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  • Paris

    Call for papers - America

    The creative power of margins: the rise of black, native, and mixed-race intellectuals in the Americas, 19th-20th centuries

    Journal IdeAs 16

    Issue 16 of IdeAs magazine. Ideas from the Americas, to be published in October 2020, will focus on “The creative power of margins: the rise of black, native, and mixed-race intellectuals in the Americas, 19th-20th centuries”. We want to focus on the Black and non-white intellectual Americas. We receive proposals for articles on all countries of the American continent, in French, English, Spanish or Portuguese. 

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  • Salamanca

    Call for papers - America

    Estudios Brasileños journal no. 14 – Varia section

    Revista de Estudios Brasileños é uma publicação semestral e de formato eletrônico, resultado da colaboração acadêmica entre a Universidade de Salamanca (USAL) e a Universidade de São Paulo (USP). O objetivo da revista é a publicação de estudos originais sobre todos os diversos aspectos que configuram a identidade do Brasil, com conteúdos nas áreas de Humanidades, Ciências Sociais e Jurídicas.

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  • Toulouse

    Call for papers - Language

    "Literary Brazil" viewed from abroad - transnational perspectives (1822 to the present day)

    « Cahiers de Framespa », 2019/3

    La revue Cahiers de Framespa lance un appel à contributions pour son numéro 2019/3, dont le dossier s'intitule « Le “Brésil littéraire” vu de l’étranger – perspectives transnationales (de 1822 à nos jours) ». Ce dossier souhaite approfondir la réflexion autour de la dimension connectée de l’histoire culturelle du Brésil contemporain à partir d’une perspective différente, à savoir la projection internationale des œuvres littéraires et intellectuelles brésiliennes, ces « lettres » que l’on qualifie volontiers de « Pátrias » au XIXe siècle. 

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Women of the Americas

    The recognition of women’s place in American societies has become a crucial social, cultural, political and economic issue, as evidenced by worldwide protest movements such as Ni Una Menos that started in Argentina – a feminist movement fighting against feminicides and gender-based violence – or the Women’s March against President Donald Trump in the United States. Whether these protests have to do with the struggle for women’s right to vote, the sexual revolution that started in the 1960s, or social movements denouncing gender-based violence in urban and rural environments, they highlight a continuity between yesterday’s feminist fights and their re-adaptation in the public space. 

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  • Salamanca

    Conference, symposium - Sociology

    Una perspectiva conectada de América Latina. La difusión de ideas y de experiencias entre categorías sociales.

    “Estudos sociais”, painel: 12/59, 56° Congresso Internacional de Americanistas

    O eixo temático deste simpósio propõe abordar a dimensão vertical e horizontal da circulação de práticas e conhecimentos entre categorias sociais. Trata-se de articular a inter-relação da perspectiva social com a aproximação espacial das dinâmicas através das quais circulam e às quais estão veiculadas ideias e experiências. A articulação de ambos os aspectos permitiria revelar a complexidade desta relação e refletir sobre os mecanismos teóricos que evidenciam a permeabilidade social entre as práticas, conhecimentos e ideias. 

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    PostScreen Festival

    Screen : Device, Medium, Concept

    The Post-Screen 2014 is an International Festival of Art, New Media and Cybercultures to be held in 28 and 29 of November 2014, in Lisbon, Portugal, and is the first edition of several international meetings related to the use of screens and its influence on contemporary thought.

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  • Porto

    Seminar - Modern

    Another Music in a Different Room

    Resulting from a series of developed works in the last decade within the framework of social sciences (namely Sociology of Culture, Sociology of Arts, Sociology of Youth, Urban Sociology and Sociology of Music), in this advanced seminar we will have the opportunity of deepening the understanding around the importance, functioning, process, the agents, characteristics, genres and subgenres of the current urban music scenes. The ANOTHER MUSIC IN A DIFFERENT ROOM will be a fruitful space for ideas, discussions and, therefore, for a great developments on scientific knowledge. So, it’s our intention to share all this scientific dynamic with the world in order to contribute to a larger debate on music, youth, lifestyles, culture, cultural scenes, music scenes. In this context, the ideas and discussions held in the Advanced Seminar, both by lecturers and participants, will be published in a Collaborative e-book.


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  • Aveiro

    Call for papers - Representation

    A experiência global em turismo rural e desenvolvimento sustentável de comunidades locais

    This conference, prepared as part of a 3-years research project on the “Overall Rural Tourism Experience” (ORTE) inthree Portuguese villages, offers an in depth discussion of the “rural tourism experience”, its manifestations, meanings, impacts and evolution. It intends to significantly contribute to current reflections on the potential and limitations of rural tourism as a development tool as well as to the identification of ways to maximize this potential in certain circumstances, through a more profound understanding of the dynamics of the “overall rural tourism experience”.

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