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  • Brno

    Call for papers - Religion

    Wellbeing, Harm, and Religion

    International Religious Studies PhD Conference 2021

    Different conceptions of harm and wellbeing derived from different religious traditions retain their relevance in many locales across the globe even today, as they did in history. They intertwine(d) with “secular” medical practices; religious actors can formulate stances towards modern medical technologies, like vaccination and blood transfusion; and religion sometimes articulates alternative theories about the nature and origin of various diseases and about their treatment. With this conference, we aim to create a platform for the study of the intersections amongst religion, health, and diverse cultural conceptions of harm and wellbeing.

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  • Call for papers - Religion

    Death and Religion

    Death and religion share an interdependent relation. Where death is an event or state that threatens to disintegrate worlds and meaning, religion can be seen as a practice that categorizes, consoles and makes sense of this kind of disintegration. This special issue encourages scholars to contribute to this debate. Of special interest are situations in which religion becomes overbearing and a burden to carry forward in times of death, or if religious practices are obstructed, for example, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How do these crisis situations affect the relationship between religion and death? This special issue aims at invoking curiosity, enquiry and interest in looking at the different facets of this topic.

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  • Call for papers - Political studies

    Doing Fieldwork in Centres of Power

    The Example of Deliberative Bodies

    The aim of this call is to gather contributions in order to publish an edited volume on the methodological and epistemological challenges specifically posed by the practice of fieldwork in centres of power. The ambition is to draw on the experience of researchers who have already been confronted with these issues in order to offer examples, paths for reflection and keys to researchers in anthropology, sociology and political science who would like to venture into them in their turn, in order to help them grasp the challenges they pose and adjust their fieldwork practices to respond to them. To narrow the perspective as much as to emphasize a form of power centre that is now widespread, deliberative assemblies are taken as a case study. The latter bring together institutions with different reasons for being (e.g. political, legal or religious) and their scale (local, national or international).

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  • Athens

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    French School in Athens - doctoral contracts (2021-2024)

    Conformément à ses statuts, l'École française d'Athènes développe en Grèce et à Chypre, où elle dispose de missions permanentes, ainsi que dans les Balkans, des recherches dans toutes les disciplines des sciences humaines et sociales, depuis la Préhistoire jusqu'à nos jours. Elle peut donc accueillir en septembre 2021 et pour une durée de trois ans un·e doctorant·e travaillant dans ces champs géographiques et chronologiques.

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  • Study days - Political studies

    Political Mobilization in the US: New Stakes and Evolutions

    Les dernières élections présidentielles ont démontré la forte capacité de mobilisation de blocs d’électeurs bien connus depuis le début des années 1980 tels que les chrétiens évangéliques, toujours fidèles au parti républicain, mais aussi d’électeurs dont la volatilité est plus grande, sans oublier la portée de la mobilité démographique. Alors que l’État fédéral continue de se désengager du contrôle des lois et procédures électorales (à la suite de l’arrêt Shelby County v. Holder de 2013), des initiatives sont prises dans ce domaine par les citoyens (comme en Floride avec l’Amendement 4 destiné à réintégrer sur les listes électorales les anciens détenus), mais aussi par les gouverneurs comme les législateurs de certains États pour encadrer ces procédures ainsi que l’accès aux urnes. Dans ce contexte, le record de participation de 2020 et la contestation violente du verdict des urnes marquent un probable tournant pour la démocratie états-unienne. Les trois intervenants de cette journée d’étude, spécialistes de l’intersection entre politique, religion et droits des femmes et des personnes LGBT+, tireront des leçons de cette mobilisation inégalée.

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  • Gainesville

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Dreaming and “the Unseen” in Africa and in Muslim Worlds

    This online workshop seeks to trace the connections between dreaming and the world of “the unseen” in a comparative and multidisciplinary perspective. Its main aim is to explore how in Africa and in Muslim worlds people dream of the invisible, which constitutes part of everyday experience and religiosity.

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  • Call for papers - Urban studies

    Undergound Atmospheres. Renewing the debate

    This special issue of Ambiances aims to highlight shared topics and possible bridges between actors who usually operate on different scales. We encourage reflections questioning the stakes and methods of the construction of inhabited space in its verticality by reintroducing the question of the underground, not as a soffit but as a living and evolving interface. The issue invites researchers, practitioners of the operational world and designers from different fields, who will share their work on the questions of undergrounds and ambiances – built, experienced and lived by humans – by highlighting case studies, in-situexperiences and new methodological tools. This call is organised around three, non-exclusive thematic lines open for articles from urban studies, architecture, engineering, humanities and social sciences.

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  • Call for papers - America

    The Politics of Food in the United States

    ”Politique Américaine“ Journal

    This issue of Politique américaine seeks to address these interactions and to analyze the politics of food in grassroots social movements. Beyond the legitimate issues linked with public health and public policies, food-based social movements often advocate alternative ways of living together and provide a new perspective on civil society that is built outside the mainstream. Food is sustenance, but it is also a locus of socialization, sociability and education (Flammang), where issues of gender (Counihan), race (Witt, Opie) and class (Finn), are played out.

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  • Bucharest

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    From Transcribing Orality to Oral Practices of Writing

    Rural and Popular Cultures in the Digital Era

    The special issue to appear in 2022 aims to include texts that propose an investigation of the complex relationship between the written and the oral in the production of meaning that defines “traditions,” community and group relations, in different contexts of change (post-communism, post-colonialism, migration, the use of new hypermedia, storytelling etc.); texts that approaches the new ways orality is found in contemporary societies; but also texts that, responding to the call of ethnologist M. Mesnil, open avenues for methodological discussions in ethnological research regarding the phenomenon of orality in contemporary societies, dominated by history and written texts.

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - Sociology

    “Forum Sociológico” Journal - Varia

    Forum Sociológico is the journal of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences, (CICS.NOVA), Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, and its Editorial Board invites you to submit original papers to be published. Proposes may focus on various themes within the Social Sciences. The journal further accepts proposals for special issues and book reviews of relevant works. All articles will be submitted to a peer review process and at least to two experts of recognized merit of the thematic scope with bilateral anonymity.

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Call for papers - Modern

    Pilgrimages in times of pandemics crises, regulations, innovations

    Pilgrimages are affected by the coronavirus pandemic at different scales, from local to global levels. The present call aims at developing collective reflection on this worldwide phenomenon based on ethnographic and/or historical data.

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  • Paris

    Seminar - History

    Muslims: a European History 16th-21st century

    For the second consecutive year, the CHSP (Centre d’histoire de sciences po) European History Seminar explores the social lives of Muslims in early modern and modern European societies. It fits in with the preliminary works of ESLAM (European Societies in the Light of Apolitical Muslims) and is open to established scholars, junior researchers and Ph.D. and master degree’s students in history and social sciences. 

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    The Dynamics of Ritual and Embodiment in Contemporary Religion and Spirituality

    Methodological and theoretical issues

    Within the framework of International Society for the Sociology of Religion 36th Conference (12 July - 15 July 2021), this panel aims to explore and discuss methodological and theoretical issues related to ethnographic research on sensory and bodily experiences in contemporary religion and spirituality. This panel invites scholars to present their contributions that include sensoriality as a central aspect of their research, either as a methodological tool (completing classical methodologies); or as a theoretical perspective to approach sensory settings and bodily (inter-)actions.

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  • Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Women and Gender in the Bible and the Biblical World (II)

    Open Theology invites submissions for the topical issue “Women and Gender in the Bible and the Biblical World II”, edited by Zanne Domoney-Lyttle and Sarah Nicholson. This special issue aims to explore, interrogate and reflect on the ways in which women are understood, contextualised and represented in the text of the Bible that has developed, in various ways, a foundational significance for Western culture. 

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    Exploring a democratic ritual: “Young citizens’ ceremonies” in transnational perspective

    Throughout the 20th century, and in some instances until today, various European countries, among them Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, have organized ceremonies to celebrate the accession of young citizens to their political rights (and duties). Called Jungbürgerfeier, Erstwählerfeier, Burgerdag or promotions citoyennes, these rituals have long been forgotten in countries where they ceased to exist, or been overlooked as marginal or simply boring. In fact, however, in the course of their transformations and transnational circulation they have crystallized key tensions within contemporary democracies. We would like to invite scholars working on or interested by these ceremonies in other contexts to join us and help us broaden our transnational perspective.

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  • Ixelles-Elsene

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Asia

    Bearing Witness to Traumatic Experiences: Cultural Productions of Uyghurs in Exile

    PhD position in Asian Studies

    This Ph.D. position is funded by a MIS (Mandat d’Impulsion Scientifique/ Incentive Grant for Scientific Research) project: “Bearing Witness to Traumatic Experiences: Cultural Productions of Uyghurs in Exile”. Uyghurs are a Turkic-speaking people based at the border of Central Asia and the north-western part of China. Massive internments and arrests of hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs have taken place in the region since 2016, including the Uyghur elite. In these conditions, centers of the cultural production of the Uyghurs have shifted from their native land to the diaspora spread across the world. This project looks at Uyghur diasporic cultural production that aims at drawing the world’s attention and bearing witness to the various abuses perpetrated at home by the Chinese government. The whole project analyses selected poems, short films, video clips, and dance and music performances to tackle new transmedial forms of testimonies in the Uyghur case.

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Perspectives on Religious Minorities in Contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean

    This session aims to enrich and open new avenues of reflection on religious minorities in Latin America and the Caribbean and on the development of a national memory and culture. We are particularly interested in research based on empirical surveys (work on archives, ethnographies, analysis of statistical data, interviews) that seek to understand the links between the nation, national identity and minority religions, explore the relationship between majority religion and religious minorities (dialogues, conflicts, borrowings, etc.) or report on concrete aspects of the presence of these religious minorities in Latin American and Caribbean countries (rituals, practices, relationship to politics, etc.)

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  • St Andrews

    Call for papers - History

    Reframing Disease Reservoirs

    Histories and Ethnographies of Pathogens and Pestilence

    The idea of disease reservoirs – that particular animals, people, or environments harbour or distribute disease – has profoundly shaped human relationships to nature. The concept has been epistemologically fraught, taking on different meanings amongst different groups of people in different periods. What constitutes a reservoir, and which animals, plants, or environments are reservoirs of disease? How and where did this concept emerge and why? What is its intellectual lineage? Which other medical concepts intersected with the idea of the disease reservoir throughout its history Bringing together perspectives from the humanities and the social sciences in dialogue with the life sciences, this online conference seeks to understand the past and present of disease reservoirs.

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  • Call for papers - Religion

    The Bible and Migration

    Open Theology invites submissions for the topical issue “The Bible and Migration”, prepared in collaboration with the conference The Bible on the Move: Toward a Biblical Theology of Migration, held at Fuller Theological Seminary in January 2020. This special issue asks how cutting-edge biblical scholarship should inform conversation about and action relating to migration in the twenty-first century, bridging the gap between biblical studies, theology, and activism. Articles should examine how the biblical texts reflect diverse migrant experiences, as well as ways in which these texts reflect theologically on migration and appropriate responses to it among migrants and host communities. Articles may also critically interrogate the Bible’s use in arguments over migration and migrants’ reception by host communities.

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  • Pisa

    Call for papers - Religion

    Surveying Ritual Creativity in Contemporary Paganism and New Age Prior to and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    This panel, part of the 18th Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Religions, seeks to survey ritual creativity in Contemporary Paganism and New Age prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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