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  • Genoa

    Call for papers - Representation

    The social dimensions of cognitive cartography

    Cartotête fourth study day

    Cognitive representations of geographical space are often studied in order to better understand how individuals perceive and deal with everyday spatial problems (Down and Stea, 1977), including orientation, trip planning or navigation. Since these works focus particularly on the functional dimension of such spatial representations, maps are read in a literal, rather than metaphorical perspective. In addition, individual geographical experiences, both direct (trips and visited places) or indirect (spatial information) is considered as the main factor contributing to their construction. Therefore, this “cognitive tool” is essentially considered as an individual and personal construction.

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  • Conference, symposium - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Overstepping the mark

    Second conference of young researchers into pre-Roman Italy

    Du 10 au 11 mars se tiendra en distanciel la deuxième édition de la rencontre des jeunes chercheurs sur l’Italie préromaine. Elle a pour thème « Dépasser la limite ». Le colloque est pluridisciplinaire. Au cours de cinq sessions, différents aspects de la limite seront discutés sur l’ensemble du territoire de l’Italie de l’âge du Fer au principat d’Auguste : frontières et enceintes, bornes, questions de territoire et de paysage, échanges et culture matérielle, questions de genre, mondes funéraires et sacrés, et méthodes. Cela sera suivi d’une table-ronde, où les enjeux épistémologiques pourront être abordés dans le cadre des sciences de l’Antiquité et au-delà.

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  • Padua

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Crises and Infrastructures: Responses to Change Between Materiality and Immateriality

    A Dialogue Between Anthropology, Geography and History

    PhD students from the XXXIV cycle of the joint PhD Programme in Historical, Geographical, Anthropological Studies (University of Padova, Ca' Foscari Venice, Verona) are happy to invite you to their conference, titled "Crises and Infrastructures: Responses to Change Between Materiality and Immateriality. A Dialogue Between Anthropology, Geography and History". We will be exploring the interactions between various examples of Crises and Infrastructural response, trying to push for an interdisciplinary dialogue. We aim to reflect not only on the role of infrastructures as means of problem-solving, but also on the varied outcomes of critical moments. For more information, please see the detailed program attached.

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  • Marseille

    Conference, symposium - History

    Distances (15th-18th centuries)

    Dans une optique interdisciplinaire, ce colloque international se propose d'étudier la notion de distance à l'époque moderne (XV-XVIIIe siècle), en la considérant comme un angle essentiel pour les approches spatiales et multi-scalaires mobilisées dans de nombreux travaux en histoire. Que ce soit en termes de circulations, d’échanges ou encore de liens sociaux, les distances se pratiquent et s’éprouvent. Intervalles physiques ou symboliques, elles permettent donc d’aborder le rapport qu’entretiennent les hommes à leur espace.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    From pre-professional mobility abroad to international professional mobility

    Issues, courses and strategies from various key players

    The multidisciplinary peer-reviewed Journal of International Mobility, published by PUF and led by Agence Erasmus+ France / Education Formation, brings together scientific papers related to all aspects of international mobility in the context of education and training in Europe and around the world. The journal aims to improve understanding of the issues, conditions and impact of mobility in order to encourage its consideration by the researchers and political decision-makers who have the authority to support it. The special edition will focus on: “From pre-professional mobility abroad to international professional mobility: Issues, courses and strategies from various key players”

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    Mountains and the collective management of the commons: influences and interactions

    Ancestral collective ownership systems linked to village communities, sprouted from feudal law, used to correspond to an agrarian economy that was generally needed for self-subsistence (feeding). This economy gradually deteriorated for a variety of interconnected reasons. Nonetheless, these systems have managed to survive over time, which is rather surprising. Their presence is still strongly felt in rural areas – mainly in mountain regions (France, Italy and Switzerland, in particular). In a contemporary context of agricultural decline, the disappearance of landscapes, declining allocations from the state to communes and the urgent need to preserve natural resources and stimulate rural areas, one has to ask which roles these communities can play to develop the mountain territories in a sustainable way.

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  • Milan

    Call for papers - Geography

    Living the mountain

    Ce colloque a pour ambition d’interroger et de préciser la notion d’ « habiter la montagne » à partir d’apports théoriques et pratiques relevant de territoires alpins et/ou de montagne. Il propose d’examiner les réponses développées par les habitants permanents ou temporaires et les initiatives juridiques, économiques, sociales, environnementale et culturelles déployées de manière individuelle ou collective face à ces contraintes. L’appel est ouvert à la géographie, à l’aménagement, à l’urbanisme, à la sociologie, à l’histoire, à l’anthropologie, à l’économie, au droit…

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  • Rome

    Call for papers - Geography

    The mediation of technologies for a new communication and representation of territory

    Session S25 of the 32nd Italian Geographers Congress

    The session, which is part of the 32nd Congress of Italian Geographers, will accept both theoretical and methodological proposals exploring the forms through wich ICTs, particularly the Web, have been changing the dynamics of territory representation in the last decades. Among other things, the proposal shoud focus on territorial communication forms for both political and administrative aims (the communication by and for citizens/investors) and tourist and cultural purposes (the communication by and for tourists/visitors).

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  • Nice

    Call for papers - History

    Small Mediterranean Spaces. Islands, Presìdi and enclave

    Territorial control in the Mediterranean geopolitics of the Modern Age (16th - first half of 19th c.)

    The workshop will pay particular attention to the history of the Mediterranean of such small spaces and to the strategies adopted by the states in order to control them. The workshop aims at reconstructing a whole scenario, in which these small entities help outlining a history of the Mediterranean in which such small territories are not only included, but also assessed for their past importance.

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  • Tours

    Conference, symposium - Geography

    Thinking the fabric of the city in times of crisis

    Le colloque franco-italien intitulé « Penser la fabrique de la ville en temps de crises » initié par l’UMR CITERES, s’inscrit dans la continuité d’une série de manifestations scientifiques annuelles, regroupant depuis 2008 des chercheurs italiens et français qui confrontent leurs regards autour des débats scientifiques dans le champ de la géographie sociale. La thématique proposée pour l’édition 2014 est issue des questionnements de chercheurs du laboratoire et de leurs partenaires italiens sur la fabrique de la ville dans un contexte où la question de la crise paraît omniprésente dans les discours dominants. Ces journées permettront de saisir comment en Italie et en France les géographes travaillant sur la production et sur les pratiques des espaces urbains intègrent la notion de crise dans leurs travaux. Notre objectif sera donc de mettre en discussion les effets de l’interprétation des contextes et des devenirs des villes en termes de crise urbaine, environnementale, politique ou économique.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Between Earth and sea

    Via Aurelia and the topography of the Latium and Tuscany coastline

    For the last decades, the studies carried out along the Italian coasts have been a favoured field of research, concerning some specific aspects of the antique and mediaeval society, its links with the sea, and with other men beyond the sea. Within that context, the coasts of Lazio and Tuscany reveal themselves to be particularly interesting: they are the witnesses of a wealthy business network, along the coast lines, centred on the via Aurelia, and the numerous harbours and mooring areas, used since ancient days. This colloquium is dedicated to reopening a debate among experts, thanks to the contributions of various research approaches, and with a particular attention to the Tuscia area.

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  • Florence

    Call for papers - Thought

    VIth Mediterranean Congress of Aesthetics

    Facts and Values in Aesthetics: Contemporary Stakes and Approaches

    In a text entitled The Collapse of the Fact/Value Dichotomy and Other Essays (2004), Hilary Putnam argues convincingly against a classic opposition which does not serve philosophical reflection positively. Putnam’s analysis mostly focuses on the theory and practice of knowledge, but one can legitimately extend it to other fields, starting with that of aesthetics, which sooner or later is confronted with the question of whether one defends or rejects the dichotomy. Keeping or rejecting it implies reasons to do so, but often these reasons remain implicit, most especially in aesthetics.

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    Dynamics of repopulation in mountain areas: new highlanders

    Observing the recent situation of demographic trends in the Alps, it is possible to put in evidence an interesting turnround in some alpine territories, especially alpine marginal areas. This situation invests not only the Alps but in general the European mountain territories, where the effects of this turnround become evident: from requalification of old villages and the creation of technologic buildings, to implementation of different forms of tourism (green tourism, soft tourism), from experimentation of new services (through ICT solutions), to implementation of sustainable mobility policies and finally to creation of green entrepreneurial activities.

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  • Épinal

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Geography

    Mountain Thesard Prize 2013

    The Vosges Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organising the 3rd Mountain Thesard Prize, which will award 5000 € to a PhD Thesis dealing with mountain topics. This competition is open to all students who have published a PhD thesis in a European or Maghrebi university after 2009.

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