• Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    To the rescue of minority groups. Gender, migration and racism in heritage and museums

    The gradual transformation experienced by museums in the last few years has fostered the incorporation into exhibition spaces of social minorities hitherto barred from them due to their social invisibility, exclusion and marginalisation. Occidentalism and European-centred perspectives gave rise to decontextualised, distorted and racial exhibition criteria constructed from a biased view of otherness.

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  • Call for papers - History

    The legacy of the arts: ideas and representations

    The transmission of knowledge through tradition, orality and Academia

    The second edition of the conference on doctoral studies in art and musicology aims to focus on research on the transmission of knowledge through the arts as a means and source of knowledge in the art world. The images and musical documents that have been preserved from ancient times to the present day - throughout the world - have made it possible to understand aspects of the social, cultural and religious life of many civilizations and also to be the same reflection of these. In this way, Art and Music, as resources, have been one of the key elements to be able to understand a culture since it has been the mechanism through which humans have been able to capture and transmit ideas and knowledge.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Envisioning Latin America: Power and Representation in audiovisual (re)productions

    Forma Revista d'Estudis Comparatius. Art, Literatura, Pensament

    This issue seeks to critically address power structures in audiovisual (re)productions in and from Latin America and discuss how these play a role in the societal construction and representation of individual and collective identities, the ‘us’ and the ‘other’. By doing so, it aims at understanding how these representations – and broader discourses associated therewith – can be critically examined through media productions (cinema, television, radio, photography etc.) and their use as historical sources.

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  • Valencia

    Conference, symposium - History

    Els orígens medievals de l'economia sostenible

    Reciclatge i reutilització (segles XIII-XV)

    Le concept « économie soutenable », qui peut sembler très récent, et qui est dévenu une sorte de « mantra » aux discourses des politiciens, est en réalité très ancien, si bien avec une sens très different de celui actuel. Dans un monde où la production en masse été encore inconcebible, donner une « deuxième vie » a les choses été souvent une besoin. Mais,en plus, dans quelques cas il y avait aussi un culte reverenciel aux objectes du passé, de façon que le réemploi et le recyclage étaient des realités inherents a les sociétés médievales, directement liées à leur survie et même à leur identité.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - History

    Barcelona – Paris: intellectual transfers, literary relations, cultural capitals (1875-1975)

    Cette manifestation a comme objectif l’étude et la diffusion des relations intellectuelles et culturelles entre Barcelone et Paris, depuis 1875 jusqu’à 1975. Il combine les approches de la littérature comparée, de l’histoire comparée des intellectuels et de l’histoire culturelle des capitales.

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