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  • Conference, symposium - Language

    Waterphors 2024

    The Centre d’Études Linguistiques – Corpus, Discours et Sociétés (University of Lyon – Jean Moulin Lyon 3) will organize a symposium on April 4 to April 5, 2024. The theme is dedicated to water metaphors (“Waterphors 2024”).

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Trans, queer and “third gender” people in Muslim countries

    Journal “Anthropology of the Middle East” (AME) – Issue 20.1 (Summer 2025)

    Today, despite some prohibitions, more and more trans and queer people are asserting their gender identity in Muslim societies. Over and above the importance of gender binarity and spatial separation in Muslim countries, there are many historical figures of "third gender", to use the concept introduced by the anthropologist Gilbert Herdt. In the Muslim world, the term "third gender" generally refers to the eunuch of Ottoman harems, but there are many other figures in the Islamic context, varying from countries (Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Albania...) and times. As the vocabulary and realities are plural, depending on the country and the period, the specificities of these figures and their names will be analyzed, as well as the ways in which these groups or individuals designate themselves. This issue will examine these figures collectively as a group (hijra, trans, queer...), and their role and social status, but will also look at them as individuals.

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  • Tours

    Summer School - History

    Summer University dedicated to Food and Drink Studies

    Since 2003, our summer university has positionned itself as a leading platform for reflection on new research in Food Studies. After several thematic editions, this 2024 edition will continue its ambition to provide a resolutely broad overview of these fields of research from a multidisciplinary perspective. Over the last twenty years or so, new themes have emerged and given new impetus to research in food studies. How do they fit together within the various disciplines of humanities and social sciences, from anthropology and history to sociology and literary studies ? How can young researchers position themsleves in relation to the wide-ranging possibilities offered by this field of research ? Leading specialists from different disciplinary backgrounds will address these questions through the prism of their own research. 

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  • Vienna

    Call for papers - Representation

    Iron Curtains or Artistic Gates?

    Communism and Cultural Diplomacy in the Global South (1945–1991 and Beyond)

    How did cultural interaction since 1945 unfold outside the realm of Western dominance, shaping omitted global narratives? This workshop will explore cultural interactions between state socialist countries in Europe and those in the Global South, with the aim of challenging and deconstructing traditional Cold War narratives.

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  • Aubervilliers

    Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology

    Armenian Diaspora(s) in Motion

    Places, Stakeholders and Practices in the 21st Century

    This 2-day international colloquium which will take place at Campus Condorcet (Aubervilliers) will bring together scholars, from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, who observe Armenian diasporic dynamics in the 21st century. The event will provide an opportunity to compare views and examine the contemporary reshapings of the Armenian dispersion, which, 40 years after the emergence of diaspora studies, has undergone numerous spatial, structural, social, political, economic and cultural changes.

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  • Palermo

    Call for papers - Religion

    Religious minorities as drivers of change: The case of Protestantism

    European Academy of Religion 2024 - Open Panel

    The minority question is often discussed nowadays, and more particularly as new religious minorities raise concerns about integration, assimilation, and domination. Thus, minorities can be set aside by something in their behaviour, beliefs or collective identity that creates the perception – and the historical experience – that they are different from ‘the majority’, or by identifying some of their characteristics to a threat for the rest of society. This panel, organised by the research group “Protestantism as a minority religion” aims at offering space for comparison of multiple approaches and territories where Protestantism – broadly defined – contributed to a paradigm shift in community relations and the perception of other religious minorities, whether former Christian minorities or Jews.

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  • Poznań

    Call for papers - Language

    Current Perspectives on Historical Metaphor

    21st International Congress of Linguists

    The focus stream aims to highlight trends in historical metaphor research and invites submissions across a broad spectrum of topics, encompassing various methodologies. We encourage both in-depth case studies and comprehensive investigations using linguisticcorpora, electronic dictionaries, and lexical/conceptual databases (WordNet, FrameNet etc.)to analyze evolution of patterns in conceptual mapping.


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  • Tampere

    Call for papers - History

    Exploring Historical War Experiences through Digital Sources and Methodologies

    Historians have increasingly striven to understand war from the standpoint of human experience in recent decades. The emotional, psychological, and deeply traumatic experiences of people caught up in violence have become focal points of historical research, particularly concerning conflicts like the World Wars of the 20th century. This workshop discusses the study of war experiences through digital sources and methods.

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  • Barcelona

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Doing Ethnography of Contemporary “Spiritual” Practices: Methodological Challenges towards Relationality, Communication, and Presence

    This face-to-face panel of the Contemporary 'Spiritual' Practices network, part of the 18th European Association of Social Anthropologists Biennial Conference (Barcelona, 23-26 July 2024), seeks to gather papers that discuss the regimes of relationality, communication, and presence in doing ethnography of contemporary spiritualities.

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  • Barcelona

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Political anthropology of citizenship and the urge for alternatives

    European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) 2024 ​Biennial Conference

    This panel, proposed by the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) network “Anthropology and Social Movements”, is part of an ongoing discussion about how a political anthropology perspective on citizenship can provide new ways of practicing anthropology without losing the politic(s) of the fieldwork when looking for “alternatives”.

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  • Barcelona

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Ethnographing racism nowdays

    We are looking for people to participate in our panel, this panel is about how to do and undo an ethnography of racism in anthropology nowdays. It is open to new forms and ways of ethnographing and approaching racism in anthropology.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Collecting, Growing, and Exploring in Early Modernity

    This workshop aims to focus attention on the collections of naturalia, on the one hand, and on the attempts to grow exotic plants in Europe and the adventurous journeys that the search for tropical plants and animals they encouraged, on the other. The organizers of this workshop invite interdisciplinary contributions addressing the topic from the perspective of each discipline, from art history to material culture, from botany to gastronomy, from travel literature to cartography. Proposals that feature a female figure as protagonist are particularly encouraged, as the importance of the female contribution to this topic, although demonstrated, remains under-researched and under-published.


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  • Nantes

    Call for papers - Law

    Coercion and Well-being in Europe

    The conference focuses on critically examining various aspects of the relationship between coercion and well-being with a multidisciplinary approach. During the Conference, participants will discuss their papers in groups led by a scholar. This will give them feedback in order to finalize their papers for publication after the Conference.

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  • Geneva

    Call for papers - Modern

    Image Deluge and Globalization

    The fields of visual studies, cultural history, and art history have encountered considerable challenges in addressing the plurality of images. These disciplines typically favor a singular outlook on images, neglecting the sheer deluge of visual representations that characterize the modern media landscape. Nevertheless, the constant flood of images has been part of our daily lives since the introduction of mass reproduction techniques, evolving alongside the gradual development of engraving, illustrated print, advertisement, cinema, television, video games, and now digital media. Observers of these consecutive stages of mass visual communication and consumption have consistently linked this phenomenon with the broader concept of globalization, often raising concerns about cultural homogenization, and loss of identity. This conference aims to provide a comprehensive exploration of image globalization, representing the wide range of subjects and methodologies used in the domain.

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  • Cagliari

    Call for papers - Sociology

    “The comicization of academic knowledge”: the sequential and invisible artification of science?

    Little is known about these new scientific and educational trends. Given this situation, the aim of this panel is threefold. Firstly, it will examine the pedagogical uses of comics for transfering knowledge in schools and universities: to what extent are these comics used? By what types of teachers and for what types of teaching? To what extent are educational issues taken into account by comics authors, publishers and other players in the comics world? Secondly, we will be looking at the production of comics based on academic work: is this a trend that can be found at a more global level or is it merely limited to a handful of countries (France, Belgium, the United States, Italy…)?

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  • Thessaloniki

    Call for papers - Modern

    Conducting doctoral research in Greece today: From which uncertainties, through which vulnerabilities, to which collectivities?

    Anthropology, Ethnography in/for uncertain times

    This announcement is for one of the panels of the 2nd Conference of the Association of Social Anthropologists Greece (SKAE), “Anthropology, Ethnography in/for uncertain times”. This panel aspires to serve as the starting point for a conversation on the lived experience of carrying out doctoral research in contemporary Greece as well as on the conditions in which such research takes place. While there is a special focus on the field of Social Anthropology, the scope of the said conversation includes the broader area of the Social Sciences.

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  • Dublin

    Call for papers - Geography

    Geographies of the Home

    “No place like home”: mapping out intimacies and relations between the private and public spheres

    This session aims to explores the multifaceted nature of home as a space where private and public spheres converge, emphasizing its significance in geographical studies at the intersection of cultural, social, and retail geographies, as well as urban development. The focus is on understanding how geographies of home are shaped by political, commercial, and cultural factors, as well as inequalities related to culture, race, location, social class, gender, and sexuality. Case studies in diverse contexts and innovative approaches that transcend traditional boundaries are welcome. 

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  • Lausanne

    Call for papers - Science studies

    Capitalization and the Start-Up Economy

    Critical Perspectives on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capitalism

    For the past twenty years, social sciences have studied financialization as a process affecting many (if not almost all) aspects of contemporary societies. More recently, research at the crossroads of sociology, economics and the science and technology studies (STS) developed a new understanding of financialization, centered on how “things are turned into assets” (Birch and Muniesa 2020). Such a perspective provides useful tools for critically examining the start-up economy and emerging business practices related to venture capital funding. This workshop aims to bring together scholars from science and technology studies and beyond who work to develop a transversal perspective across various cultural sites and practices. Through different formats (keynote, round table, panels), the workshop will offer a setting to conduct in-depth discussions on capitalization.

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  • Scholarship, prize and job offer - History

    New Europe College Fellowships

    New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest (Romania) launches the annual competition for the 2024/2025 NEC Fellowships. Romanian and international scholars at postdoctoral level in all fields of the humanities and social sciences (including law and economics) are invited to apply.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Video Games Emotions and Growing up

    “Youth and globalization (YOGO)” journal

    In this issue of Youth and globalization (YOGO) which focuses on video games and the social skills of the youth and their emotions, special attention is given to the comparative dimension based on field surveys, with sociological, historical, and anthropological aspects.

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