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  • Study days - History

    The multilingual city, c. 1250 – c. 1800

    Historical approaches

    Cities are multilingual, but histories of the premodern city too rarely think in detail about the workings of language in urban communities and environments. At the same time, the social history of language has rarely taken into account the spatial dimension of multilingualism in the past. As a centre of political, cultural, and intellectual life, as well as a site of cultural exchange, the city has long been a place of linguistic encounter and of language change, as historical sociolinguists have shown. This workshop will bring historians together to consider multilingualism as a social fact, and to explore the relationship between multilingualism and the development of the premodern city.

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  • Strasbourg

    Seminar - Sociology

    Cities and Energies in Europe

    This seminar, organised in the framework of the Jean Monnet Chair Governance of Integrated Urban Sustainability in Europe (GoInUSE), proposes to discuss and disseminate the results of recent research and ongoing experiments on the multi-level and integrative governance of urban sustainability in Europe: its actors, processes and challenges, major experiments and themes in and around urban spaces. To this end, it brings together specialists in social sciences on the theme ‘Cities and energy in Europe’, notably the challenges of renewable energies and their scales, the relations between cities and territories in the energy transition in Europe, the socio-economic and housing dimensions, etc.

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