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    “Aconchiar el mundo y reformar la Yglesia". Charles V and the religion

    "Riforma e Movimenti Religiosi" Journal n°6 (December 2019)

    In the 500th anniversary of the imperial election of Charles V, the journal Riforma e Movimenti Religiosi intends to set up a monographic issue dedicated to one of the events that symbolically mark a rupture in European history, both for the confluence of boundless dominions under the Habsburg crown with its expansion on new seas and new continents and for the onset of the Protestant Reformation. These transformations gave rise to unprecedented links between politics and religion and "long term" consequences in the history of the old continent, destined to survive until today. It was then that myths of the past still alive, such as the authority of the imperial crown and the papal tiara as supreme guardians of the European Christianitas against the expansionism of the Ottoman empire, came to their final decline between bitter mutual conflicts.

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