• Brno

    Call for papers - Religion

    Wellbeing, Harm, and Religion

    International Religious Studies PhD Conference 2021

    Different conceptions of harm and wellbeing derived from different religious traditions retain their relevance in many locales across the globe even today, as they did in history. They intertwine(d) with “secular” medical practices; religious actors can formulate stances towards modern medical technologies, like vaccination and blood transfusion; and religion sometimes articulates alternative theories about the nature and origin of various diseases and about their treatment. With this conference, we aim to create a platform for the study of the intersections amongst religion, health, and diverse cultural conceptions of harm and wellbeing.

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  • Paris

    Seminar - History

    Muslims: a European History 16th-21st century

    For the second consecutive year, the CHSP (Centre d’histoire de sciences po) European History Seminar explores the social lives of Muslims in early modern and modern European societies. It fits in with the preliminary works of ESLAM (European Societies in the Light of Apolitical Muslims) and is open to established scholars, junior researchers and Ph.D. and master degree’s students in history and social sciences. 

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  • Meknes

    Call for papers - Education

    Gender and education amid Covid-19

    Impacts, responses, and prospects

    The present conference aims to examine the devastating impacts of Covid-19 pandemic on gender equality and quality education, two sustainable goals identified by the UN, and the kind of responses which were triggered as forms of activism, self-expression, and creation of new meanings. Furthermore, it explores the prospects which may be unlocked for future professionals through learning different skills and values which foster equal opportunities for both genders in leadership and in the labour market, eventually and hopefully resulting in an equitable, unbiased, and fair labour culture for all.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Political studies

    Global Race project

    The Global Race project (2016-2020) investigates the reconfigurations of the race concept since 1945 in the scientific realm, state policies, and social movements. The three-day final conference of the project will gather French and international scholars who will examine various theories and practices regarding the use of racial and ethnic categories and will explore how controversies around race have unfolded in Europe and the Americas.

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  • Le Havre

    Call for papers - Law

    Eurasian challenges to international economic law after Brexit and in the COVID-context

    Kazakh French Korean perspectives

    In a broader perspective than that, strictly, of international business law or even of international trade law, this 5th international conference in the Kazakh-Franco-Korean series, aims to mobilise analyses drawing from legal sciences and the social sciences at large. International economic law encompasses both public law and private law, holistically, by contrast with academic traditions, for example French, where this duality of public and private law acts as a summa divisio of law scholars and research institutes.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Questioning the Crime of Witchcraft

    Definitions, Receptions and Realities (14th-16th Centuries)

    In the last decades, the multiplications of works in the field of Witchcraft Studies made it possible to profoundly renew the approaches and the study designs of the repression of witchcraft in the late Middle Ages and in the beginning of the Early Modern Era. Consequently, research has substantially specified the methods and configurations (ideological, political and doctrinal) that contribute to the genesis of the “witch-hunt”. Research also uncovered that the repression of witchcraft could take a number of different forms depending on the contexts, the spaces studied, the sources and the aims they seem to pursue. It underlines the extreme plasticity of the accusation of witchcraft and the categories of such a crime. Hence, the conference aims to focus the discussions on three main areas: the definition of the crime of witchcraft, its different receptions and the question of its reality.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Law

    5th Academic days on Open Government and Digital Issues

    The Developing World Institute for Good Public Governance (IMODEV) organize in the form online and also at the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, the 5th Academic Days on Open Government and Digital Challenges. These Academic days aim to bring together all of academia concerned with issues related to open government and digital issues by favoring a broad and multidisciplinary dimension.

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  • Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    French Institutes for Advanced Study (FIAS) fellowship programme, 2021/2022

    The French Institutes for Advanced Study Fellowship Programme offers 10- month fellowships in the four Institutes of Paris, Lyon, Montpellier and Marseille. It welcomes applications from high-level international scholars and scientists primarily in the fields of the social sciences and the humanities (SSH). The call is open to all disciplines in the SSH and all research fields. Research projects from other sciences that propose a transversal dialogue with SSH are also eligible. Some of the four IAS have scientific priorities they will focus on more specifically.

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  • Leiden

    Call for papers - Thought

    Imperial Artefacts: History, Law, and the Looting of Cultural Property

    This interdisciplinary conference aspires to bring together (post-)colonial historians, legal historians, curators, international lawyers, and others engaged with the field to establish research collaborations by critically investigating stories of colonial looting, the framing of colonial history within museums, the origins of the legal framework concerning European laws of war and restitution, as well as a way forward for restitution claims.

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  • Rennes

    Call for papers - Sociology

    How are norms challenged by disabilities?

    This 9th conference aims to discuss the construction of normality and, more broadly, the system of thought that structures our societies in which being “able” is the norm in the sense of both the most widespread and the most desirable situation. The aim of this critical perspective is therefore to highlight how our societies are structured in relation to the notion of the able individual. While the recent call to build inclusive societies would appear to herald a radical turning point, what is the reality? Have we truly finished with representations of disability that tend towards the negative, the defective or even the tragic? To what extend are the “heroized” figures of disability, omnipresent in the public space, perpetrating the representation of disability as a deviation from the norm?

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  • São Leopoldo

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Institutions, Public Policies and Development in Times of Global

    Ciências Sociais Unisinos

    Ciências Sociais Unisinos is published three times a year by Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos (Unisinos/Brazil) and prints unpublished articles that contribute to the reflection and the interdisciplinar study of Social Sciences. 

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  • Lecture series - Law

    History of Constitutional Law

    Online Course on the US Original Constitution and its Reception in Brazil

    In times of Covid19, the Federal University of Paraiba, UFPB, opens this course to the global audience. Students from the world will have the opportunity to discuss the USA and Brazil's constitutional history from the Founding Era to the end of the nineteenth century with an instructor and Brazilian students of its Graduate Program in Law. The UFPB offers these lectures through the Google Meet platform with a limited number of spots for better development of the studies and discussions amongst participants. Some international scholars will take part in the course as special guests presenting seminars about their newly published books or legal articles in which they are authors on subjects connected to constitutional matters. 100% online course.

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  • Paris 13 Gobelins

    Call for papers - Modern

    Governance and Diversity Workshop

    3rd Edition

    This workshop is designed for researchers in the field of diversity and corporate governance. Due to the transversality and multidisciplinary of this theme, various perspectives can be adopted and research papers in economics, law, accounting, finance, strategy, management as well as organisational behaviour are welcome. 

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  • Batalha

    Call for papers - History

    Using the Past: The Middle Ages in the Spotlight

    The conference aims at bringing together scholars from all around the world concerned with the uses of the medieval past. Participants will address when, where, how, why and by whom the medieval past has been used, with papers embracing a broad chronological timeline that begins in the medieval period itself and extends to include contemporary politics, society and mass media. Thus, this conference seeks to provide a forum for scholars who are willing to examine and to advance knowledge on the use of the medieval past, contributing to a better assessment of contemporary realities, problems and challenges.

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  • Zurich

    Call for papers - America

    Mediating conflicts between groups with different worldviews

    Approaches and methods

    In recent decades, more and more violent conflicts have a religious or cultural dimension and take place between groups adhering to different religious or secular visions of the state and society. When groups with different worldviews are required to share the same (social, political, virtual, economic, or military) space, this can lead to tensions and give rise to violence—ranging from offensive language to physical attacks and open warfare.

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  • Lyon

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    The replicability crisis?

    Philosophical, legal and sociological perspectives

    The results of good science are supposed to be true everywhere and at any time: replicability is traditionally considered a ground of the epistemic authority of modern science. However, in somecases (especially in biomedical, social and psychological studies), important published scientific findings have failed to replicate. What does this say about scientific practices? What are the causes and significance of this “replicability crisis”? And how should scientific communities, scientific institutions, policy makers and the general public react to it? The workshop will explore these multifaceted issues by combining philosophical, sociological and legal perspectives.

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  • Evora

    Call for papers - History

    Labour Transformations. From Liberalism to Corporatism (1850-1945)

    II NETCOR Congress

    Four years after the foundation of NETCOR at NOVA FCSH, in Lisbon, and after several interdisciplinary meetings and congresses held in recent years in several participating research centres that were the founders of this Network, in Europe and Brazil, the II NETCOR Congress is announced. The theme of this first edition of the Biennal Congress, of an international and interdisciplinary nature, is devoted to labour transformations and aims to discuss theoretical and empirical explanations of the changing nature of labour organization and labour regimes in the contemporary period, from 1850 to 1945.

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Heated identities: differences, belonging, and populisms in an effervescent world

    XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology

    To discover the configurations of contemporary identity processes, in their confrontations and complexity, is the goal of the XI Portuguese Congress of Sociology, titled Heated identities: differences, belonging, and populisms in an effervescent world, which will be held in Lisbon, 29-31 March, 2021, in person and on line under the local organization of ESPP/ISCTE-IUL and ICS-ULisboa.

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  • Luxembourg City

    Summer School - History

    Oral History Meets European Integration Studies

    Testing new tools and methods in digital history

    The Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH) announces a Summer School co-organised with the European University Institute (Florence) and the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History (Frankfurt), to be held at the Maison Robert Schuman in Luxembourg City from 22nd to 26th June 2020. This Summer School invites to test digital tools and methods for oral history and stresses how digital oral sources contribute to narratives in European Integration History.

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  • Ghent

    Conference, symposium - History

    Blasphemy and violence. Interdependencies since 1760

    Liberas (Ghent, Belgium), in conjunction with the School of History, Religion and Philosophy at Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, United Kingdom) and the Leibniz Institute of European History (Mainz, Germany), organises an international colloquium devoted to the interdependency between blasphemy and violence in modern history. Both young and established scholars will focus on specific incidents of blasphemy and sacrilege in Europe and the Arab world.The eve preceding the conference (4 March), internationally renowned expert Alain Cabantous will give a keynote lecture in French on blasphemy and sacrilege during the French Revolution.

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