• Beirut

    Call for papers - Representation

    Uprisings and resistance: contemporary issues of cinema and visual arts in Iran and across the diaspora

    How can we look at Iranian cinema and the visual arts in relation to Iran today when the country has been experiencing an important episode of uprising and resistance, since September 16, 2022? Indeed, as in 1979, 1999, and 2009, and as in 2017 and 2018, it is obvious that images play a decisive role in the constitution of events. Iranian artists and filmmakers are indeed demonstrating an exceptional mobilization and effervescence in order to bear witness to the ongoing protests, but also to support them and mobilize international public opinion.

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  • George Town

    Call for papers - Asia

    Social Changes in Contemporary Southeast Asia

    Exploring New Forms of Labour Regimes

    As social, ethnic or religious, identity or position in the political hierarchy is more often pronounced in Southeast Asian societies, labour is rarely at the centre. In particular, labour does not often appear to be at the root of the formation of inequalities. In reality, the labour factor - including migrant labour - clearly fuels the regional dynamics of growth, and enables trade specialisation just as its mobilisation has, in the colonial past, enabled insertion into the international division of labour. This conference seeks to bring labour back in at the centre of the analysis. Offering a rare opportunity to pay tribute to the main oeuvres and pioneering authors in the field in Southeast Asia, it will open space to recent ongoing research on social changes with respect to  labour relations, working conditions, labour norms, and wages.

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  • Kyoto | Tokyo

    Seminar - Representation

    Architectural photography

    “Architectural photography (kenchiku shashin 建築写真)” is an expansive and multifaceted notion, approached differently by architects, urban planners, interior designers, developers, publishers, amateur photographers, commissioned professional photographers, or artists. This confrontation of meanings and uses is what interests us. Indeed, while architectural photography has been widely and regularly displayed since the 19th century, through albums, dedicated magazines, serial publications, photobooks, and exhibitions, there is currently no in-depth study that allows for a global understanding. Therefore, we have decided to initiate a seminar that aims to formulate a definition of this notion that encompasses all of its complexity.

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  • Tehran

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Premier colloque biennal d’études françaises contemporaines (société, culture, politique, économie)

    (همایش دو سالانه مطالعات فرانسه در دوران معاصر (جامعه، فرهنگ، سیاست و اقتصاد فرانسه

    Nombreux sont les domaines dans lesquels peuvent investir l’Iran et la France, dans leurs relations scientifiques et culturelles. De l’enseignement à la gastronomie, il existe un vaste éventail de secteurs qui se présentent aux coopérations culturelles et scientifiques entre les deux pays. Le colloque international des « Études françaises contemporaines », organisé par l’université de Téhéran, se veut une occasion privilégiée de rencontres et de discussions entre les chercheurs et scientifiques qui sont invités à discuter de la France contemporaine dans tous ses aspects.

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  • Taipei

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Sociological Perspectives on Synod and Synodality in the Roman Catholic Church

    37e conférence de la Société internationale pour la sociologie des religions

    L’objectif de cette session est de réunir des chercheurs travaillant sur les synodes catholiques contemporains et la synodalité dans une perspective sociologique. Les contributions de ceux qui travaillent sur les questions de gouvernance religieuse, de changement institutionnel et de relations entre l’Église et la société, à tous les niveaux d'analyse, de la paroisse à la curie, sont les bienvenues.


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  • Incheon

    Call for papers - Law

    Eurasian legal systems in a world in transition

    Economic prosperity or disparity, and the return of politics in international law

    The pace of history has accelerated in recent years and even months, well beyond a new cold-war dynamic. Trading nations entertain friendly commerce relations but they also engage in trade- and information-wars, thereby mixing regional construction and inter-regional deconstruction; that is, merging economic integration and political disintegration. Eurasia, with half of the world population, would represent, if economically and regionally integrated, the greatest consumer market and productive capacity on earth. Considering this geo-political/economic background, the question is simply whether such a Eurasian economic integration is achievable or not. Here, the “return of politics” through the neo-role played by States in Covid-management and, from 2022, in international economic law and other wider issues, is proving a challenge for analysts of the ‘legalisation’ of regions.

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  • Beijing

    Call for papers - Representation

    Framing the Virtual: New Technologies and Immersive Exhibitions

    As our lives and planet continue to be shaped by complex technological materials, systems and processes, the practices of technology and media-engaged artists are vital to understanding what lies behind the ‘front end’ of our contemporary digital condition. Although diverse in scope, new materialist philosophies share a common approach to flat ontologies that invite thinking across human, nonhuman, virtual and material actors connected via networks of agency, affect, power and desire. These terms provide a powerful way to counter the immaterial malaise as well as the disconnect between our planet and technological existence.

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  • Musaffah City

    Call for papers - Religion

    Islam and fraternity

    Impact and prospects of the Abu Dhabi declaration for the living together of Christians and Muslims

    While it is difficult to assess fully something that is still unfolding, PLURIEL 4th International Congress aims to provide a forum for the discussion and evaluation of the reception of the Document on Human Fraternity on the occasion of its 5th anniversary. What has been the impact so far of the Document on Human Fraternity concerning the coexistence of Christians and Muslims around the globe? As in previous editions, the Congress will bring together the perspectives of scholars of multiple disciplines. It will be organized according to three main areas of analysis, while allowing for overlaps: sociojuridical, geopolitical, theological-dialogical.

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  • Beijing

    Call for papers - Modern

    New Articulations of Identity in Contemporary Aesthetics

    Over the last several decades, vibrant conversations have unfolded around existing constructions of identities—often seen as fixed, narrow categories—and a movement toward fluid and intersectional conceptions of the self and community, these discourses having greatly impacted both the theory and practice leading to a radical shift in contemporary aesthetics. Critical debates that destabilize fixed notions of identity have engendered new perspectives, particularly in work critiquing issues of essentialism, heterosexism, monolithic affiliation, and other culturally imposed limitations. This Special Issue seeks to magnify the questions of belongingness raised in contemporary art and generate a multicultural and interdisciplinary discussion that centers around visual practice as a crucial site of social and institutional commentary.

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  • Beijing

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Autonomy in Art

    « Arts » – Special issue

    This special issue of Arts aims to explore this notion of autonomy across all art forms and politics and the ways that we might both reassert and critique the autonomy of art from social purpose; to paraphrase Adorno, perhaps the social function of art is not to have a social function. We welcome papers that address these key debates and critiques.

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  • Tokyo

    Call for papers - Geography

    Japan and its doubles. Study and representation of Japan’s territory and spatial planning through art and literature

    « Ebisu. Études japonaises » – special issue

    This special issue of Ebisu. Études japonaises focuses on the hypothetical heuristic value and the equally hypothetical performative role that artistic and literary representations, and even myths, play in the making of Japanese territory and the evolution of the reasoning and principles of their planning. Conversely, this issue also seeks to measure and analyse the impact of the dynamics of spatial planning on Japanese artistic and literary production, and even on possible inflections of the great myths that structure them.

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  • Ahmedabad

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Traditional Water Systems of India

    A Heritage For The Future

    In the global context of climate change and particularly water scarcity the traditional water heritage of India is more relevant than ever. With that background this seminar focuses on thematic area of traditional water systems in semi-arid zones of India.

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  • Ariel

    Call for papers - History

    History of prehistory in Palestine – Israel

    International workshop

    Our workshop aims to shed light on the various actors and institutions who shaped the field of prehistory from the 19th century until our days. They will allow us to grasp the establishment and development of prehistoric international and local networks on the longue durée. We encourage participants to address the socio-political and cultural contexts in which prehistory was practiced and knowledge produced. Many answers to the above questions and topics of research may be uncovered in personal, institutional, and administrative archives, while others are revealed in excavation reports. This brings us to the last section of our workshop: what sources for the history of Prehistory and how can they be used? Has the writing of a renewed history of the discipline affected today’s research and how?

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  • Aubervilliers | Delhi

    Conference, symposium - Political studies

    Engaging with categories in South Asia: processes, challenges and implications

    22nd International Workshop by the Youth Association for Indian Studies

    As researchers in social sciences, we are constantly confronting categories. While categorization is an inevitable process, the division and classification of the social world is not neutral. It entails choices and has implications. Some of these choices may be determined by institutions, others informally emerge within society, and still others are made by researchers for analytical purposes. In any case, categorisation can leave a lasting imprint on social and political structures, as in the South Asian context.

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  • Lahore

    Call for papers - Asia

    Understanding Gradients of Political Engagements

    Citizenship and Identity in South Asia

    Historian and political scientists of South Asia have been dealing with the ascent of postcolonial state and the form of citizenships in South Asia. The meteoric rise of postcolonial theory, subaltern school of historiography to be precise made efforts in bringing the role of ideas and culture in shaping state, community and political narratives. Notwithstanding these insights still this literature failed to bring in one very important thing; a comparative lens to study informal politics in the region. The social transformation and process of democratization has appeared to be inching ahead across the region from Nepal to Bangladesh. Therefore, increasingly a cross country perspective is required combining interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies (qualitative, quantitative) to develop a comparative perspective of way social and cultural factors influence informal politics in South Asia.

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  • Delhi

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Sociology

    Post-Doctoral Research position at the Centre for social sciences and humanities (CSH - UMIFRE)

    The Centre for social sciences and humanities (CSH) invites applications for a Post-Doctoral research position in social sciences. Reputed multidisciplinary research centre in social sciences on South Asia, the CSH is engaged in research in all disciplines of the social sciences (anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, sociology, urban studies, etc.).

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  • Beirut

    Conference, symposium - Religion

    Islam et altérité

    True acceptance of otherness in a globalized and pluralistic world allows us to measure the capacity of religious, philosophical or political thought to fit in and assume the contemporary societal dynamics inherent to globalization (Taylor). This acceptance is not devoid of resistance that stem from the rise of entrenched identity expressions founded in particularly on a vision of equality that is based on the “similar” which assumes a historical-ethnic or religious identity. (Pierre Rosanvallon, La Société des égaux, Paris, Seuil, 2011.). The congress “Islam and Otherness” proposes to reflect on how Islam fits into this societal movement beyond identity resistance.

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  • Haifa

    Call for papers - History

    Travelling Matters: rereading, reshaping, reusing objects across the Mediterranean

    The workshop “Travelling matters: rereading, reshaping, reusing objects across the Mediterranean” intends to tackle objects as sources and subjects of the history of cross-cultural encounters in innovative ways. We intend to discuss a most diverse array of objects flowing in all directions and to concentrate on the “second-handedness” of displaced objects: how and why moving objects acquire new functions and new meanings, and with what consequences for the relations between the communities involved? These perspectives demand a broad chronology, extending from antiquity to the present-day, and for the intersection between different time frames, from the relatively narrow scale of individual objects being displaced across the Mediterranean to the much larger one of the histories of their reinterpretation and repurposing.

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  • Beirut

    Call for papers - Thought

    Les séries télévisées sous le scalpel des sciences humaines

    Depuis deux décennies, les séries télévisées s’affirment à l’échelle mondiale en tant qu’objet culturel. L’objectif de la thématique de ce numéro est de croiser les regards des chercheurs issus des humanités autour des écritures sérielles. Les auteurs sont appelés à s’intéresser à ce nouveau matériau en analysant par exemple les personnages, la gestion spatio-temporelle, la fonction des paysages, la production du scénario, au public-cible… de manière à croiser les regards disciplinaires sur ce nouveau produit culturel que la recherche marginalise.

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  • Istanbul

    Summer School - Urban studies

    Patrimoine et environnement dans l’espace urbain

    École doctorale GIS MOMM / Institut français d’études anatoliennes

    Le groupement d’intérêt scientifique Moyen-Orient et mondes musulmans (GIS MOMM, CNRS UAR 2999) et l’Institut français d’études anatoliennes (IFEA) organisent une école doctorale sur le thème « patrimoine et environnement dans l’espace urbain ». Cette école doctorale s’adresse aux étudiantes et étudiants inscrit-e-s en doctorat, année préparatoire au doctorat (APD) ou dernière année de master-recherche dans la perspective de préparer un doctorat ; dans toutes les sciences humaines et sociales (sociologie, science politique, géographie, ethnologie, anthropologie, histoire, histoire de l’art, architecture, urbanisme, droit) ; et dont les travaux sont consacrés aux aires géographiques turque, centrasiatique, kurde, ottomane et post-ottomane (méditerranéenne, balkanique ou caucasienne).

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