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  • Palermo

    Call for papers - Sociology

    Narratives and the Social Sciences

    Interdisciplinary Perspectives

    Storytelling is a human practice that characterizes existence as a whole, responding to educational, social and cultural needs: from memory-making to establishing of relationships, from sharing experiences to forming a self-image, from learning to entertaining. If culture is our toolbox, then storytelling characterizes our way of using these tools to give shape and meaning to the disorder of experiences, and to present our actions as individual and social actors. In everyday life, we are all storytellers and make use of implicit narratives in one way or another. The perspective adopted for this International  conference aims to highlight every possible side of this topic. Anthropologists, sociologists, literary and film critics, semiologists, linguists, economists, aesthetics and image scholars, cultural studies experts and geographers are invited to present their work.

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  • Geneva

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - History

    Sigerist prize 2024

    History of medicine prize

    The Swiss Society for the History of Medicine and Science invites applications for the Henry-E.-Sigerist-Prize for the promotion of early career scholars in the history of medicine and science.

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  • Saint-Martin-d'Hères

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Sociology

    International Excellence in the Humanities Programme - Post-doctoral fellowships 2024-2026

    The Maison de la Création et de l’Innovation (MaCI), UGA’s International Center for the Humanities, is launching its annual Post-doctoral Fellowship Programme funded by the France 2030 ANR project GATES (Grenoble ATtractiveness and ExcellenceS). We offer 3 two-year post-doctoral fellowships in the arts, humanities and social sciences. The postdoctoral felowships can start anytime between 15 September 2024 and 1 December 2024. Post-doctoral candidates from all disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences and from all countries can apply. 

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  • Call for papers - Science studies

    Applying Qualitative Research Methods to Science and Management

    The book is a collection of qualitative research themes and methods used by researchers and practitioners in science and management. The concepts include methods and methodologies applied to qualitative research in a variety of contexts. Each concept deserves a separate chapter written by a researcher or practitioner with extensive experience in the field. The book aims to provide students and practitioners with an overview of the issues involved in qualitative research, based on the most recent academic research. It presents ground-breaking research by leading academics and field experts from around the world. It can serve as a theoretical and conceptual foundation for researchers interested in qualitative issues, and for scientists wishing to gain a business, political or industrial perspective in relation to the various themes of qualitative investigation and analysis.

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  • Tours

    Summer School - History

    Summer University dedicated to Food and Drink Studies

    Since 2003, our summer university has positionned itself as a leading platform for reflection on new research in Food Studies. After several thematic editions, this 2024 edition will continue its ambition to provide a resolutely broad overview of these fields of research from a multidisciplinary perspective. Over the last twenty years or so, new themes have emerged and given new impetus to research in food studies. How do they fit together within the various disciplines of humanities and social sciences, from anthropology and history to sociology and literary studies ? How can young researchers position themsleves in relation to the wide-ranging possibilities offered by this field of research ? Leading specialists from different disciplinary backgrounds will address these questions through the prism of their own research. 

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  • Reims

    Call for papers - Economics

    Individual and Collective Issues in the History and Philosophy of Economics

    Workshop organized prior to the 7th “International Conference Economics and Philosophy”

    From the individual to the collective level, is there an insurmountable step ? The categories of “individual” and “collective” can be useful to shed light on the objects of study in economic methodology and the history of economic thought. Whether it is for policy-design or for scientific claims, can one start from the individual level to deduce policies or scientific claims at the collective level ? Can we explain macro-level phenomena simply by looking at their micro-foundations ? The aim of this workshop will be to analyze how these relations shape economics as a scientific field. We, thus, encourage proposals that aim to interrogate the individual among the collective – as in the micro-foundation of macroeconomics models for instance – and vice versa the collective among the individual – as in the performativity of economic theories to the individual for instance. The aim of this workshop is to bring together young researchers to question the lenses by which one can analyze economics, philosophy of economics and history of economic thought.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    For an international transdisciplinary chair

    This Symposium aims at discussing transdisciplinarity (TD) as an international university chair : 1) TD is beyond and through disciplines, i.e., more than mutltidisciplinarity (many disciplines not interacting) and interdisciplinarity (disciplines in interaction); 2) TD is the dialogue between technoscience (the feedback process between technology and science) and culture (philosophy, tradition, and art); 3) So, TD is the dialectical process between opposites, namely the complementarity principle, which includes disciplinarity vs. TD; 4) This TD approach can be used for concrete problem solving, in public and private organizations, including civil society.

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  • Barcelona

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Political anthropology of citizenship and the urge for alternatives

    European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) 2024 ​Biennial Conference

    This panel, proposed by the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) network “Anthropology and Social Movements”, is part of an ongoing discussion about how a political anthropology perspective on citizenship can provide new ways of practicing anthropology without losing the politic(s) of the fieldwork when looking for “alternatives”.

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  • Geneva

    Study days - Science studies

    Heritage and human remains

    The challenges of historical and biomedical research in medical collections and biobanks

    In the context of the Neverending infectious diseases project, we have been confronted with the challenges of using a historical medical collection for biomedical research. Historical collections have a rich potential for current and future research, but their use is far from straightforward. This is a relatively unexplored topic and as such, this workshop proposes to take concrete situations into account in order to consider the status of historical medical collections and consider them from medical, historical and social science perspectives.

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  • Barcelona

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Ethnographing racism nowdays

    We are looking for people to participate in our panel, this panel is about how to do and undo an ethnography of racism in anthropology nowdays. It is open to new forms and ways of ethnographing and approaching racism in anthropology.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Collecting, Growing, and Exploring in Early Modernity

    This workshop aims to focus attention on the collections of naturalia, on the one hand, and on the attempts to grow exotic plants in Europe and the adventurous journeys that the search for tropical plants and animals they encouraged, on the other. The organizers of this workshop invite interdisciplinary contributions addressing the topic from the perspective of each discipline, from art history to material culture, from botany to gastronomy, from travel literature to cartography. Proposals that feature a female figure as protagonist are particularly encouraged, as the importance of the female contribution to this topic, although demonstrated, remains under-researched and under-published.


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  • Lausanne

    Call for papers - Science studies

    Capitalization and the Start-Up Economy

    Critical Perspectives on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capitalism

    For the past twenty years, social sciences have studied financialization as a process affecting many (if not almost all) aspects of contemporary societies. More recently, research at the crossroads of sociology, economics and the science and technology studies (STS) developed a new understanding of financialization, centered on how “things are turned into assets” (Birch and Muniesa 2020). Such a perspective provides useful tools for critically examining the start-up economy and emerging business practices related to venture capital funding. This workshop aims to bring together scholars from science and technology studies and beyond who work to develop a transversal perspective across various cultural sites and practices. Through different formats (keynote, round table, panels), the workshop will offer a setting to conduct in-depth discussions on capitalization.

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  • Call for papers - Law

    Journal of Science and Knowledge Horizons - varia

    In its seventh issue, the international review of the Journal of Science and Knowledge Horizons (jskp) affiliated with the Amar Thilighi University in Laghouat proposes distinctive procedures for studying various topics in the human sciences, including legal, religious, linguistic, literary and philosophical studies.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Representation

    Microscopic Life in 20th and 21st Century Performance

    This symposium will ask how 20th and 21st century performance has engaged with invisible microscopic life. We define performance as a broad spectrum of artistic work that includes living exhibits and installations, as well as the staging of dramatic or post-dramatic work. Building on recent conceptualizations of microperformativity (Hauser & Strecker, 2020), this symposium will focus specifically on artworks that involve forms of microscopic life, such as microbes and microbiomes, or living microscopic processes, such as DNA transcription, as actors and collaborators. We ask how these actors affect agency, which shifts away from the human actor towards multi-species and multi-scalar collectives; temporality, which extends over new timescales and requires new forms of stage management and curatorial work; and relationality, where artworks involving microscopic living entities raise new ethical and biopolitical issues.

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  • Washington

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Early modern

    Folger Institute Fellowships

    Long-term, short-term and artistic Fellowships (2024-2025)

    Each year the Folger Institute awards research fellowships to create a high-powered, multidisciplinary community of inquiry. This community of researchers may come from different fields, and their projects may find different kinds of expression. But our researchers share cognate interests in the history and literature, art and performance, philosophy, religion, and politics of the early modern world. The Folger Institute at the Folger Shakespeare Library offers long-term fellowships for scholarly research and short-term fellowships for both scholarly and artistic research. For the 2024-25 year, applicants may request virtual, onsite, or hybrid residencies.

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  • Zagreb

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Digital Humanities and Heritage

    Heritage Matters: Fostering Collaborative Infrastructure

    The DARIAH-HR conference “Digital Humanities and Heritage” endeavors to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing among scholars, humanities experts, and professionals specializing in library and information science, archival studies, and museum cultural resource management. By highlighting the interdependent relationship between digital humanities and heritage, this conference aims to promote the adoption of digital technologies as both a methodological approach and a powerful tool within the realms of heritage, humanities, social sciences, and arts.

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  • Nanterre

    Call for papers - Modern

    The future of science: scientific archives and new research

    The testimonial value of scientific archives cannot be denied: archives help historians and particularly historians of science retrace science’s history, its place in society, past and future. But what other direct value could be assigned to old scientific archives? Could scientific archives be used for producing new scientific results, either in their discipline or in another? Could they be used for informing new artistic or societal work or bring about technological innovations ? This conference aims to consider examples of reuses of scientific material for producing new results. 

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  • Venice

    Conference, symposium - Thought

    On Matter

    Venice Issues

    Matter is said in many ways. From its constant presence along the history of philosophy, through the emergence of contemporary theoretical attempts to redefine it, to its central role in political and pedagogical debates, the concept of matter resists any fixed and unambiguous characterization. The main objective of this conference is to open up a debate, encouraging different disciplinary approaches, on the subject of matter. For this very reason, the structure of the conference has been articulated into four different panels which not only are aimed at fostering reflections on the conference topic, but also to represent a real ground for disciplinary exchange and dialogue. To this regard, we propose to explore the semantic constellation of matter in the fields of History of Philosophy and Science, in contemporary philosophical debates both theoretical and practico-political and, finally, from the perspective of Education Sciences.

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  • Call for papers - Early modern

    A Different Perspective for the Atlantic Routes

    Impressions and Exchanges in Transoceanic Journeys from the 16th to the 19th Century

    After more than two years of a preparation that have been careful and laborious, but slowed down and hindered several times by the difficulties that have arisen due to the global pandemic, this project finally gets underway. It intends to go back once more to questioning issues that already count important in-depth studies, like the transoceanic relations between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, but also has the ambition of wanting to integrate the results already obtained with new reflections and achievements, and above all with a different point of view.

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  • Brno

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    Computing The Human

    The aim of this conference is to open a discussion on the topic of “computing the human.” It is intended as a “melting pot” for interdisciplinary debate reflecting the complexity of the issues : cultural history of computing, human-computer interaction (HCI), and emotion programming, all framed by the ethos of diversity and inclusion in computing and artificial intelligence. Contributions are welcomed that focus on the ideas, analyses, and technologies that materialize the visions in various time-spaces, including laboratories, artistic performances and exhibitions, archives, digital spaces, the imagination of more-than-human worlds, artificial bodies and computed emotions, ethical dilemmas and statements, and regulations. The discussion will be fed with concrete research cases, fieldwork, projects, and analyses.

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