• Call for papers - Economics

    Alla ricerca del lavoro operaio

    Numero 14, Dicembre 2017

    Through this monographic issue titled Searching for the working class, edited by Stefano Musso (University of Turin) and Annalisa Tonarelli (University of Florence), the journal CAMBIO aims to address Italian and foreign scholars who throughout the years have explored this research theme in the field of the most diverse disciplinary contexts: from sociology to history, from anthropology to industrial relations, form economics to philosophy, to political science.

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  • Madrid

    Conference, symposium - History

    The Nourishment of the State and the Healt of the "Res publica"

    Origins, Structure and Development of Public Expenditure in Europe (XIIIth-XVIIth centuries)

    The State, in the most generic sense of political body, the expense and the tax system have followed inseparable ways from the 13th century up to the present. For it the Congress tries to offer a vision that allows us to remove from the traditional optics of analysis of the income and the expense from a theoretical budgetary balance and to enter the relation between expense, determining economic, political structures and social theory. Taking as a territorial base the spaces governed or strongly influenced by the Hispanic Monarchy at the end of the 16th century, three sections of this Congress claim the first approximation to the expense and the debt that bears all the implied factors in mind. An essential element of the same one is his interdisciplinary approximation and the specialists' incorporation in the public expenditure of the present to need the concepts and limits of the structure of the public expenditure in the Europe Low middle ages and Modern age. The meeting will assemble law historians, economic historians and general historians from seven European countries during four daysWebsite:

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  • Lyon

    Conference, symposium - Sociology

    La fonction socialisatrice du travail : portée, limites et conditions d'exercice

    Ce colloque réunit historiens, philosophes, sociologues, économistes, médecins et acteurs des entreprises et des organisations. Son but est d’articuler leurs approches autour de cette question complexe des différents aspects de la fonction socialisatrice du travail, des limites réelles ou supposées de cette fonction dans nos sociétés ou dans des sociétés éloignées de la nôtre dans le temps et/ou l’espace, et des conditions institutionnelles nécessaires à l’exercice de pareille(s) fonction(s) socialisatrice(s) par le travail.

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  • Call for papers - History

    L’État et la mer

    Environnement et usages

    Les thèmes développés sont l'exploration, les aménagements, la protection, la circulation, la surveillance, le droit et la coopération.

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  • Lyon

    Study days - Education

    Expérience(s), savoir(s), sujet(s)

    La huitième Biennale de l'éducation et de la formation intitulée « Expérience(s), savoir(s), sujet (s) » se déroulera du 11 au 14 avril 2006 dans les locaux de l'INRP, de l'ENS Lyon et de l'ENS LSH. Cette Biennale propose aux acteurs de l'éducation, de la formation et de la recherche, de réfléchir aux enjeux pour les systèmes éducatifs, des nouvelles formes de reconnaissance de soi, de valorisation des savoirs et des expériences.

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