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  • Genoa

    Conference, symposium - Urban studies

    La città multietnica nel mondo mediterraneo

    Storia, cultura, patrimonio

    This meeting aims to foster a discussion about the continuities and disruptions which have conditioned the multi-ethnic dimension of our cities. We would like to focus on the specificities of places and time in our millennial history that have produced both tangible and intangible cultural heritage (a heritage which today seems strongly under attack). We aim for a historical perspective –  by drawing attention on well-documented case-studies offering comparative insights – without however forgetting to ask ourselves the meaning of our research in the troubled world we live in; without anachronisms, but also without hiding behind the pretext of specialisms, while in front of our eyes the Mediterranean world is more than ever a theatre of death, exclusion, suffering. 

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  • Rome

    Study days - Geography

    Problems and perspectives of geographic reviews in Italy

    La geografia delle riviste su carta / Una carta per le riviste di geografia

    Il seminario ha lo scopo di interrogarsi su alcune questini-chiave relative alla funzione delle riviste geografiche e, più in generale, alla geografia italiana: 1. funzione e apertura delle riviste di geografia; 2. sistema di Valutazione e Impact Factor; 3. innovazione Tecnologica.

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