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  • Londres

    Séminaire - Études urbaines

    Institute of advanced studies talking points seminar

    Taking her recently published book Ethnography of Urban Territories (2018) as a starting point for this Talking Points Seminar, Monika Streule invites exploration and discussion of the experimental, critical and self-reflective use of differing methods in today’s urban studies.

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  • Huddersfield

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Music and Democracy: beyond Metaphors and Idealization

    This study day aims to interrogate the experimental and novel socialities, imagined communities and social and institutional conditions summoned into being by 'democratic' forms of music-making: What is the nature of a 'democratic ideal' in music (or art-making more widely)? What is achieved, politically, by rethinking the way in which music is made? When does such rethinking affect the wider domain of social relations, and when does it not? If democratic music-making can help with the wider democratisation of social life, how does it do so? When and how is ‘democratic' music more than just a metaphor?

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  • Appel à contribution - Religions

    Urbanisation religieuse et développement en Afrique

    The volume will critically explore how processes related to religious urbanization intersect with different notions of development in African contexts. Cities are taken to be powerful venues for the creation and implementation of models of development whose moral, temporal, and political assumptions need to be examined, not least as they intersect with religious templates for the planning and reform of urban space.

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  • Lyon

    Colloque - Préhistoire et antiquité

    Ancient Armenia at the Crossroads

    In honor of Arkady Karakhanyan

    The aim of the conference is to exchange recent archaeological and environmental data obtained in Armenia and to bring together the points of view of researchers from various disciplines in the fields of Human Sciences and Environmental Sciences. Particular attention will be paid to the theme of traffic flows: the movement of people, in connection with the evolution of the environment; the circulation of techniques and know-how and the circulation of raw materials and objects.

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  • Appel à contribution - Asie

    Sinophone musical worlds and their publics

    China Perspectives / Perspectives Chinoises

    Recent success of Chinese reality television singing competitions broadcasted on national television or streamed directly on the internet, has shown the extent of musical genres represented in the Chinese world, from pop to folk via hip-hop or rock ’n’ roll. The popularity of new musical styles up to then considered as deviant as well as the recent attempts of the State to intervene directly on musical contents, tend to blur the distinctions between “mainstream” (流行) music, “popular” (民间) music as non-official, “underground” (地下) music or even “alternative” (另类) music. This call for papers aims at promoting a better understanding of the transformations of Chinese “musical worlds”, in the sense that Becker gave to “art worlds”, which stresses the role of cooperation and interactions between the different actors of the artistic sphere.

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  • Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Transitions into parenthood

    Childbearing, childrearing, and the changing nature of parenting

    Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research (CPFR), an annual series which focuses upon cutting-edge topics in family research around the globe, is seeking manuscript submissions for its 2019 volume. The 2019 volume of CPFR will focus on the theme of “Transitions into Parenthood: Childbearing, Childrearing, and the Changing Nature of Parenting.”

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  • Bergame

    Appel à contribution - Langage

    Discourse, power and mind: between reason and emotion

    Discourse can be addressed as a vehicle for power, a positioning practice which enlightens the role and the relationship among the speakers. Power is a way of defying and measure relationships and interactions between individuals. These relations and interactions lead one part to affirm its will against another part, no matter on what bases this will is grounded. Language and communication can be seen as tools to define and convey power dynamics, as well as to establish a status quo. Hence, discourse practice analysis is a tool to approach and understand the hierarchical relations and positions in different discourse fields. The relationship between discourse and power implies an interaction between the subjects and their selves. Power positions are often held by influencing the judgment of other people, which requires dealing with their minds.

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  • Brest

    Appel à contribution - Europe

    Les espaces de sociabilité au cours du long dix-huitième siècle (1650-1850) en Europe et dans les empires coloniaux : approches historiques et perspectives actuelles

    L’objectif de ce colloque est de mesurer le rôle des espaces de sociabilité du long dixhuitième siècle dans la formation des sociétés européennes et postcoloniales. Cette approche fournira un prisme original et diachronique, permettant une meilleure compréhension de leurhéritage, dans la mesure où la sociabilité a contribué à donner un cadre aux interactions sociales des temps modernes et à redéfinir l’organisation spatiale des siècles à venir. Ces espaces de sociabilité ont-ils survécu au 21e siècle ? Jusqu’à quel point ont-ils été reconfigurés dans leurs dimensions sociales, culturelles et politiques ? Dans quelle mesure ces espaces, dévolus à l’interaction humaine, ont-ils été transformés ou redessinés par les architectes d’aujourd’hui ou par les urbanistes par exemple ?

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  • Norwich

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Fields of vision: Thinking field photography and digital imaging across disciplines

    Digital technologies have profoundly altered how field images are made, how they circulate, and how they generate meaning. Meanwhile, advances in imaging present new possibilities for the production of visual knowledge of the material world. These changes have had profound effects upon the study of visual and material culture. This colloquium aims to train the spotlight on the rapidly shifting terrain of field photography, exploring its significance for the establishment, definition, and development of such interrelated disciplines as archaeology, anthropology, art history, heritage and museum studies.

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  • Jarandilla de la Vera

    Appel à contribution - Religions

    Dressing Divinely: clothed or naked deities an devotees

    The XVII International Colloquium of the Association ARYS (Antiquity, Religions and Societies) is dedicated to the study of the links between religious identity and clothing within the framework of ancient societies and religions, from the perspective of the images either of the gods or of their devotees. Within the topic of religious clothing will be included the religious use of clothes and attributes, accesories, ornaments, body modifications such as mutilations or tattoos, hairstyles, nudity and, of course, the action itself of dressing or undressing, its conception and positive, neutral or negative consideration, or the act of assuming any of those human or divine complements, adornments, attributes or modifications of the body. We welcome the participation of consolidated as well as early-career specialists in the field of ancient history, archaeology, religious sciences, art history and historiography of religions.

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Géographie

    Migrants in the globalizing city

    Spaces, places and mobilities in Asia, Europe and the Middle East

    While migrant presence and integration have shaped public debate and scientific enquiry for some time now, it has often been examined through eurocentric notions such as assimilation, multiculturalism and, more recently, cosmopolitanism. Yet, it is clear that not only Europe (or the Western World) has to deal with migration related issues, countries in Asia and the Middle East are also experiencing high inflows of variously skilled migrants, while the robustness of their borders are frequently tested by undocumented migrants and refugees.This conference proposes to give focus to globalising cities from Asia, Europe and the Middle East which are marked by the diversity of their population and distinct ways of managing migrant diversity.

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  • Bourse, prix et emploi - Langage

    Five-Year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships

    All Souls College, Oxford

    All Souls College invites applications for up to four Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships, one in each of the following subjects: Literature in English; Mathematics; Modern Languages; Mathematics; and Social and Political Sciences (limited to Politics and International Relations, Social Anthropology, and Sociology). Those elected will be expected to take up their Fellowships on 1 October 2019 or such other date as may be agreed in advance with the College.  The Fellowship are for five years, fixed-term, and non-renewable.

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  • Appel à contribution - Études des sciences

    L’épigénétique comme interdiscipline : entre sciences sociales et sciences du vivant

    Depuis le début des années 2000, le développement scientifique spectaculaire de l’épigénétique incite un nombre croissant de chercheurs en sciences sociales à tenter de constituer l’épigénétique comme une nouvelle « interdiscipline » : un carrefour disciplinaire à l’intersection des sciences du vivant et des sciences sociales explorant l’enchevêtrement du biologique, de l’environnement et du social. Qu’il s’agisse d’exposition au risque, d’usages alimentaires, de stress, de préjudice ou de stigmate, toutes ces dimensions familières en sciences sociales seraient désormais, c’est du moins la thèse défendue par les promoteurs de l’épigénétique en sciences sociales, parties prenantes du raisonnement biologique. L’objectif général de ce numéro spécial sera de faire progresser la connaissance sur la nature et les conséquences de l’épigénétique pour les sciences sociales en réunissant des contributions venues notamment de l’anthropologie, du droit, de la philosophie, de la sociologie, de la science politique, etc. 

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  • Budapest

    Informations diverses - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence

    Call for Guest-Editors : Volume III, Issue I. 2019

    The Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence is looking for a Guest-Editor for its May 2019 issue. Preferred topics are : (1) violence and technology; (2) philosophical perspectives on modern wars; (3) reflections on conflict and violence pertaining to the work of a modern western philosopher. 

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  • Paris

    Journée d'étude - Asie

    La vie des objets en Chine

    Over the last twenty years, material culture studies have occupied a growing place in the social sciences. How does this growing interest in objects and material culture reveal itself in Chinese studies? Choosing from different disciplines and different periods, this AFEC workshop aims to examine how to approach objects in the humanities and social sciences—from everyday objects to natural objects, consumer goods, technical or scientific instruments, objects of study or devotion, or ritual objects and works of art. By bringing together specialists from different fields (history, art history, archaeology, technology, anthropology, literature, sociology, etc.), the workshop explores the life, trajectory and the possible metamorphoses of the value, status and function of objects, as well as the relationships these artefacts have with individuals—raising in addition questions of their social uses—by focusing on their religious, symbolic, political, economic, emotional or memorial dimensions.

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  • Montréal

    Colloque - Sociologie

    Challenging migrant detention: Human rights, advocacy and mental health

    Join researchers, advocates, lawyers, clinicians, decision-makers and migrants from around the world to explore global trends and avenues for change in immigration detention. Drawing on experiences of detention and resistance in multiple countries, we will discuss strategies to challenge migrant detention, including research, litigation and community mobilization.

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  • Appel à contribution - Religions

    Litany in the Arts and Culture

    Scholars representing various disciplines are kindly encouraged to submit paper proposals focusing on litanies and their forms and representations in different spheres of culture, including liturgy, literature, music, the visual arts, spirituality, and philosophy. The book Litany in the Arts and Culture edited by Witold Sadowski (University of Warsaw) and Francesco Marsciani (University of Bologna) and composed of selected best papers will be proposed for publication to the editorial board of the Brepols series: Studia Traditionis Theologiae Explorations in Early and Medieval Theology.

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  • Lisbonne

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    African Ivories

    In the Atlantic World, 1400-1900

    Since April 2015, the international team working on the project “African Ivories in the Atlantic World: a reassessment of Luso-African ivories” (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia: PTDC/EPH-PAT/1810/2014), composed of 27 researchers from the University of Lisbon, the University of Évora and the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil, has been researching the trade, circulation and production of raw and carved African ivory in the Atlantic area from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century. The team has identified and listed objects from Portuguese and Brazilian (Minas Gerais) collections, also collecting references and descriptions extant in written Portuguese sources. For the first time a selection of ivory pieces was subjected to lab tests with a view to helping establish their age and origin. The project research team has submitted proposals for re-interpreting material culture in the framework of its African contexts of production. 

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  • Colloque - Langage

    Language contact and translation in religious context

    Comparative approaches

    This conference brings together anthropologists and linguists working on conversion, cultural transmission and translation theory, as well as on various case studies, whose geography comprises Oceania, Amazonia, Yucatan, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, Europe, Alaska and Chukotka (Russia), and whose temporal frame spreads from the Hellenistic era to the Spanish colonization of the Americas and to the present time. The main questions of the conference are the modalities of the ethnolinguistic encounter and translation accompanying religious conversion, whether, and how, the language gets altered as a result of these processes, and what are the broader cognitive and sociocultural consequences that accompany the linguistic transformation.

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  • Paris

    Journée d'étude - Études urbaines

    Writing the city [into the urban]

    In the aftermath of the May 1968 uprising in Paris, Henri Lefebvre published in 1970 his classic treatise La Révolution Urbaine where he pointedly placed the urban in the centre of this revolution, identifying a theoretical need for the concept of the urban as a planetary possibility, one he considered more appropriate than a redundant notion of the city as a social scientific object. This workshop is a step in this direction where, coming 50 years after the backlash of ’68, this event aims to establish a conversation between the city and the urban by drawing on the notion of "ethnographic theorisation" where the theoretical potential of the urban can be harnessed from ethnographic insights of the city. It explores contingent ways in which the city can be written into the urban through manoeuvres that engage with the process of writing the city across disciplines from literary cultures to urban studies

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