• Call for papers - Geography

    Carnets de géographes – Varia

    Les Carnets de géographes ouvrent un numéro varia annuel avec publication des articles au fil de l'eau. Cette revue, créée en 2010, entend accentuer la visibilité des problématiques et objets de recherches originaux et rarement traités par la discipline. La revue valorise également les travaux contribuant au dialogue de la géographie avec les autres sciences sociales et publie des articles traitant de la dimension spatiale des rapports sociaux qui émanent de recherches en histoire, sciences politiques, sociologie, anthropologie, psychologie, etc.

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  • Brest

    Call for papers - Europe

    Herbs and humanity. For a material and cultural history

    The expansion and culture of herbs around the world - text and image

    From the peaks of the Himalaya to the Mediterranean Sea, from the outset of the Silk Road to the far reaches of the Eurasian continent, the economy and culture of herbs has expanded over the course of time. Whether used as common products of consumption or considered as rare and valuable commodities, sold in their raw form or transformed, these medicinal or aromatic herbs have become precious cultural ambassadors in encounters with more and more faraway horizons. This book project centers on the idea of herbs as vectors of encounters and cultural exchanges. Indeed, the expansion and use of herbs around the world have led to the emergence of interacting and expanding cultural practices. The focus will be on defining the specific fields pertaining to the knowledge of herbs, with a particular interest in their cultivation, harvesting, commercialisation and circulation.

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