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    On Hinterlands and Homelands

    “Have not all races had their first unity from a mythology that marries them to rock and hill?” Yeats wonders rhetorically. The idea of the homeland is organically enmeshed in notions of territoriality and geography. The hinterland is most often seen as its configuration as well as figuration in literature. It is so because it represents an ideal sense of national identity, unity, and even “purity” in extreme nationalist ideologies. It is considered an ideal space insofar as it is imagined as a utopian place, a locus amoenus, where an unsullied form of national character is preserved in its local traditions, dialects, myths and legends. The city is often portrayed as a fallen space, a wound, a disease corrupting the national body. We seek to rethink all these rigid dichotomies. “On Hinterlands and Homelands” Conference invites multidisciplinary papers on these themes.

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