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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Political studies

    The impact of terrorism

    Violence: An international journal

    Terrorism has an impact on the societies that it affects or targets. While this impact can be one-off or limited, nowadays—with the terrorism of radical Islamic groups such as al-Qaeda and, more recently, ISIS—it tends to be heavy and long lasting, even if it does change over time. Its political implications relate first and foremost to democracy and the separation of powers, and can lead to the unraveling and abuse of existing structures, in ways that work to the government’s advantage. If the impact of terrorism is lasting, it becomes cultural: individuals change their habits and behaviors, learning for example not to be passive in the event of a terrorist attack, and going about their daily lives keeping in the back of their minds the possibility that a terrorist attack could take place. Terrorism changes people’s understanding of reality. Terrorism also gives rise to policies that are repressive, but also preventive, or those aimed at exiting violence, using deradicalization programs for example. 

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  • Prague

    Call for papers - History

    Acts of justice, public events: World War II criminals on trial

    The conference suggests approaching trials of war crimes and of crimes against humanity, which took place in the aftermath of World War II and its following decades, as specific social events. By including professional and social actors (magistrates and police force, whistle-blowers, witnesses, defendants...) who got involved and shaped audiences of such trials, the conference endeavours to question the notion of publicization. It will cross this perspective with a study of the part played by the media supports in the organization and in the public reception of these trials.

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  • Brussels

    Call for papers - Modern

    Defeating impunity, promoting international justice

    The Belgian Experience (1870-2015)

    This conference seeks to discuss the Belgian record of engagement with international law and justice and to put this national experience in international perspective. It specifically questions the way in which the judiciary dealt with gross violations of international law in the wake of war and how legal actors responded to the challenges of an emergent and developing set of international laws, from 1870 to 2015. 

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  • Kigali

    Call for papers - Education

    Rwanda: Genocide and Reconstruction

    A journey through the Genocide of Tutsi

    Organized in Rwanda by the Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center. The Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center based in Kigali, Rwanda continues their two/three-week US/Rwanda exchange program in order to deepen students’, researchers’, and artists’ knowledge of the Rwandan genocide. In the last years, the program started in 2004 has enabled teachers and students from Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Singapore, Mexico, UK, France, Belgium, Spain, and the USA to develop narratives that engage questions of social justice, conflict resolution, and peace building. The program has involved theater artists, filmmakers, academicians, researches, and students from various disciplines and countries, whose practice engages questions of peace building.

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  • Zhytomyr

    Call for papers - Modern

    Violence and its Aftermath in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Context

    Fourth International Social Science Summer School in Zhytomyr (Ukraine), 4-10 July 2012

    Cette année, la question des violences en contexte soviétique et post-soviétique sera au centre des discussions. L’école est destinée à des doctorants ou jeunes docteurs, qui présenteront leurs recherches et participeront aux discussions. Le programme est organisé dans une perspective interdisciplinaire autour de cours, discussions par sessions thématiques et visites de terrain à Zhytomyr (Ukraine).

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  • Buenos Aires

    Miscellaneous information - History

    The trials of lese-humanity in Argentina. Updates, questions and challenges

    Reunion of updates for researchers

    Organisation : Núcleo de Estudios sobre Memoria / IDES. Il s'agit d'une réunion ouverte et d'information qui s'adresse aux chercheurs, doctorants, boursiers et enseignants intéressés par la situation actuelle des procès pour crimes de lèse-humanité en Argentine.

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