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  • Paris

    Call for papers - History

    Transformations sociétales. De nouvelles qualités grâce aux interactions sociales

    Dans les processus de transformation, tant les phénomènes que les perceptions du changement social se densifient. Les structures, les ordres et les expériences changent dans de telles phases, tout comme les interprétations que la société donne d’elle-même. Dans les processus de transformation, un état de système auparavant stable se dissout et le système se reconfigure avec et dans les phases de transition. Après des contributions sur des thèmes de synthèse et sur la structuration du champ à partir de différentes perspectives disciplinaires lors d’une première rencontre à Aix-en-Provence, nous souhaitons, lors du prochain atelier, nous intéresser à l’émergence de nouvelles qualités et aux transitions de phase et aux phénomènes d’émergence qui y sont liés à travers les interactions sociales.

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  • Vienna

    Call for papers - Europe

    Cities in Transition

    A review of historical discourses, planning decisions and conservation strategies

    This interdisciplinary conference, realised by the Vienna University of Technology in cooperation with the University of Bamberg (KDWT), and the research network UrbanMetaMapping asks: Which phenomena in society, planning and heritage conservation accompanied historical transformation processes of cities and, above all, (how) did they interact? What insights can be drawn from the observation of historical processes and what can be derived from them for current developments? The focus of interest lies on historical processes of evaluation, selection, and planning in the historic building stock and the discourses of different players - individuals, institutions, or organisations - that accompanied these processes. Also to be examined are the effects of planning and conservation decisions not only on the built but also on the social structure of cities.

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  • Tours | Leeds

    Call for papers - History

    The multilingual city, c. 1250 – c. 1800

    Historical approaches

    Cities are multilingual, but histories of the premodern city too rarely think in detail about the workings of language in urban communities and environments. At the same time, the social history of language has rarely taken into account the spatial dimension of multilingualism in the past. As a centre of political, cultural, and intellectual life, as well as a site of cultural exchange, the city has long been a place of linguistic encounter and of language change, as historical sociolinguists have shown. This workshop will bring historians together to consider multilingualism as a social fact, and to explore the relationship between multilingualism and the development of the premodern city. 

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Associative Worlds : Grasping Politics by doing Ethnography on Associations

    Special issue 2021, vol. 47(3) of the Swiss Journal of Sociology

    This special issue aims to discuss ethnographic approaches that allow to shed light on the plurality of associations, societies and clubs. The aim is to examine the plurality of associational practices and meanings of associations, in order to contribute to a new scrutiny of the political dimension of associations. On the one hand, the papers will allow, by relying on ethnographic enquiries, to grasp the large variety of situations and worldviews that the world of associations entails, and through this, to open the way for underlying sociological questions. On the other hand, they shall question the contribution of ethnography to an exploration of the political potential of associational action - without limiting themselves to an organizational or motivational approach of the origins of an association.

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  • Strasbourg

    Study days - History

    Rehabilitating transnational cultural assets in Europe - Strasbourg municipal baths (1908/10)

    Perspectives for documentation and future exploitation

    Les bains municipaux de Strasbourg (1908/10) sont un parimoine culturel transnational d'un genre unique au monde. Fleuron de la politique sociale très progressiste de la municipalité alsacienne au temps du Reichsland allemand, ils comprennent deux bassins, des bains-douches, des bains romains, ainsi qu'une aile médicale. Restés quasiment intacts durant leur service ininterrompu depuis plus de cent ans, ils doivent subir une rénovation importante afin de pouvoir continuer à fonctionner. Au moment où la Ville de Strasbourg discute de la meilleure façon pour préparer ce patrimoine pour l'avenir, une perspective franco-allemande a pour objectif d'esquisser des perspectives d'action sur le fonds de rénovations qui ont déjà eu lieu en Allemagne.

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  • Grenoble

    Call for papers - Geography

    Mountains as global suppliers: New forms of disparities between mountains and the metropolitan nodes

    Socio-economic topics in mountain research are very often focussed on the description, interpretation and management practices of depopulation and decline. With the thematic issue about the in-migration of a new type of inhabitants we are introducing another picture, mainly seen under a socio-demographic view. The thematic issue of JAR/RGA wants to treat both questions under a theoretical and an empirical view to fuel the debate about the advantages and disadvantages of a highly specialised development of mountain areas, raising the question of “spatial justice” and potential alternative development paths.

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