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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Political studies

    Montesquieu, A Philosopher for the Early American Republic?

    The conference will focus on showing how the Founding fathers used Montesquieu’s theories. Obviously, the Founders of the American Republic were not scholars, but first and foremost, political actors of their time. They did not read Montesquieu for the sole pleasure of it, but above all to find answers to some pressing and daunting issues: Was it possible to adopt a republican government for a territory so extended? Was the representative government the good remedy to such a problem? How to distribute power in order for despotism to be avoided? Was federalism the unique way to preserve a republican form of government in modern times? Those difficulties would appear as pertaining per se to the realm of political philosophy. Nevertheless, what may be unique in the case of the early American Republic, is the fact that solving those issues was a matter of life and death for the young body politic.

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  • Louvain-la-Neuve

    Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology

    Hungary, Folklore and Modernity


    The conference aims to study the hungarian folk movement called “táncházmozgalom” (“dance house movement”). In 2022, this movement celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the first “táncház” (“dance house”, type of traditional dance ball), held in Budapest on the 6th of May 1972. The process of “learning by doing” is a central dynamic to the personal investment of the youngsters in this movement, during the music and dance lessons as well as during the táncházak (dance houses), koncertek (concerts) and táborok (camps). The dance house movement is also very much marked by hungarian ethnography of the XXth century. The practices of dancing and music are anchored in the consulting of numerous works and archives of ethnographic collections from the last century. As such, the “táncházmozgalom” is often called “revival movement” since it brings melodies and steps of rural folk music back up to date in the modern and urban context of Budapest.

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  • Milan

    Call for papers - Africa

    The Becoming of the Congo: Collaborating, Imagining, Changing

    This new edition of the Congo Research Network (CRN) international and transdisciplinar Congress focuses on the concept of becoming: the becoming of research on/around the Congo (new paths and new links between knowledge andepistemologies, new means of communication (ICTs, new media, videos) and agents - academics,artists, writers, cultural actors, journalists and bloggers, activists and others); the becoming of Congolese culture (new places of creation and exhibition, new ways ofsharing/transmitting knowledge and cultural practices); the becoming of the country and the dynamics of mobility and stability not only in Congo, but also in Africa and the world (anthropological, climatic, epistemic, social, health and economic changes); the becoming of politics, between trauma, memory and resilience.

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  • Call for papers - Political studies

    Big Tech, Raiders or Gatekeepers of Democratic Interplay?

    This new issue of the Cahiers Protagoras will be dedicated to the discretionary context in which political actors are confronted to new censorship rationales. Contributors are invited to study the relationship of dependency of a political communication increasingly vested into social media, confronted to the opacity of moderation policies and the risk of permanent ban from related platforms. Equally, we encourage researchers to explore how this “politically motivated censorship” enforced by Big Tech catalyses the fragmentation of online public debates and the emergence of dissenting echo chambers.

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  • Liège

    Conference, symposium - Law

    The Idea of Economic Constitution in Europe: Genealogy and Overview

    The notion of “Economic Constitution” has now become a key concept not only in law, but also in other social sciences (economics, political philosophy, etc.). The 7th Journées internationales David-Constant therefore propose to retrace the somewhat turbulent history of the concept and to study its current relevance within the various (state and supranational) legal orders in Europe. Coinciding with the launch (in Open Access) of the edited volume The Idea of Economic Constitution in Europe. Genealogy and Overview (Brill), this interdisciplinary symposium (held in English and French with simultaneous translation) will gather the nearly thirty contributors to the volume, in order to extend the discussions covered in the latter. Beyond the global overview of the issues in positive and comparative law, the speakers will also question the theoretical and conceptual frameworks that structure the current debates in and across law, economy and politics. 

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  • Madrid

    Conference, symposium - America

    Mundo hispánico-mundo global: memoria y futuro

    The encounter of Spain with America is an event of transcendental importance and has generated an original cultural space extended over half a billion people over the world. The conference, lectures, and activities will cover a wide range of topics and disciplines (arts, history, political sciences, philosophy...) to celebrate the richness and the global trajectory of the Hispanic cultures. The First International Hispano-American Congress aims to be an academic and cultural event, in a lively and attractive format, with a significant media projection; an opportunity to reflect on the unity made of the polyphony of voices from Hispanism around the world.

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  • Bad Muskau

    Conference, symposium - History

    Sortir de l’enclos : jardins et politique(s). Histoires, expériences et perspectives franco-allemandes

    Le colloque entend aborder la question des liens entre jardins et politique(s) sous un angle spécifiquement franco-allemand. Il s’agira d’évoquer le rôle des jardins comme symboles du pouvoir politique pour leurs créateurs, mais aussi la manière dont des jardins historiques ont pu être instrumentalisés ultérieurement à des fins politiques. Il sera également question des conséquences des tracés de frontières sur les jardins historiques – de leur destruction à leur reconstruction, sans oublier les opportunités de création de parcs transfrontaliers fonctionnant comme des « ponts culturels ». L’examen de l’importance des vertus pédagogiques et éducatives du jardin permettra l’évocation de problématiques contemporaines, tout comme l’attention accordée à son potentiel sociétal comme lieu d’intégration et d’engagement citoyen.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Europe

    Understanding the War in the Ukraine

    CFP Forum Ukraine - The American University of Paris

    The George and Irina Schaeffer Center for the Study of Genocide, Human Rights, and Conflict Prevention, and the American University of Paris hope to provide a virtual forum on May 9-10, 2022, for scholars from multiple disciplines and humanitarian activists to process the causes and consequences of the war in the Ukraine. Because of the urgency and ongoing nature of the conflict, we are not expecting polished academic presentations but short (10-15 minutes) thought pieces that help to elucidate various aspects and interpretations of the war. A primary aim is to give Ukrainian and Russian scholars the opportunity to express themselves and their point of view.

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  • Nantes

    Summer School - Europe

    Local and regional stakeholders and European integration

    The Institute for european and global studies Alliance Europa organises a Summerschool for PhD students from the 20th to the 24th June, 2022 in Nantes. During the event they will address local stakeholders issues regarding European integration.

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  • La Courneuve

    Call for papers - History

    Diplomatic Gifts and Counter-Gifts (16th-early 20th c)

    Understandings and Misunderstandings between Britain and the Muslim East, 16th to Early 20th Century

    As symbolic commodities circulating within and across cultures, gifts offer rich and multiple perspectives on the conduct of international diplomacy and its corollary cross-cultural transactions. Taking as our focus diplomatic relations between Britain and the three Muslim systems of the Ottomans, Persians, and Mughals over a period ranging from early contacts in the 16th century to the high age of the British empire, we wish to map out the shifts of paradigms and the redefinitions of circuits of allegiance and power through objects over the longue durée.

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  • Saint-Martin-d'Hères

    Call for papers - Economics

    Towards a good life society: when interdependencies confront atomism

    In 2018, the Forum's scientific symposium dealt with the collective definition of the well-living (or the good life, among other terms), the methods and uses of good life indicators, along with citizen participation and the contribution of research to the good life. Building on these achievements, the second edition of the scientific symposium aims to go a step further towards exploring how a paradigm shift in favor of the good life might be supported, by emphasizing the topic of interdependencies.

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  • Rome

    Call for papers - History

    History of “carabinieri”, gendarmeries and police with military status history

    Italian Society of Military History, in charge to publish the journal Nuova Antologia Militare (NAM), offers the possibility to publish contributions dedicated to the history of “carabinieri”, gendarmeries and police forces with military status. The main fields of interest are the police activities like riot crowd control, public order, investigation activities, patrolling et cetera, but it is not limited to those activities. You could consider focusing your paper on the social role of the personnel, on the development of skills and so on. The call for paper is open to contributions on Police forces during war time with the exception of the role covered as combatant units.

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  • Call for papers - America

    The American State with and after Trump: (il)legitimate Institutions and Political Process(es)

    The AFEA (Association française d’études américaines) Annual Conference invites us to reflect on the theme of “Legitimacy, Authority, Canons” in 2022. This workshop is therefore open to contributions on the political, administrative, and institutional record of the Trump presidency, and its legacy on the authority and legitimacy of his successor Joe Biden. In particular, we invite work on the evolution of public policy, institutions, political mobilizations, and political experimentation at all scales of U.S. federalism to discuss the consequences of Donald Trump’s presidency on the American political development.

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  • Nice

    Study days - History

    Venice, a Mediterranean regional power

    Economic, maritime and political perspectives, 1669 – 1797

    The Mediterranean has always been at the heart of Venice’s interests during the Early Modern Period. A main source of its prosperity, the Inner Sea maintained its vital role even after the “northern invasions”, the battle of Lepanto and the “downturn” of the 17th century. This seminar aims to explore the relationship between Venice and the Mediterranean between the loss of Crete, the last major dominion of Venetian maritime empire in 1669, and the end of the Republic in 1797.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    Exploring Transnational Dimensions of Activism in Contemporary Book Culture

    Mémoires du livre/Studies in Book Culture, vol. 26-2, Fall 2022

    “A is for Activist” is the title of a best‑selling children’s board book, published in 2013 by Innosanto Nagara. This small book amplifies a large message: books can catalyze change. Publishing has both supported and hampered progressive political and social change, in a variety of international contexts. Activism in publishing is also transnational because national contexts and identities matter, but they exist within a transnational network with unequal power dynamics and “literary capital” (Casanova 2004). Building on ideas of “print activism” in the long twentieth century (Schreiber 2013), this special issue is dedicated to furthering our understanding of activism in the contemporary publishing industry – and in the research thereof.

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  • Charleroi

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    C’est carnaval !

    The politics and policy of Carnival

    The interdisciplinary research unit TRANSFO (Research Center for Social Change, université libre de Bruxelles) organizes a two-day conference that aims to shed light on the political dynamics of contemporary carnivals. The conference welcomes both junior and senior scholars, in the following disciplines: political sociology, especially in the fields of social movement study and artivism; political anthropology; festive studies; urban studies; public policy; history and social geography.

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  • Tours

    Call for papers - Geography

    Climate change and Water (2022) : extreme events

    For this third edition of Climate Change Water, drought extreme will be highlighted. Also, as far as this crop is particularly important in the Loire-Valley, a focus on wine production is proposed. These choices do not exclude papers neither on other extremes nor on other environments.

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  • Paris

    Lecture series - Europe

    The Fear of Shrinking Numbers

    Democracy, Demography and the East-West Divide in Europe

    Electing a government is what people do in a democracy, but governments also tend to choose the people who will elect them. They do it by designing citizenship laws and electoral laws, by crafting immigration regimes and by employing practices like gerrymandering and voters’ suppression. This four lectures series discusses the ways in which the shrinking ethnocultural majorities in the European Union (EU) member states try to preserve their power and identity in the face of population decline and increasing migration.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Thought

    Bodies for (re)construction

    Das Ziel dieses Workshops ist es, den Begriff „Körper” in Bezug auf die spezifischen Herausforderungen, mit denen das leidende Subjekt konfrontiert ist, zu thematisieren. Den Ausgangspunkt hierfür bildet die Annahme, dass sich im Leiden und der Unmöglichkeit seiner vollständigen sprachlichen Vermittlung die enge Verbindung zwischen Körper und Sprache zeigt. Sie verweist auf die Notwendigkeit, diese beide Sphären zusammen zu denken. Wir laden Vertreter*innen philosophischer, psychoanalytischer, politik- und sozialwissenschaftlicher, literaturwissenschaftlicher sowie künstlerischer Perspektiven zu einem zweitägigen Workshop an der École normale supérieure (Paris) ein, um uns gemeinsam mit diesem Thema auseinanderzusetzen. Die Veranstaltung wird am 1. und 2. Oktober 2021 stattfinden.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Jurists and the Medieval State: Varieties and Development of a Symbiotic Relationship, 1000-1500

    4th Workshop on Legal Culture

    This workshop proposes to look at the evolution of the roles that jurists played in government, as the latter developed and became more complex in the period between ca. 1000 and 1500. Historians have long accepted that university trained jurists, both clerical and lay, were instrumental to the development of medieval government. The growth of the administrative apparatus of government and the expansion of its claims of authority and control on society combined with the thickening numbers of law graduates to broaden the scope of the service that jurists provided to rulers. By inviting participants to focus their analysis on a common set of questions (specified below), this workshop will attempt to bring out the stable as well as the dynamic aspects of that service.

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