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  • Ponta Delgada

    Call for papers - Representation

    Women, Gender and Intersectionality in the Lusophone World

    Following a hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Lusophone Studies Association (LSA) is pleased to announce its next conference dedicated to the theme “Women, Gender and Intersectionality in the Lusophone World”. As such, it will welcome individual papers, thematic panels and roundtables on topics as diverse as: diasporas, gender, education, film, history, law, literature, migration, race, religion, among others.

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  • Villeneuve-d'Ascq

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Exhaustion and reinventions of Spanish narrative prose fiction at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries

    This meeting proposes to revisit the thesis of a first huge crisis of the novel between the second half of the 17th century and the 18th century, in the different Europeans and Americans spaces, from the Spanish case.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Border Dreamers. Identifying and narrative Latin America’s closed spaces

    « Amerika » numéro 23

    Ce numéro de la revue Amerika va interroger la notion de limites dans les imaginaires latinoaméricains, que ce soit dans l’évocation de limites physiques de l’espace (bornages, frontières) ou dans les séparations implicites, tant d’un point de vue social ou politique qu’artistique.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Local and global tension in the 21st century: Latin America redefined by its writers

    Revue CECIL

    Depuis l’émergence des républiques, les autrices et auteurs latino-américains ont réfléchi au caractère intrinsèque des littératures nationales. Que signifie être un écrivain latino-américain au XXIe siècle ?

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  • Belo Horizonte

    Call for papers - Thought

    Contemporary Aesthetics: Dialogues through Art, Culture and Media

    ICA22 - 22nd International Congress of Aesthetics

    The 22nd International Congress of Aesthetics (ICA 2022) Belo Horizonte aims at the increasing and deepening of the discussion by today’s practitioners of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art, about the modes, through which this field of knowledge could contribute to enhance peaceful and fruitful contacts among the most different people and cultures of the world.

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  • Aubervilliers

    Call for papers - History

    Imagining the “musical memorial”

    Music and (re)transmission of memories of slave trades and slaveries

    The aim of this special issue is to pursue the reflection initiated by the journal Esclavages & post~esclavages/Slaveries & Post~Slaveries on the work of artists and their re-actualization through sensitive forms of the history and memories of the slave trades and slaveries, this time with a focus on the question of music. This dossier will attempt to unfold the complex ways in which music has become a source and a resource for memories, from the time of the slave trades and slaveries to the present day.

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Imago, Actus et Verbum. Challenges and Questions in Medieval Studies

    A crossdisciplinary dialogue between philology, philosophy, history, art and literature

    On the outset of the 21st century, cross-disciplinary studies on the Middle Ages seem to be in need of a careful reconsideration of their nature, scope and aims. This is specially so after the series of "turns" undergone by historiography in the last four decades. Despite their differences, philosophy, history, philology , literary studies and art are also bound through their work on texts; and all are currently faced with both methodological and substantive issues raised by important shifts in contemporary society. This congress is devoted to a global assessment of the current state of affairs in medieval studies, but also the upcoming challenges.


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  • Sao Paolo

    Call for papers - Information

    I International Symposium of Cinema and Film Analysis

    Son objectif premier sera d'approfondir les échanges de recherche autour de l’analyse filmique, en rapprochant différentes perspectives, développements théorico-méthodologiques et ses emplois en multiples disciplines. Il nous intéresse l’étude des images et sons en mouvement, les définitions d’analyse filmique, les études de cas, les transformations tout au long des temps, les approches les approches au-delà des frontières du cinéma, ainsi que les dialogues avec d’autres arts et domaines des Sciences Humaines.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    Analysis of digital discourse: epistemological and methodological issues

    La journée d’étude, qui aura comme thème l'analyse du discours des corpus numériques, est organisée par l’association ADAL (Analyse des discours de l'Amérique latine) avec le soutien de l’université de Limoges (laboratoire EHIC). Cet événement débattra autour des discours politiques et médiatiques en ligne et cela sur différents terrains de recherche. Seront acceptés des travaux portant sur les discours de blogs ou forums, sur les réseaux sociaux numériques ou encore sur les moyens de communication en ligne.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Battles in Latin America

    Cahiers Bataille journal no.6

    La sixième livraison de la revue sera dédiée à l’intérêt de Georges Bataille (1897-1962) pour les civilisations précolombiennes et, plus généralement, pour le monde hispanophone et lusophone, ainsi qu’à l’accueil et l’influence aujourd’hui de ses écrits dans différentes aires géographiques du continent latino-américain, allant du Mexique au nord jusqu’à la l’Argentine et le Chili au sud, en passant par le Brésil.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Animal work

    “Laboreal” Journal, July 2022

    In numerous socio-professional activities (in agriculture, the police, the army, health, research, art, the environment, among others), humans and animals work together. In recent years, research in the human and social sciences has highlighted the specificities of cooperation between humans and animals, and has shown the existence of animal work, thus opening a new field of research. We now know that the rules of work are built intra- and inter-specific: between humans and between animals and humans. The aim of this issue is to discuss and analyze these activities, and the associated ethical and deontological issues. We seek to address the issue of human work with animals, as well as animal work itself. Therefore, this dossier seeks to discuss both the relationship between humans and animals and the engagement of animals in work.

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  • London | Grenoble

    Conference, symposium - America

    Cozinhando imagens, tejiendo feminismos. Latin american feminist film and visual art collectives

    During the last years, there has been a revitalization of feminist movements internationally. In Latin America, the performance of ‘A Rapist in Your Path’ by the collective LasTesis on 25 November 2019 put Chilean feminism in the global spotlight. This revitalization is also pushing for political and legal reforms, such as the approval of a bill legalising abortion in Argentina on 30 December 2020. The alliances between feminists, artists, and filmmakers in Latin America are not new. Fuelled by the 1970s women’s movement, several feminist film collectives emerged during this decade and instrumentalized cinema to raise awareness about women’s issues and intervene in political contexts.

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  • Zaragoza

    Lecture series - Modern

    Autores e textos críticos em espanhol e português

    V Fórum Ibérico de Estudos Museológicos V Congresso Internacional da Associação Espanhola de Críticos de Arte

    Depois das inúmeras contribuições sobre a história da crítica dos museus e do sistema artístico no IV Congresso Internacional da Associação Espanhola de Críticos de Arte realizado no MNCARS, e do sucesso do IV Fórum Ibérico de Estudos Museológicos (Porto, 2020), que tratou da evolução da museografia expositiva, ambas as plataformas juntam-se para abordar os contributos daqueles que escreveram tratados ou estudos sobre museus no contexto cultural ibérico, num encontro dedicado ao tema «Autores e textos críticos em espanhol e português». Para além deste âmbito, também poderão ser aceites ensaios de/sobre autores latino-americanos.

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Childhood(s) in Latin America: diversities in tension

    Thematic Dossier vol. XIII, n. 2, 2021

    The focus of the dossier is on the processes and social spaces for the construction and implementation of ideas about childhood, as well as the debates and tensions around them: education (formal, non-formal or informal) the family and parenting networks (nurture and care), the dynamics of gender construction and the collective sense of belonging (ethnicities and intercultural relations), labour aspects (rural and urban marginality and the issue of child labour) and areas of cultural production of each social group (the imaginaries, games, literature, sports and children entertainment).

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  • Call for papers - History

    Arts of Educating

    The Emergence and Construction of the Modern Schooling Paradigm (Mid-20th Century – First quarter of the 20th Century)

    This issue seeks to map a wide range of public institutions, pioneering experiences and innovative pedagogic discourses that informed and consolidated an explicit educational impulse at the tail end of the Early Modern Period. This issue of Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal seeks to contribute with its specific inquiries to an understanding of a wide-ranging civilizational endeavour that has never ceased to connect – in increasingly efficient and substantial ways – the spheres of power and knowledge.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Thought

    Decolonial studies. From theory to practice

    Abya Yala, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia

    The arrival and emergence of studies, research or reflections claiming to be “decolonial” in Europe or in formerly colonised societies (particularly in Africa) should not be reduced to another anachronistic or nativist intellectual mode seeking to simplify or replay colonial encounters as certain authors or journalists (especially in France) think. If these studies seem recent to the French-speaking reader, and more particularly to the French reader, it should be pointed out that they stem from a Latin-American intellectual critical tradition (dialoguing with several intellectual streams such as the theory of dependence, liberation theology, studies on the world-system) and that several publications by Latin-American or Latin-American researchers have been describing them for several decades.

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  • Viçosa

    Call for papers - Language

    Cultural Transfers

    This issue proposes a discussion on Cultural Transfers regarding Literary Theory as well as literary encounters. Thereby, it aims at opening news perspectives in the field of Cultural History. For decades, studies and researches on Cultural Circulation had been seen as a fruitful field of exchanges among several European countries and some continents.

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  • Call for papers - Information

    "Vista" Journal - permanent call

    Vista is a scientific journal in the field of Visual Culture that aims to the promotion of a transdisciplinary debate around culture’s visual mediation processes (photography, cinema, television, advertising, videogames and digital media and so on). 

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  • Viçosa

    Call for papers - Language

    New visions on fantasy

    Jangada Journal #18 – Dec. 2021

    Drawing from the history of Fantasy as a genre, this issue of Jangada Journal, from Viçosa Federal University, invites researchers to submit papers on such a pervading category in contemporary literature. We encourage analysis concerning structural and thematic approaches to the genre. We are also interested, in particular, in papers that focus on works insufficiently studied so far, extrapolating Anglophone backgrounds that have engendered Fantasy, and relating diverse media expressions through which Fantasy was disseminated. 

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  • Call for papers - Representation

    Dance: history and historiography

    This dossier is inserted in the field of dance, its history and historiographies – in the web of complexities of processes of centralizations and decentralizations, influences and consolidation, circulation, appropriations, migrations and transpositions of sources, uses and knowledge. It also addresses the challenges of the production of dance history, considering the dynamics of digital technologies for production of images and sounds, as well as inter and transdisciplinary relations that can support these reflections. This call invites authors to submit previously unpublished articles about procedures and research in dance, through approaches that, based on the polysemy of the word history, is inserted in the lines of education, creation, production and diffusion of the language of dance.

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