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  • Scholarship, prize and job offer - Asia

    Christian Polak Prize for the Best Master's Thesis on Japan

    The France-Japan Foundation of the EHESS is pleased to announce the creation of Christian Polak Prize for the Best Master's Thesis on Japan, endowed with 2,000 euros, that is given in recognition of an outstanding Master's thesis in the broad field of studies on Japan across all the disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The thesis must have been wirtten at a French establishment of higher education.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Science studies

    Engaging Society in Innovation and Creativity

    Perspectives from Social Sciences and Humanities

    The trend of change from science and technology policy to science, technology and innovation (STI) policy becomes remarkable in Japan but also in Europe. Policymakers intend to break down the sense of economic and social stagnation by creating innovation driven by science and technology. In order to solve complex social issues, innovation is definitely essential. However, it is also obvious that creating “real” innovation needs some other elements than just the development of hard science and technology. Innovation needs integration of knowledge beyond disciplines. Recently the role of social science and humanities (SSH) in the innovation process is being highlighted and science, technology and innovation policy of many countries now expects SSH to play important role in conceiving, realizing and adjusting the policy.

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