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  • Budapest

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Resilient cultural heritage and communities in Europe

    Call for posters – REACH project opening conference

    The REACH project, RE-designing Access to Cultural Heritage for a wider participation in preservation, (re-)use and management of European culture, is a three-year project aiming to establish a social platform as a sustainable space for meeting, discussion and collaboration for all those engaged in the promotion of participatory approaches to cultural heritage, giving tools and instruments in order to trigger a debate on how participatory approaches can contribute to develop a common horizon of understanding. The programme of the conference includes a rich mixture of skills and experiences; it offers a great opportunity to discuss and compare successful examples of participatory processes and reflect on the role of Cultural Heritage in cohesion and social integration.

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  • Budapest

    Colloque - Europe

    Academic Migrations, Elite Formation and Modernisation of Nation States in Europe

    International Conference organised by Pasts Inc. Center for Historical Studies, Central European University (Budapest) and the research network « Academic migration within and to Europe »

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