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  • Galway

    Call for papers - Geography

    Disability in rural areas: between geographic exclusion and social insertion

    Dans le cadre du VIIe congrès des Sociétés de géographie européennes, EUGEO 2019, qui aura lieu à Galway (Irlande) du 15 au 18 mai 2019 nous vous invitons à proposer une communication pour la session « Disability in rural areas: between geographic exclusion and social insertion » qui s'intéressera aux interactions entre le handicap et les processus d'exclusion ainsi qu'aux expériences favorisant l'inclusion dans les espaces ruraux, sur la base d'études de cas pouvant s'appliquer à tous les domaines de la vie quotidienne. (insertion professionnelle, accès à l'éducation, à la santé, aux services, aux loisirs, à la culture, etc.). Les propositions sont acceptées en anglais, français, espagnol et italien. 

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Education

    School and Educational Spaces

    Revue Espaces et Sociétés

    The mass education movements seen in most education systems of the past fifty years have transformed the issues related to school and education spaces. There is a reconstruction of these spaces that questions traditional learning and education missions of the school with broader educational initiatives to meet new problems. This issue focuses on the reorganization of school and educational spaces in relation to local initiatives (local and regional authorities , community associations, popular education movements...) on social and educational issues that mark the contemporary school. In a competitive environment where urban and school areas are increasingly hierarchical, where internal divisions are reinforced, where the external borders are fluid, we question the links between spatial segregation, educational pathways and forms of treatment of new educational issues.

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  • Brussels

    Call for papers - Geography

    Combining scientific Expertise with Participation: the Challenge of the European Landscape Convention

    The adoption of the European Landscape Convention (ELC) in 2000 represents a major event in taking landscape into account at the European level. As of June 2013, 38 Council of Europe member states have ratified the Convention. By specifying that landscape is an essential component of the quality of life of Europeans, the Convention is, first and foremost, in line with a territorial dimension. Moreover, a strong foundation of the ELC lies in its specific definition of landscape, notably based on the notion of perception by populations. One of the scientists’ major concerns is therefore how to reconcile objective scientific approaches with the subjective aspect of citizens’ perception. After more than a decade of practice, the Conference will be an opportunity for scientists who have been working in line with the ELC to present the tools developed and to reflect on their tangible, measurable and observable effects.

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