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  • Call for papers - Urban studies

    Transformations rurales au Maghreb : pratiques, acteurs et enjeux

    Les transformations des campagnes au cours de l’histoire maghrébine ont représenté l’un des sujets- objets de recherche les plus importants dans le débat scientifique de ces dernières décennies et ce, dans diverses disciplines telles que l’histoire, la géographie, la sociologie, la psychologie sociale, l’économie, l’anthropologie, les sciences agricoles, l’urbanisme, les sciences de l’énergie, etc. Mais malgré cet intérêt multidisciplinaire, tout chercheur traitant le monde rural est confronté au problème de sa définition conceptuelle, problème qui reste encore entier.

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  • Santiago de Compostela

    Call for papers - Language

    Journal “Cadernos de Fraseoloxía Galega” - Varia

    Issue 24 (2023)

    Cadernos de Fraseoloxía Galega (CFG), an international journal on phraseological and paremiological research edited by Centro Ramón Piñeiro para a Investigación en Humanidades (Xunta de Galicia), is seeking submissions of contributions for its twenty-fourth issue. 

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  • Louvain-la-Neuve

    Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology

    Hungary, Folklore and Modernity


    The conference aims to study the hungarian folk movement called “táncházmozgalom” (“dance house movement”). In 2022, this movement celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the first “táncház” (“dance house”, type of traditional dance ball), held in Budapest on the 6th of May 1972. The process of “learning by doing” is a central dynamic to the personal investment of the youngsters in this movement, during the music and dance lessons as well as during the táncházak (dance houses), koncertek (concerts) and táborok (camps). The dance house movement is also very much marked by hungarian ethnography of the XXth century. The practices of dancing and music are anchored in the consulting of numerous works and archives of ethnographic collections from the last century. As such, the “táncházmozgalom” is often called “revival movement” since it brings melodies and steps of rural folk music back up to date in the modern and urban context of Budapest.

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  • Milan

    Call for papers - Africa

    The Becoming of the Congo: Collaborating, Imagining, Changing

    This new edition of the Congo Research Network (CRN) international and transdisciplinar Congress focuses on the concept of becoming: the becoming of research on/around the Congo (new paths and new links between knowledge andepistemologies, new means of communication (ICTs, new media, videos) and agents - academics,artists, writers, cultural actors, journalists and bloggers, activists and others); the becoming of Congolese culture (new places of creation and exhibition, new ways ofsharing/transmitting knowledge and cultural practices); the becoming of the country and the dynamics of mobility and stability not only in Congo, but also in Africa and the world (anthropological, climatic, epistemic, social, health and economic changes); the becoming of politics, between trauma, memory and resilience.

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  • Lausanne

    Summer School - Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages High and Low: intersections, interactions, debates between academic knowledge and pop culture

    Medieval studies and medievalism both focus on the same object, the Middle Ages. Yet their approaches are different. Long separated, medieval studies and medievalism are now challenged to rethink their links in research, teaching and social dissemination of knowledge. The summer school aims to help young researchers to strengthen their understanding of these scientific developments, to position their research effectively, and to develop networks with international researchers. The school, in French and English, proposes lectures by world-renowned specialists, debates, meetings with professionals and practical workshops.

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  • Oxford

    Conference, symposium - History

    Pierre Bourdieu and History

    Influences, inspirations, interactions

    The French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu died in 2002. His work continues to be highly influential, as evidenced by an ongoing editorial activity and the international dissemination of his writings. While Bourdieu left his mark on many intellectual areas through the breadth of his theories, he established a privileged dialogue with history as a discipline. Twenty years later, this conference aims to shed further light on the links between history, historians, and Bourdieu’s scientific legacy.

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  • Madrid

    Conference, symposium - America

    Mundo hispánico-mundo global: memoria y futuro

    The encounter of Spain with America is an event of transcendental importance and has generated an original cultural space extended over half a billion people over the world. The conference, lectures, and activities will cover a wide range of topics and disciplines (arts, history, political sciences, philosophy...) to celebrate the richness and the global trajectory of the Hispanic cultures. The First International Hispano-American Congress aims to be an academic and cultural event, in a lively and attractive format, with a significant media projection; an opportunity to reflect on the unity made of the polyphony of voices from Hispanism around the world.

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  • Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Exploring Craft Spaces: A New Insight into the Archaeology of Pottery Production

    “Journal of Archaeological Science - Reports”

    In relation with a workshop on pottery production spaces that will take place on the 9th of December 2022 (programme forthcoming), the research teams "Du Village à l'état au Proche et Moyen-Orient" (Vepmo) and "Archéologie de la Gaule et du Monde Antique" (Gama) of the UMR 7041 Archéologie des sciences et de l'antiquité (Arscan), are editing a special issue in the Journal of Archaeological Science : Reports, entitled "Exploring Craft Spaces: A New Insight into the Archaeology of Pottery Production". This special issue aims to explore new approaches to pottery manufacturing spaces, from prehistory to the contemporary period, using cutting-edge scientific techniques. The expected papers will focus on the informational value of these spaces and related structures to address technological and socio-economic issues.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology

    Gaits, dis-continuities, scansions. Forms of life in a situation of chronic illness/disability

    La place que prennent la maladie chronique ou certaines situations de handicap dans la vie quotidienne et la manière dont elles semblent s’entrelacer avec l’existence, dans ses dimensions biologique, sociale et existentielle ont conduit certains chercheurs en sciences humaines et sociales à parler de « vécu chronique » ou encore « chronic living » pour tenter de saisir dans leur spécificité la vie et le vécu des personnes atteintes d’une ou plusieurs maladies de longue durée et non guérissables ou dans certaines situations de handicap.Ce colloque vise à discuter l’apport de la réflexion en termes de formes de vie, et à comprendre dans quelle mesure elles constituent des cadres conceptuels et normatifs appropriés pour comprendre la condition chronique et l'aspiration à une « vie normale », une « vie comme avant », une « vie ordinaire » parfois exprimée dans ce contexte.

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Return to animality: theoretical perspectives, cultural approaches and artistic manifestations

    In the context of ontological uncertainty, but also of the tragic collapse of biodiversity and the environment, in which preoccupations for the future of man and his relationship with other species increase, how shall one preserve a definition of human being? It is thus pressing to reflect on the future of humanity from new perspectives that might assume a return to a certain animality or even to a reanimalization of man. The aim of this colloquium is to create a plural and interdisciplinary space for reflection on these issues, calling for a dialogue between different perspectives and disciplines. 

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  • La Courneuve

    Call for papers - History

    Diplomatic Gifts and Counter-Gifts (16th-early 20th c)

    Understandings and Misunderstandings between Britain and the Muslim East, 16th to Early 20th Century

    As symbolic commodities circulating within and across cultures, gifts offer rich and multiple perspectives on the conduct of international diplomacy and its corollary cross-cultural transactions. Taking as our focus diplomatic relations between Britain and the three Muslim systems of the Ottomans, Persians, and Mughals over a period ranging from early contacts in the 16th century to the high age of the British empire, we wish to map out the shifts of paradigms and the redefinitions of circuits of allegiance and power through objects over the longue durée.

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  • Nantes

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Migrant Atmospheres

    Ambiances. Revue internationale sur l’environnement sensible, l’architecture et l’espace urbain

    This special issue of Ambiances explores the transfers and creation of atmospheres and materialities caused by migratory movements, and how urban and architectural spaces develop, emerge or are transformed when specific migrant spatial practices intersect with specific hosting environments in the globalised contemporary city.

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  • Ifrane

    Call for papers - Africa

    Integrating Social Science and Healthcare in Africa and the Middle East

    The eighth Annual International Conference organized by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, scheduled for 27-29 May 2022, aims to create a forum where researchers from the social sciences can present their studies of healthcare in an interdisciplinary context with the hope that conversations begin about where to go with healthcare in Morocco. To that end, this conference is also open to those studying healthcare in African and Middle Eastern contexts with the hope that there is effective cross-communication and learning across boundaries.

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  • Saint-Martin-d'Hères

    Call for papers - Economics

    Towards a good life society: when interdependencies confront atomism

    In 2018, the Forum's scientific symposium dealt with the collective definition of the well-living (or the good life, among other terms), the methods and uses of good life indicators, along with citizen participation and the contribution of research to the good life. Building on these achievements, the second edition of the scientific symposium aims to go a step further towards exploring how a paradigm shift in favor of the good life might be supported, by emphasizing the topic of interdependencies.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Voyageurs réels et imaginaires latino-américains en Algérie et le monde arabe (XIXe et XXe siècles)

    Les études sur la culture du monde arabe et ses rapports avec la civilisation, l’histoire, et les arts latino-américains à partir du XIXe siècle, sont très peu nombreuses. La constatation est flagrante si l’on considère les travaux sur l’Algérie des XIXe et XXe siècles. En particulier, il existe peu de publications relatives l’Algérie hormis différentes archives privées et publiques présentes aussi bien en Argentine, au Chili que dans d’autres régions du monde. Ce premier séminaire international devra permettre d’ouvrir un nouveau terrain de recherches et d’offrir une première vision globale sur l’Algérie et les pays arabes au cours des XIXe et XXe siècles, ainsi qu’investiguer les rapports des liens culturels avec l’Amérique latine.

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  • Charleroi

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    C’est carnaval !

    The politics and policy of Carnival

    The interdisciplinary research unit TRANSFO (Research Center for Social Change, université libre de Bruxelles) organizes a two-day conference that aims to shed light on the political dynamics of contemporary carnivals. The conference welcomes both junior and senior scholars, in the following disciplines: political sociology, especially in the fields of social movement study and artivism; political anthropology; festive studies; urban studies; public policy; history and social geography.

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - Language

    News Perspectives And Approaches To Research, Training And Teaching

    International Journeys of Lexiculturology

    The International Journeys of Lexiculturology – promoted by the Linguistics Centre of New Lisbon University – constitute an annual scientific forum for the presentation, development, deepening, consolidation and expansion of research, training and teaching issues related to lexiculture – the culture implicit in the lexicon – from an intra, pluri, inter and/or transdisciplinary perspective. Works – in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish – that are explicitly inscribed in the general theme of JIL2021 – Lexiculturology – New perspectives and approaches to research, training and teaching – will be accepted.

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  • Call for papers - Religion

    The Christian Right: which convergences today?

    Research on evangelicals being at the heart of current events, the objective of this international conference will be to broaden the field by crossing analyses and observations in order to better identify the dynamics at work in the Christian world. Religion and politics will be the main focus, through the particular lense of the Christian Right.

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  • Athens

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    French School in Athens - doctoral contracts (2021-2024)

    Conformément à ses statuts, l'École française d'Athènes développe en Grèce et à Chypre, où elle dispose de missions permanentes, ainsi que dans les Balkans, des recherches dans toutes les disciplines des sciences humaines et sociales, depuis la Préhistoire jusqu'à nos jours. Elle peut donc accueillir en septembre 2021 et pour une durée de trois ans un·e doctorant·e travaillant dans ces champs géographiques et chronologiques.

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  • Study days - Political studies

    Political Mobilization in the US: New Stakes and Evolutions

    Les dernières élections présidentielles ont démontré la forte capacité de mobilisation de blocs d’électeurs bien connus depuis le début des années 1980 tels que les chrétiens évangéliques, toujours fidèles au parti républicain, mais aussi d’électeurs dont la volatilité est plus grande, sans oublier la portée de la mobilité démographique. Alors que l’État fédéral continue de se désengager du contrôle des lois et procédures électorales (à la suite de l’arrêt Shelby County v. Holder de 2013), des initiatives sont prises dans ce domaine par les citoyens (comme en Floride avec l’Amendement 4 destiné à réintégrer sur les listes électorales les anciens détenus), mais aussi par les gouverneurs comme les législateurs de certains États pour encadrer ces procédures ainsi que l’accès aux urnes. Dans ce contexte, le record de participation de 2020 et la contestation violente du verdict des urnes marquent un probable tournant pour la démocratie états-unienne. Les trois intervenants de cette journée d’étude, spécialistes de l’intersection entre politique, religion et droits des femmes et des personnes LGBT+, tireront des leçons de cette mobilisation inégalée.

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