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  • Appel à contribution - Amériques

    Creating the child audience: media and the invention of modern American childhood in the late XIXth and XIXth centuries

    "Transatlantica" special issue

    This Transatlantica issue sets out to examine how, in the process of creating new audiences for its products, child-centric media crafted a homogenizing vision of childhood especially compatible with media consumption. As a result, in the course of the late XIXth and XXth centuries, media has made itself the vehicle of adult norms and expectations about children’s tastes, behaviors and development – be it to pander to existing tastes and behaviors or shape them to ideal standards, some civic-minded (with emphasis on social adjustment, character building, or good citizenship), some commercial, and others both at once.

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  • Saint-Denis

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Toys and material culture : Hybridisation, design and consumption

    The predominant theme for the 8th ITRA conference is “Toys and material culture: Hybridisation, design and consumption”. Beyond toys, the conference will explore the place of tangible objects and novel forms of material culture in play. What are the similarities and the differences, the relationships, between toys and other material devices, such as board games, cards, digital games and media-connected objects? Are there, in play, or in the trans-mediated toys themselves, new forms of materiality?

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  • Appel à contribution - Économie

    Family and health in the age of inequality

    Topical Issue of "Open Economics" Journal

    The scope of this Topical Issue includes two main research areas – Family Economics and Health Economics. We are looking for both research and review articles about problems in those areas, preferably through the prism of social inequalities.

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  • Bruxelles

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    PhD Grant in Urban Anthropology of Youth in Laos

    EASt provides a PhD grant for a research titled: “Negotiating Identities in Public Spaces Among Old and New Groups of Young City Dwellers in Vientiane, Laos”. The research will explore how young migrants experience, use and appropriate public spaces, including cyberspace, in the Lao fast-developing capital, Vientiane. How are their social maps structured and negotiated in relation to public spaces? How do they interact and perceive their relationship with the local youth born and bred in Vientiane? How do they coexist and socialise in urban public spaces?

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  • Berlin

    Appel à contribution - Langage

    Pragmatic spaces, longitudinal studies and multilingualism

    CLARe 3 – Corpora for language and aging research

    The conference is dedicated to discussing major issues in language and aging research. The focus is on projects and research questions taking their point of departure in empirical approaches and the use of innovative methods to gather and analyze authentic material and samples of language data from older adults. Also, the subject of language in later life is deeply embedded in interdisciplinary contexts.

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  • Innsbruck

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Migration and Generation

    16th International Conference on Migration

    The 16th International Conference on Migration take place the 23–25th of June 2016 in innsbruck/Austria. This year, the conference will discuss the concept of generation in the context of migration, and will also examine the use of the concept of genera-tions in empirical research and in public discourse. Likewise of central concern here is to view the phenomenon of migration from an inter-generational perspective and to ask to what extent this can contribute to a better understanding of migration.

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Sociologie

    South and east mediterranean youth policies on a tightrope

    The conference brings together a series of international researchers who examine youth policies within institutional structures and at the state level in six South and East Mediterranean countries (Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey). It sheds light on the politics of youth policies, sociological and economic obstacles to becoming "adults", and questions the historical turn after the 2011 "Arab Spring". Youth policies are examined at a macro-level in the areas of employment, family, migration and spatial planning in an attempt to understand the emergence of youth as a category, oftentimes identified with a public problem. The question of how various forms of marginalization and domination such as gender, social, urban/rural, ethnic, based on citizenship, etc. intersect and generate inequalities among youth in South and East Mediterranean countries is central to inquiry.

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Twelfth Conference of the European Network for the Sociological and Demographic Study of Divorce

    INED, the French National Institute for Demographic Studies, hosts the twelfth Meeting of the European Network for the Sociological and Demographic Study of Divorce. The conference will take a broad approach to union dissolution, considering both divorce and separation for non-married partnerships. We particularly welcome papers on the antecedents of union dissolution with a particular attention to the changing determinants overtime. Furthermore, we invite papers on different aspects of the consequences of separation and divorce. Separation and divorce concerns different protagonists: women, men and children, in different aspects of their life. The conference will be held in Paris, France on 2-4 October 2014.

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  • Lyon

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    La vieillesse dans tous ses états : enjeux, paradoxes et perspectives

    Regards croisés en civilisation et littérature

    The Institute for Transcultural and Transtextual Studies (IETT) is organising a multi-disciplinary conference on old age, interpreted as a transitional period during which individuals have to face specific issues. The conference aims to explore three major themes. The first one will lead us to address a series of questions related to aesthetic norms and social models. The second theme will focus on forms of mental and physical degeneration and will encourage us to examine the consequences of age-related disability, segregation, and exclusion. The third issue is based on the related questions of memory and transmission. It will allow us to reflect upon the transmission of traditions and on relationships within the family, partly based on authority, and/or on inherited collective values.

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  • Taipei

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Bodily Cultivation & Cultural Learning

    8th International Symposium of CORPUS (International Group for the Cultural Study of the Body)

    Almost all cultures recognize as a means of achieving religious or spiritual goals, cultivating moral and emotional virtue, or transforming ideas into bodily practices. Some of the most common examples include fasting, meditation, vegetarianism, and qigong or taichi. Rather than focus on these obvious examples, conference attendees will examine culturally driven bodily practices such as proper ways to walk, sit, and gesture—all of which are often endowed with rich cultural meaning, information about cultural learning, and knowledge about the cultivation of values and merit. Bodily cultivation can also be analyzed as a channel for learning, manifesting, developing, or shaping cultural concepts and ideals.

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  • Rouen

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    La chambre d'enfant, un microcosme culturel

    Espace, consommmation, pédagogie

    Le colloque « La chambre d’enfant, un microcosme culturel » vise à dresser l’état des connaissances sur la culture matérielle de l’enfant dans l’espace domestique suivant trois axes principaux. Ils ont été retenus pour mieux saisir la chambre d'enfant aussi bien dans son histoire que dans le monde contemporain, dans sa matérialité que dans ses représentations. Le premier envisagera la chambre d’enfant sous l’angle de l’architecture, comme un espace délimité spécifiquement réservé à l'enfant au sein de l'habitat. Le deuxième axe s’attachera à la chambre comme lieu privilégié des biens de l’enfance et de la consommation enfantine. Enfin le dernier axe considérera la chambre comme un espace éducatif, dans lequel peuvent cohabiter perspectives scolaires et univers du divertissement, visées adultes et points de vue enfantins.

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  • Écully

    Journée d'étude - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Le comportement alimentaire des jeunes adultes

    Symposium du Centre de Recherche de l'Institut Paul Bocuse

    Each year, the Institut Paul Bocuse Research Centre welcomes researchers and professionals to exchange over a theme from various angles: biological, psychological, social or economic approaches.For its 2012 edition, the conference concerns the eating behavior of young adults. Indeed, youth is a critical phase that allows the transition from adolescence to adulthood, a period where individuals’ culinary and eating behaviors are constructed. The question can be raised of how far young adults are willing to go on with their family eating habits and how far they wish to break with transmitted values and build new schemes.

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  • Ibadan

    Journée d'étude - Études du politique

    Les printemps arabes en Afrique du Nord : sens et implications ?

    L’Institut français de recherche en Afrique (IFRA-Nigéria), en collaboration avec l’Institut d’études africaines et le département d’arabe et d’études islamiques de l’université d’Ibadan, présente une conférence d’une journée sur le thème : « Les printemps arabes en Afrique du Nord : sens et implications ? »

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  • Tokyo

    Colloque - Économie

    Dimensions of the Labor Market Dynamics

    France Japan Comparison

    Le symposium Dimensions of Labor Markets Dynamics organisé à la Maison Franco-Japonaise de Tokyo les 23 et 24 mars est issu d'un programme de recherche intitulé Newdynam: Nouvelle dynamique de la gestion des âges et genre sur les marchés du travail: comparaison France-Japon. Alors que la France et le Japon se caractérisaient par la prééminence des marchés internes du travail jusque dans la fin des années 1980, il se demande comment leur déstabilisation a conduit, de façon différente dans chacun des pays, à une dynamique de la gestion d’emploi renouvelée. Pour ce faire, il utilise à la fois des méthodes comparatives quantitatives et qualitatives aux niveaux national (évolution des types d'emploi etc.) et d'entreprises (Sidérurgie, électricité, centres d'appels, universités etc.).

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  • Lille

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Les enjeux économiques, sociaux et politiques du vieillissement

    Les transformations sociales, économiques et politiques induites par le vieillissement de la population ouvrent un vaste chantier de recherche. La question de la dépendance ou de la vulnérabilité, de la consommation de soins et de services, du vieillissement au travail, de l’aménagement urbain et de la citoyenneté des personnes âgées sont des problèmes sociaux et politiques d’actualité mais qui suscitent encore peu de travaux. Ce colloque tentera d'explorer quelques unes de ces pistes.

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  • Poitiers

    Appel à contribution - Géographie

    Mineurs non accompagnés sans protection en Europe

    Appel à communications pour le colloque international « Mineurs non accompagnés et sans protection en Europe: Quelles raisons expliquent leur manque de protection? », MSHS, Poitiers, 23-24 octobre 2012. Merci de nous envoyer vos propositions de communications sur l'addrese avant le 13 février 2012

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  • Paris

    Journée d'étude - Sociologie

    Paul Willis, L'école des ouvriers. Enjeux et postérité d'un classique des sciences sociales

    Retour sur l'enquête menée par le sociologue Paul Willis dans les années 1970 auprès de jeunes ouvriers anglais. Journée d'études en présence de l'auteur à l'occasion de la traduction de Learning to labor en français.

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  • Genève

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    What is coalition? Reflections on the conditions of alliance formation with Judith Butler’s work

    This one-day conference aims to reflect – historically, sociologically, philosophically – on the conditions of possibility, on the objects, means and purposes of alliance formation – between minorities, with the State, political parties, and other public actors, or between disciplines, or even across species (e.g. animal-human), etc. –, of political transformation, and thus of a collective agency, in both domestic and international contexts, through the concrete and generic question of “What is coalition?” – with special interest for the ways in which critical perspectives inspired from feminist and queer theory can be made into productive tools to theorize the political at various levels, at different times and locations, but also to intervene and do better democratic work.

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  • Timişoara

    Colloque - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Corps de parents, corps d'enfants. De la conception à l'éducation

    Septième symposium international de CORPUS

    Pour son septième symposium international, CORPUS, Groupe international d’études culturelles sur le corps, réunira à Timisoara des chercheurs venus d'une demi-douzaine de pays autour des problématiques particulières aux corps de parents et aux corps d'enfants: conception, éducation, apprentissage, maltraitance, etc.

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  • Porto Alegre

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Psychisme

    Bolsas de Cientista Convidado (BCC) - Centro de Psicologia da Universidade do Porto

    Encontra‐se aberto concurso para a atribuição de 4 Bolsa(s) de Cientista Convidado no âmbito do instituição de I&D Centro de Psicologia da Universidade do Porto (Portugal).

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