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  • Appel à contribution - Études des sciences

    Openly about Open Access

    “Open Information Science” Journal

    The majority of academic papers on the topic of Open Access publishing are available only in fee for use journals. Thus, to make research about open access more widely available, Open Information Science is inviting research, review, and position papers for inclusion in a special issue about Open Access to be published during open access week in October 2018. Especially of interest are papers considering existing models of Open Access (platinum, gold, green, fair) and the controversies surrounding each of them. Works about the development of the Open Access movement and the usage and acceptance of works published openly, are welcome as well. All the submissions will be reviewed by an international panel of experts in the field.

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  • Bourse, prix et emploi - Sociologie

    Ph.D. Scholarship “Trajectories of Change”

    Focus 2018: Transnational and Regional Dynamics

    Europe’s neighbourhood has experienced armed conflict, political transition and authoritarian restoration along with profound social and economic change. These transformation processes with deep historical roots have usually resulted from an interplay of domestic and transnational actors and factors. In order to reveal their complexity, a view through a transnational and regional lens can be rewarding: Which interdependences – past and present – are constitutive for the neighbouring regions of the European Union? How can we study transnational influences and effects on change in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East and North Africa region? How to distinguish and take into account factors of change across national borders and social boundaries? To which extent do these factors shape political, social and economic realities in these regions?


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  • Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Computer modeling in Philosophy

    “Open Philosophy” Journal

    Open Philosophy invites submissions for the topical issue “Computer modeling in Philosophy,” edited by Patrick Grim (Stony Brook/University of Michigan).

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  • Helsinki

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Moral Machines? Ethics and Politics of the Digital World

    As our visible and invisible social reality is getting increasingly digitalized, the question of the ethical, moral and political consequences of digitalization is getting ever more pressing. All technologies mark their environment, but digital technologies do so much more intimately than any previous technologies since they promise to think in our place. But how do they really think? What happens when they are entrusted with moral decisions? Is a moral machine possible? Who is responsible of the social and political environments and situations digitalization creates? Should they be politically controlled and how? The conference Moral machines calls together scholars in philosophy, humanities, literature and art in order to discuss these pressing issues.

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  • Appel à contribution - Études des sciences

    L’épigénétique comme interdiscipline : entre sciences sociales et sciences du vivant

    Depuis le début des années 2000, le développement scientifique spectaculaire de l’épigénétique incite un nombre croissant de chercheurs en sciences sociales à tenter de constituer l’épigénétique comme une nouvelle « interdiscipline » : un carrefour disciplinaire à l’intersection des sciences du vivant et des sciences sociales explorant l’enchevêtrement du biologique, de l’environnement et du social. Qu’il s’agisse d’exposition au risque, d’usages alimentaires, de stress, de préjudice ou de stigmate, toutes ces dimensions familières en sciences sociales seraient désormais, c’est du moins la thèse défendue par les promoteurs de l’épigénétique en sciences sociales, parties prenantes du raisonnement biologique. L’objectif général de ce numéro spécial sera de faire progresser la connaissance sur la nature et les conséquences de l’épigénétique pour les sciences sociales en réunissant des contributions venues notamment de l’anthropologie, du droit, de la philosophie, de la sociologie, de la science politique, etc. 

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Moyen Âge

    Vérité et fiction

    15th annual conference of the International Medieval Society

    Le Ve colloque annuel de l’International Medieval Society (IMS-Paris) est organisé en collaboration avec le Laboratoire de médiévistique occidentale de Paris (LAMOP) et le Centre d’étude et de recherches antiques et médiévales (CERAM), cette année sur le thème de « Verité et fiction ». 

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  • Rotorua

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Waiora : promouvoir la santé de la planète et le développement durable

    XXIIIe conférence mondiale de l’UIPES sur la promotion de la santé

    Le « Health Promotion Forum » de Nouvelle-Zélande, l’Union internationale de promotion de la santé et d'éducation pour la santé (UIPES) et leurs partenaires sont heureux d’accueillir cet important évènement de santé publique, à Rotorua, en Nouvelle-Zélande en avril 2019. Le but est de fournir une occasion inégalée de lier et démontrer la contribution de la promotion de la santé à l'accomplissement des objectifs de développement durable (ODD) et de reconnaître la manière dont les ODD contribuent aux améliorations de la santé et du bien-être.

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  • Appel à contribution - Économie

    Economics of Science and Innovation

    Topical Issue of "Open Economics" Journal

    This topical issue aims to gather current research on underlying mechanisms as well as economic consequences of scientific and innovative activities in a broad spectrum from the individual level analysis of the production of scientific articles and/or patents to sectoral level analysis of R&D activities and policies.

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  • Appel à contribution - Études des sciences

    Health Literacy and Physical Literacy in Library Practice

    This special issue of Open Information Science seeks submissions related to the theme of "Health Literacy and Physical Literacy in Library Practice." We invite case studies focused on services and programs offered in particular libraries, as well as general analyses of how libraries support health and physical literacies. This special issue seeks to deepen our understanding of how libraries support health literacy and physical literacy through their programs, services, and spaces. We also invite submissions on challenges libraries confront, as well as philosophical and theoretical submissions on the place of health literacy or physical literacy within library practice. Finally, submissions focused on professional or continuing education programs focused on enabling library professionals to better support these literacies are invited. Submissions are invited on library practices in any type of library environment (i.e. academic, school, public). Submissions on public library practices are especially encouraged.

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Pensée

    Emergence of Mind

    Patrick Haggard (résident 2016-2017 de l'IEA de Paris / UCL), Daniel Garber (résident 2017-2018 de l'IEA de Paris / Princeton) et Giandomenico Iannetti (résident 2017-2018 de l'IEA de Paris / UCL) organisent un colloque pluridisciplinaire consacré à l'évolution de notre conception de l'esprit et de la conscience : des origines historiques et philosophiques du concept à son acception neuroscientifique actuelle.

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Époque contemporaine

    Pervasive powers

    Corporate authority in the shaping of public policy

    The power of corporate business has been a subject of intense debate and many social science studies since the 19th century. This conference is based on the idea that, not only has this power varied among industries, countries and different periods, but also that the way in which it is wielded has evolved over time. By bringing together scholars from various backgrounds within the fields of history, sociology, and political science, we intend to provide new insights on the multiplicity, depth and limits of the forms of influence that corporations, or the organizations furthering their interests – business associations, think tanks, communication or public relations agencies, foundations, etc. –, have on public policy.

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  • Genève

    Colloque - Europe

    Gendering Humanitarian Knowledge

    Global Histories of Compassion from the Mid-Nineteenth Century to the Present

    The conference invites scholars to think about the notion of "humanitarian knowledge" in a multidisciplinary way, by combining perspectives such as gender history, the histories ofemotions and the body, literary and visual culture studies, global health history, as well as the history of institutions and their agents. All of them are useful to explore the transnational networks through which humanitarian practices and ideas have been promoted, disseminated and standardised.The conference brings together scholars interested in working on the history of humanitarian knowledge from a gender perspective. The interventions deal with stories of flesh and blood, which put women’s and men’s humanitarian experiences at their centre, in order to inscribe their local practices within a global history of compassion from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.

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  • Lausanne

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Minimising Risks, Selling Promises?

    Reproductive Health, Techno-Scientific Innovations and the Production of Ignorance

    Over the last decades, medical techno-scientific innovations have radically transformed reproductive processes at every level by putting the reproductive body under strict biomedical surveillance and submitting it to significant technological manipulation. Most of these innovations, often promoted as miracles and even revolutions, were generalised very rapidly thanks to ever-growing national and global markets. Their side effects on health were, however, insufficiently studied, or even ignored, until scandals (diethylstilbestrol, thalidomide, primodos, Dalkon Shield) or controversies (contraceptive pill, hormonal replacement therapy) unavoidably made them public. At the crossroads of STS, sociology of risk, medical anthropology, gender studies and ignorance studies, the aim of this international conference is to analyse the dynamics of ignorance production prior to, during but also after the rapid expansion of reproductive technologies, innovations and products.

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  • Budapest

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Academic freedom in historical perspective

    Twenty-five years of “the European Review of History / Revue européenne d’histoire”: An anniversary conference

    Academic freedom is a central idea in modern scholarship. Even if a precise definition of it is difficult to state, it can be understood as the freedom for members of academia to teach and research without being restrained by political or social surveillance. The concept is not legally defined, it proceeds from customs, conventions or even traditions. Legally, discussions on academic freedom fall into the category of freedom of speech, even if this concept only partly corresponds.

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  • Prague

    Appel à contribution - Études des sciences

    Les normes de l'écriture scientifique en discussion

    En sciences sociales, des chercheurs issus de diverses disciplines s’interrogent sur les limites de l’écriture scientifique, par exemple sa dimension narrative et l'ancrage référentiel qui remet en question le statut de crédibilité du texte scientifique. Ces débats sur les formes de l’écriture scientifique seront au cœur de notre atelier. Notre but est d’explorer ces expérimentations scripturales et d’étudier la façon dont elles expriment, problématisent, justifient et/ou renégocient les normes d’écriture qui semblent généralement acceptées dans chaque discipline.

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  • Montrouge

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    “Lessons learned”? Studying learning devices and processes in relation to technological accidents

    How do organizations and sociotechnical systems “learn lessons” from accidents? After the Fukushima nuclear accident in March 2011, the immediate and most significant direct response by industry, governments and regulatory agencies was that they would learn from the accident. Such framing of accidents, disasters or crises as opportunities to improve the operation and regulation of sociotechnical systems has become an increasingly prominent feature of discourses following adverse events. This learning idiom is also taken up by social scientists who study accidents, be these nuclear, chemical, air traffic, railway, oil spills, or “natural” disasters. Such studies claim to provide a more complex account of accident causes and consequences , compared to the narratives produced by institutional actors.

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  • Berlin

    École d'été - Histoire

    Histoire audiovisuelle au XXe siècle : Corps, pratiques et émotions

    L’école de printemps « Histoire audiovisuelle au XXe siècle : Corps, pratiques et émotions » est une invitation à examiner de manière approfondie et sur une durée de cinq jours, la relation qui existe entre l’histoire du corps et sa politique d’une part, et le film et la télévision au XXe siècle d’autre part. C’est une perspective transnationale qui a été choisie ; elle prendra en compte l’Allemagne, la France et la Grande-Bretagne.

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  • Bourse, prix et emploi - Histoire

    Four visiting fellowships in The Integrated Research Training Group of the Collaborative Research Centre/SFB 1150

    The Integrated Research Training Group of the Collaborative Research Centre/ SFB 1150 “Cultures of Decision-making”, funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) at the University of Muenster since July 1st 2015, is offering four visiting fellowships for postgraduates / doctoral candidates in 2018 for a period of up to six months, starting in April 2018. The fellowship is EUR 1.365 per month (tax-free; if applicable plus children’s allowance; statutory accident insurance cover according to § 2 Abs. 1 Satz 1 SGB VII; health and social insurance not included) with an additional grant for traveling expenses. For the time of the fellowship the visiting fellows are members of the Integrated Research Training Group of the SFB 1150 and are expected to participate in the programme of the Integrated Research Training Group as well as in the common activities of the SFB 1150.

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  • Londres

    Colloque - Histoire

    Émission(s) de santé

    Corps, marchés et télévision, 1950-1980

    In the television age, health and the body have been broadcasted in many ways: in short health education films, school television, professional training materials, TV ads, documentaries, reality TV shows and news, as well as stand-alone videos distributed to specific audiences. This three-day conference proposes an exploration of how television formats have influenced and staged bodies, health and healthy practices from local, regional, national and international perspectives, and how these TV programmes spread the conviction that viewers could and should invest in their health and shape their own body.

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  • Stockholm

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Branches of time. Thinking and representing History through the arboreal motif

    International network for theory of history conference (INTH). “Place and displacement: The spacing of history” (Stockholm 2018)

    We are pleased to announce that Trames Arborescentes is preparing a panel proposal for the International Network for Theory of History (INTH) conference  that will take place in Stockholm on August 2018. “Place and Displacement: The Spacing of History” has been chosen as the main theme for the aforementioned meeting. Within this framework, Trames Arborescentes has decided to participate by proposing a panel that will gather several speakers around the subject “Branches of Time. Thinking and Representing History through the Arboreal Motif”.

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