavery in Africa: Knowledge and Openings

    Research on slavery in Africa has benefited from a clear dynamism in recent years, supported, partly, by international research programmes as well as by the publication of many works of reference. The international conference to which our institutions invite researchers and teachers is intended to contribute to this assessment of knowledge about slavery in Africa and to take stock of the most recent significant scientific advances. With an approach promoting interdisciplinary scientific dialogue (history, anthropology, sociology, museology) and dialogue with civil society (through the attendance of anti-slavery associations), the ambition here is to continue efforts to break down barriers between the various regions of the African continent, their historiographies and their stakeholders.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - History

    Armes, armures et équipement

    Questes Seminar

    Ce séminaire mensuel repose sur le choix, chaque année, de deux thèmes communs permettant aux participants de confronter leurs idées et leurs approches. Il est ouvert à tous, sans inscription préalable. Le deuxième thème de l’année porte sur « Armes, armures et équipement » !

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  • Champs-sur-Marne

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Dematerialisation and social sciences

    Comme chaque année, les doctorant·es du laboratoire Analyse comparée des pouvoirs (ACP) de l’université Gustave Eiffel organisent une journée d’étude pluridisciplinaire. Le thème de cette journée porte sur les enjeux de la dématérialisation pour les sciences sociales. L’objectif de cette journée est de réfléchir et discuter sur la façon dont les chercheuses et chercheurs en histoire, géographie, sociologie et sciences et techniques des activités physiques et sportives (STAPS) analysent ce processus et comment celui-ci influence leur travail.

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  • Trier

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    From Liège to Strasbourg. New Research on the German-French Border Region During the High and Late Middle Ages (11th–16th Century)

    In the High and Late Middle Ages, the border region between the Kingdom of France and the Holy Roman Empire was a dynamic space not only in terms of territorial politics, but also in economic, religious, social and cultural terms, which always requires cross-border work in historical research. Despite this elementary precondition, there is currently a lack of cross-national and cross-language exchange, especially for young academics. In order to meet this need, we would like to invite MA graduates and young researchers to present their current research projects to a professional audience and to discuss them within the setting of a young researchers’ conference.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Geography

    Territories and politics of animalities

    Critical animal geographies between domination and resistance

    Animal geographies are part of the social sciences research that question the relationship between humans and other animals. Often qualified as the study of "Human/Animal" relations, these scientific productions have been the object of cleavages since the emergence of theories-practices critical of both the speciesism of these scientific designations, and of a detachment of researchers from social struggles. Within a total liberation framework, Critical Animal Studies integrate animal exploitation with other forms of domination, demonstrating their consubstantiality and interdependence. This call for papers aims to enrich the reflections about and also the gestures carried in the antispeciesist geographies.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Objectivity in social sciences, a regulating ideal?

    The goal of this issue of the C@hiers du CRHiDI is to invite young researchers to interrogate the notion of objectivity in respect to their personal research and field of study. Moreover, it will tend to create, thanks to practical applications, a panel of different approaches used in the social and human sciences regarding objectivity.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Psychanalyse et histoire culturelle

    Échanges et confrontation

    Ce dossier de la Revue d’histoire culturelle (XVIIIe-XXIe siècles) intitulé « Psychanalyse et histoire culturelle : échanges et confrontation » présente de la façon la plus explicite et la plus concrète possible les traverses entre sciences humaines et sociales, histoire culturelle et psychanalyse. Il comprend un préalable : le recours à l’hypothèse de l’inconscient ne consiste pas à psychologiser les faits sociaux et culturels mais à dégager l’envers inconscient du fait collectif. Au-delà, il y a là un véritable enjeu pour les sciences humaines et sociales autour des liens entre sujet, symboles et représentations.

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  • Brussels | Lille

    Call for papers - Thought

    Young researchers in the city festival

    10th edition

    Créé en 2008, le festival franco-belge « Jeunes chercheurs et chercheuses dans la cité » propose à de jeunes chercheurs et chercheuses en sciences humaines et sociales de partager leurs savoirs en dehors de l’université, auprès du grand public, à travers une série de conférences de vulgarisation organisées dans des espaces non-académiques (cafés, musées, cinémas, lycées, parcs, etc.). Cet événement culturel a pour objectif de rendre la recherche accessible à un public de non-spécialistes et d’ouvrir un large espace de dialogue sur toutes les problématiques traitées par les sciences humaines et sociales.

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  • Paris

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Sociology

    Prix de thèse de la fondation Terre solidaire en faveur d’une transition écologique, juste et solidaire

    Terre Solidaire foundation thesis prize for studies of fair, cooperative ecological transition

    La fondation Terre solidaire lance un appel à candidatures pour sa deuxième édition d’un prix de thèse de la transition écologique juste et solidaire. Ce prix vise à encourager des travaux de recherche contribuant à améliorer les réflexions, réalisations et solutions des acteurs concernés par la mise en œuvre d’une transition écologique juste et solidaire en France. La thèse doit avoir traité des enjeux relatifs à la transition écologique, dans le contexte français métropolitain et/ou d’Outre-mer, avec une attention aux situations d’inégalités ou de discriminations, afin de favoriser la concrétisation des objectifs de justice sociale et de solidarité.

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  • Paris

    Seminar - History

    Legal humanism

    Legal humanism and theology

    L’Institut d’histoire du droit Jean Gaudemet de l’université Paris II Panthéon-Assas, en collaboration avec l’institut de recherche Montesquieu de l’université de Bordeaux et l’institut universitaire de France, organise des séances de séminaire qui ont lieu au Collège Sainte-Barbe, en salle Collinet, le vendredi de 14h30 à 16h30. Les séances sont publiques.

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  • Auxerre

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Varia Centre d'études médiévales d'Auxerre Bulletin (BUCEMA) – Varia section

    Issue 26.1

    Le Bulletin du Centre d’études médiévales d’Auxerre (BUCEMA) est une revue scientifique à comité de lecture consacrée aux études sur le Moyen Âge. Fidèle à son principe de diffusion de la recherche en train de se faire et librement accessible, le BUCEMA continue à mettre l’accent sur l’interdisciplinarité ‐ sciences humaines et sociales, sciences de la nature et mathématiques ‐ comme le meilleur moyen d’inventer une nouvelle médiévistique. Il est particulièrement intéressé par les contributions proposant des nouvelles méthodes, faisant état d’expériences dans le domaine des humanités numériques (digital humanities) et des nouvelles technologies, s’interrogeant sur les implications épistémologiques et conceptuelles des recherches sur le Moyen Âge.

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  • Call for papers - Law

    Port governance: power, interests, representations

    Scientific interest in the theme of port governance has arisen with a renewed political interest in the maritime area (but also river) in France in recent years. It follows in particular the tabling of a Bill on the governance and performance of French seaports and its adoption at first reading by the senatorial assembly on December 8, 2020, as well as the presentation of the “Strategy national port ” to the Interministerial Committee for the Sea (CImer) on January 22, 2021 by the French government.

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  • Rome | Tivoli

    Summer School - Prehistory and Antiquity

    The Antiquity and its receptions

    The Summerschool “The Antiquity and its receptions” is  open to doctoral and advanced MA students, specializing in history, art history, archaeology, philology, or any other discipline linked with the theme of the reception of Antiquity. It is international in nature and aims to establish a multilingual dialogue (French, Italian and English) between the different methodologies in use in Europe, North America and elsewhere, and thus to promote interdisciplinarity. At the same time, it plans to test these methodologies in the field, in collaboration with heritage institutions such as museums, archaeological sites, archives and libraries in Rome and Tivoli.

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