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  • Târgovişte

    Call for papers - History

    Cold War East-West divide: conflict, cooperation and trade

    The aim of this event is to bring together established, senior and junior scholars and researchers from a variety of fields and perspectives (Cold War Studies, International relations, foreign policy, political sciences, history, economics, media studies etc.) to foster discussion on East-West contacts, whether they were characterized by conflict, competition, mistrust, trade, cooperation or compromise.

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  • Guelph

    Call for papers - History

    Prisons, Prisoners and Prison Records in Historical Perspective

    The rise of the prison as an institution of mass incarceration for offenders has for long fascinated researchers. In part, this is due to the unusually detailed nature of most prison records. The wide availability of somewhat similar sources across diverse European and European-derived societies provides criminologists, social and economic historians, demographers and other social scientists with rich collections of personal information that have been analysed intensively since the 1970s. The increasing power of software and hardware and the accumulation of very large quantities of prison data, some of it linked to other sources, offers challenges and opportunities for researchers today. The workshop responds to the challenge of harnessing criminal justice records by bringing together scholars in different disciplines and countries to share information about their sources, methodologies of classification and analysis, and to reconceptualize research paradigms.

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  • Berlin

    Summer School - History

    Visual History in the Twentieth Century: Bodies, Practices and Emotions

    The spring school Visual History in the Twentieth Century: Bodies, Practices, and Emotions invites participants to engage in five days of intensive discussion on the relation between the history of the body, body politics, and film and television in the twentieth century. The spring school will take a transnational perspective and focus particular on developments in Germany, France and Great Britain.

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  • London

    Conference, symposium - History

    Broadcasting health and disease

    Bodies, markets and television, 1950s-1980s

    In the television age, health and the body have been broadcasted in many ways: in short health education films, school television, professional training materials, TV ads, documentaries, reality TV shows and news, as well as stand-alone videos distributed to specific audiences. This three-day conference proposes an exploration of how television formats have influenced and staged bodies, health and healthy practices from local, regional, national and international perspectives, and how these TV programmes spread the conviction that viewers could and should invest in their health and shape their own body.

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  • Angoulême

    Call for papers - Economics

    Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth

    VIIIth Interdisciplinary Conference on Child and Teen Consumption

    The interdisciplinary conference « Child and Teen Consumption » aims to facilitate in-depth dialogue between researchers from various disciplines: management, psychology, sociology, information and communication, anthropology, history, educational sciences, law, etc. Whilst the 8th conference will aim to continue interdisciplinary research and dialogue on broad themes related to children and young people as consumers, the theme of the 2018 conference will be « Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth » in order to reflect its location in Angoulême and the growing research and public policy interest in this topic. The conference aims to highlight research in this domaine and invites producers of cultural material to bring their views to the debate.

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  • Abu Dhabi

    Conference, symposium - History

    The Middle East and Europe: cross-cultural, diplomatic and economic exchanges in the early modern period (1500-1820)

    This conference is an international symposium that proposes to study the entire range of exchanges and relations established between these two areas during the Early Modern Times (1500-1820). Its main objective is to think about diplomatic, economic, religious and cultural links between Europe and the Middle East by calling upon over twenty researchers with specializations in the Arab, Persian and Muslim world. In addition, this conference will provide a comprehensive overview to date of the Arabian Gulf at a time of major political change, including the successive arrival of the European “trading empires”. It will focus on some of the methodological challenges raised by a global, connected and cross-cultural thinking approach to the History of the Middle East and Europe”.

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Conference, symposium - History

    Climate and Societies in the Mediterranean during the Last Two Millennia

    Current State Of Knowledge and Research Perspectives

    This two-day international conference aims to highlight recent and challenging interdisciplinary studies dealing with complex historical climate/society interactions in Mediterranean during the last two millennia. The study of these existing connections can help in better understanding the role played by past climatic events in the eruption of regional conflicts, in forced migration and displacement of people, in periodically appearing infectious disease outbreaks or in subsistence crises like food shortages and famines Similarly, it seems necessary to identify and analyze socio-economic and technological responses (e.g. water supply systems) together with mitigation and general adaptation strategies, insofar as they existed, to cope with climate change.

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  • Lausanne

    Call for papers - Economics

    The Wage Workshop

    Theoretical, empirical ans historical perspectives on wage, subsistence and basic income

    The Centre Walras-Pareto is organizing a workshop on the history of wages. The workshop will take place at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), 29-30 September 2016. Much has been written on wages within economics. In his classical account of the history ofwage theory, Dunlop (1957) refers to three time-periods: the wage-fund theory domination,the rise of marginal productivity distribution theory, and the “contemporary setting”, startingin the 1930s and characterized by a diversity of theoretical arguments; but much has changed.

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  • Rome

    Conference, symposium - History

    Endowment for transmission? The social and economic history of the Jewish family (15th-19th centuries)

    Une histoire économique et sociale de la famille juive (XVe-XIXe siècle)

    La storia ebraica costituisce un capitolo rilevante e particolarmente fecondo dell’attuale dibattito scientifico, sia sul versante storico-economico, che su quello antropologico, culturale e religioso. All’interno di un orizzonte di ricerca molto vasto, che identifica i Jewish studies come vero e proprio campo disciplinare, il convegno si propone di indagare, attraverso un’ottica comparativa, uno specifico argomento: le forme e le funzioni di utilizzo delle doti. L’istituzione dotale si configurava come uno degli elementi strategici nelle forme di organizzazione delle società ebraiche in Antico regime. Il suo studio ravvicinato e comparato consente, pertanto, di gettare una luce su molteplici aspetti.

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  • Neuilly-sur-Seine

    Miscellaneous information - Sociology

    Towards a History of Socioeconomic Rights

    This research workshop is organized by Charles Walton, fellow at the Paris Institute for Advanced Studies.

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  • Lyon

    Study days - Modern

    Paternalism Redeemed

    Old Ideals, New Realities

    Le paternalisme a longtemps souffert d'une très mauvaise réputation. Marqueur d'une hiérarchie sociale, morale ou politique devenue insupportable, il semblait avoir définitivement disparu (au moins dans ses formes instutionnelles) de nos sociétés libérales et démocratiques. Depuis une dizaine d'années, cependant, le monde universitaire (mais aussi politique) se passionne à nouveau pour sa dernière réincarnation, le paternalisme libertarian ou le « coup de pouce » (Nudges) défendu par l'économiste Richard Thaler et le jursite Cass Sunstein. L'objet de cette journée d'étude interdisciplinaire est de discuter de cette nouvelle légitimité et de s'interroger sur les évolutions théoriques ou sociétales qui pourraient expliquer cette évolution des modes de pensée.

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  • Baku

    Call for papers - Economics

    10th Annual World Customs Organization PICARD Conference

    The World Customs Organization (WCO) and the Azerbaijan Customs are pleased to announce the 10th annual WCO PICARD conference. The conference will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 8 to 10 September 2015. Papers should focus on Customs or, more globally, the regulation, dynamics, and practices of the international trade of goods. The WCO encourages attendance and paper submissions from anthropologists, economists, geographers, historians, lawyers, and political scientists. The WCO is particularly interested in interdisciplinary approaches regarding contemporary systems of regulation and control at borders.

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  • Conference, symposium - Asia

    The Role of Women in Work and Society

    French historians are concerned by women’s history since thirty years, but studies are manly dealing with the Occident. For the ancient Near East, there is now a great deal of limited studies on women and gender history, but few syntheses. Furthermore, economic history is well represented in Assyriology, thanks to the good preservation of dozen of thousands of clay tablets recording administrative operations, contracts and acts dealing with family law. Despite these voluminous sources, the topic of work has not been much addressed. The thirty participants of this conference will examine the various economic occupations involving women, in a gender perspective, over the three millennia of Near Eastern history.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Canada and the Commonwealth

    Special issue of the Canadians Studies review

    Call for papers (English/French) for a special issue of Revue Etudes Canadiennes/ Canadian Studies (n°75) dedicated to Canada and the Commonwealth

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  • Mendrisio

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    A third phase in historical and anthropological research on family? Towards a regional and dynamic typology

    Dans le chantier interdisciplinaire consacré à l’étude de l’histoire de la famille et de la parenté en Europe, il est possible d’isoler quelques phases majeures consacrées d’abord aux approches quantitatives, puis aux approches localisées et concentrées sur les stratégies des acteurs. Depuis quelques années on assiste au retour aux grandes espaces et au temps long, en proposant des synthèses générales qui prennent en considération l’ensemble du continent européen, en se concentrant sur les dynamiques liées à la parenté. Cette nouvelle anthropologie historique de la parenté revient ainsi à certaines ambitions comparatives de l’histoire de la famille telle qu’elle s’était constituée dans les années 1960 et 1970. Le colloque se fige de réfléchir sur l’intérêt d’analyser les processus régionaux de la famille et de la parenté, saisis dans la longue durée, pour mieux saisir les dynamiques d’ensemble au niveau du continent.

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  • Cape Town

    Call for papers - History

    Encountering the exotic

    The collecting, trade and exchange of exotic goods between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, from the 16th century to 21st century

    Appel à contributions pour une session sur le commerce et la consommation des objets exotiques dans le monde du XVIe siècle à nos jours pour le World Economic History Congress (Cape Town, 12 et 13 juillet 2012).

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  • Catania

    Call for papers - History

    Living together in a multi-cultural society

    Dans le cadre de l’EMUNI, l’Université de Catane organise une « école d’été » sur les sociétés multiculturelles. La première semaine est consacrée au dialogue interculturel dans le bassin méditerranéen et aux relations politiques et économiques des pays de la Méditerranée. La deuxième semaine comprend deux séminaires de littérature, l’un sur l’histoire du genre et la littérature féminine, l’autre sur l’observation du territoire à partir de la mer.

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  • Brussels

    Call for papers - America

    El fraude monetario en los espacios atlanticos: pasado y presente (siglos XV al XX)

    Simposio (HIST/RI-5) del V° Congreso Europeo CEISAL de Latinoamericanistas: Las Relaciones intercontinentales entre Europa y las Americas

    Le symposium s'adresse à ceux qu'intéressent l'histoire sociale de la fraude monétaire en Amérique latine et dans les Caraïbes sur la longue durée (XVe-XXe siècles). Le thème de ce symposium est considéré dans un sens large, comprenant aussi bien le faux monnayage que la contrebande monétaire et ses représentations. L'objectif de cette rencontre est d'analyser le rôle des fraudes monétaires dans les rapports entre le continent américain et l'Europe.

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