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  • Call for papers - Modern

    Public Realm Postgraduate Philosophy Journal Volume 2 - Varia

    The second issue of Public Realm: Postgraduate and Early Career Journal of Philosophy invites young scholars and researchers to submit their original works that address a range of topics specialising on the political philosophy of war.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - History

    The Armenian Genocide: New Interpretations and Cross-Disciplinary Conversations

    The study of the Armenian genocide often remains confined to restricted circles of specialists and interdisciplinarity is too rarely promoted. And, although comparative research is praised, it is frequently reduced to the juxtaposition of case studies. Research on the Armenian genocide is now ready to address more cross-cutting issues and to fully contribute to broader discussions on mass violence. Therefore, this conference asks: how can the social sciences, memory studies, and genocide studies contribute to a broader understanding of the Armenian genocide and its aftermath? And reciprocally: what is the contribution of research on the Armenian genocide to our understanding of mass crimes and to the social sciences?

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  • Call for papers - Political studies

    Global Series: TV and the Political Imagination

    This collective volume seeks to explore the vast potential of TV series and their role in shaping our moral and political perspectives on the world. Global Series: TV and the Political Imagination is part of the ERC Demoseries project, hosted by Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and responds to Sandra Laugier’s call for taking TV series seriously as “a new form of education…[that is] both political and moral” (Laugier 2022). TV series have the capacity to reflect complex social and political realities and can serve as shared representations of moral reasoning and values, prompting viewers to engage in ethical reflection and philosophical inquiry. By examining a diverse range of TV series from across the globe, the volume aims to highlight their power to act as common reference points in shaping public discourse and conversation.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Communist Perspectives on Atheism in the 20th Century

    In recent years, scholars in historical and secular studies have become increasingly interested in communist attitudes towards religion, communist regimes’ efforts to uproot religion, and interactions between Marxists and Christians. Sponsored by the Explaining Atheism programme, this conference will explore transnational communist perspectives on atheism in the twentieth century and Marxist-inspired attempts to explain and influence the evolution of atheism. Building on work on “scientific atheism”, “atheist establishments” and “thought collectives”, the conference explores differences and commonalities within the Soviet bloc – within which scholarly debates on atheism took place in what might be called a limited international scientific community.

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  • Naples

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Natural Rights and Politics in the Early Modern Period

    Despite the ubiquity of the idea of human rights in our political culture, and its strong presence in the work of political scientists, jurists and contemporary historians, scholarly interest in natural rights — the tradition from which human rights are drawn — remains sporadic and fragmentary. This interdisciplinary workshop aims to deepen and broaden our understanding of the political uses and development of natural rights in the Early Modern Period, in Europe, the Atlantic world and beyond. By interrogating the relationship between natural rights and politics, this will be an occasion not only to analyze natural rights as a theoretical concept, but also and above all to study the different uses of concepts drawn from natural rights in precise political contexts, the political projects they served, their relationship with republicanism, and the emergence and evolution of particular rights.

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  • Saint-Martin-d'Hères

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - America

    International Excellence in the Humanities Programme - Post-doctoral fellowships 2023-2024

    Université Grenoble Alpes

    The Maison de la création et de l’innovation (MaCI), UGA’s Center for the Humanities, is launching its annual Post-doctoral Fellowship Programme funded by the France 2030 ANR project GATES (Grenoble ATtractiveness and ExcellenceS). The postdoctoral fellows will be hired on a fixed-term two-year contract. They will receive a gross salary of 2981 euros per month.

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  • Fribourg

    Conference, symposium - Thought

    Realism in Perspective

    Aesthetics & Critique VI

    Back to Reality! Whether in art or philosophy, recent years have witnessed an outright run on the real, under banners such as speculative realism, neo-materialism, documentality, eco-realism, speculative poetics, or object-oriented aesthetics. Only progressively it starts to become clear that what these approaches respectively mean by realism differs sharply. The workshop shall confront various epistemic and artistic strategies seeking to grasp the ever-evading nature of reality, and work towards understanding the reasons behind this renewed desire for touching the “thing itself”. If the only claim these different realisms seem to agree upon is the need to decentre the human perspective, could it be that perspectivalness itself provides a key to a novel understanding of reality?

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  • Paris

    Seminar - History

    Digital Humanities meet Artificial Intelligence Seminar Series

    DHAI Seminar Summary : Fostered by the creation of new algorithms, computation power and the development of deep learning techniques, Artificial Intelligence needs constantly to confront new issues and data sets in order to deepen its methodologies and increase its range of scientific applications. Digital humanities, developing digital science methodologies in the study of humanities and using the critical approaches of humanities in the analysis of the contemporary “digital revolutions,” are constantly in search of new tools to explore more and more complex and diversified data sets. The ambition of this seminar is to be one of the places where this coupling is shaped, fostered and analyzed. It intends to offer a forum where both communities, understood in a very inclusive way, exchange around emerging issues, ongoing projects, and past experiences in order to build a common language, a shared space, and to encourage innovative cooperation on the long run.

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  • Paris 04 Hôtel-de-Ville

    Study days - Psyche

    Memory, Place, and Material Culture

    If remembering and feeling, designing and decision-making are situated as well as embodied processes, then cognition can have material and ecological components. Our mental lives may be partly constituted by places – landscapes, built environments, neighbourhoods – and by artifacts. This workshop examines relations between memory, place, and material culture. Our topics include maps and spatial cognition, tools and devices in wayfinding and memory, mental health and the city, difficult places and historically burdened heritage, and spatial disruptions of memory. Speakers draw on evidence from archaeology, architecture, art, neuroscience, performance, philosophy, and sociology, opening up new questions about the nature of bodily and affective orientation as people navigate places and the past together.

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  • Marseille | Orléans | Lyon | Montpellier | Nantes | Paris | Rennes

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - History

    French Institutes for Advanced Study (FIAS) Fellowship Programme 2024-2025

    The French Institutes for Advanced Study Fellowship Programme offers 10-month fellowships in the seven Institutes of Aix-Marseille, Loire Valley (Orléans-Tours), Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes, Paris and Rennes. It welcomes applications from high-level international scholars and scientists develop their innovative research project in France. The call is open to all disciplines in the social sciences and the humanities (SSH) and all research fields. Research projects in other sciences and in arts that propose a strong interaction and dialogue with the SSH are also eligible. Some host IAS have scientific priorities that need to be taken into full consideration before applying. 

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - History

    Histories of Violence in War

    The history of war is the history of violence. In this call for proposals, we invite papers or panels that examine the similarities and differences in how war and violence are represented and understood across time and space in any of the following themes.

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  • Cork

    Call for papers - Language

    Association of British and Irish Lusitanists (ABIL) conference

    The Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at University College Cork is honoured to host the 2023 edition of the ABIL [Association of British and Irish Lusitanists] Conference. We are happy to announce that the conference will be taking place on a face-to-face basis. The event will include three keynote lectures, seminar sessions and the 2023 ABIL meeting.

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  • Vilnius

    Study days - Modern

    Move as a child

    Motion, enactivism and meta cognition

    The conference “Move as a child: motion, enactivism and meta cognition” is a scientific project initiated by Vytautas Magnus University to explore the “mobility turns” various extensions in cultural research. This online conference emphasizes mediation between the environment, bodies, and institutions to produce social, cultural, and material effects through the terms of enactivism and meta cognition. 


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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Europe

    Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881): His Lives and Afterlives

    Celebrating the 220th anniversary of the birth of a Victorian iconoclast

    “Benjamin Disraeli (1804-1881): His Lives and Afterlives” is the interdisciplinary subject chosen to celebrate the 220th anniversary of the birth of a Victorian iconoclast. The Victorian Conservative Prime Minister is still perceived today as an extraordinary politician who transformed himself, his party and the UK over a long period of time from the 1830’s to his death in 1881. The conference will aim to undercover a number of still unexplored sides of Disraeli and bring him up to date. Both his political and literary talents will be taken into account as well as the long-lasting impact of his heritage (whether mythologised or not).

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  • Ghent

    Call for papers - Language

    Translation and the Periodical

    This conference seeks to investigate whether periodical translation has particular qualities that differentiate the practice from other forms of translation, notably for print books. The discursive techniques of periodical translation, and its key role in the mediation of culture and the dynamic exploration of the present -long argued to be at the core of periodicals’ specificity-, are likely to be touchstones for answering this question. Therefore the international conference “Translation and the Periodical” aims to push forward decisively the developing conversations on cultural translation in periodicals. The conference will start with a postgraduate workshop on 13 September, followed by the main conference on 14 and 15 September.

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  • Pisa

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Thought

    PhD positions in Philosophy - Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) in Pisa

    Five Full-time PhD positions (4 years) in Philosophy are available at Scuola Normale Superiore (SNS) in Pisa (IT). The positions are fully-funded and exclusively focused on research (no mandatory teaching).

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  • Perugia

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Language

    Poesiæuropa 2023 - fellowship applications

    Poesiæuropa aims to discuss the features of contemporary humanistic culture, especially from the perspective of poets, to reflect on the value of our cultural and spiritual roots, and to develop – together – a vision for the future. The fifth edition of Poesiæuropa will take place in 2023 and gather authors and scholars from many countries in a special school on the Polvese Island (Lake Trasimeno, Umbria, Italy) from May 30 to June 3, 2023. There are 20 fellowships available, and applications for them are free: There are no limits of age, job, or nationality. Each fellowship covers accomodation costs, but not travel costs.

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  • London

    Call for papers - Representation

    Reclaiming Spaces: Spatiality and the (Re)occupation of Spaces in the French and Francophone World

    ASMCF Annual Conference 2023

    The 2023 Association for the study of modern and contemporary France (ASMCF) annual conference will seek to explore the concept of spatiality: the physical and social dimensions of space and how they shape our experiences, identities, and cultures. The theme builds on last year’s conference on “presence, absence, hybridity”  and interrogates the occupation of spaces as a means to understand modern and contemporary French and Francophone cultures and identities. This is of particular importance at a time when people are (re)occupying spaces that had been restricted during the covid-19 pandemic and reflecting on the new relation to space brought about by this crisis. 

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  • Summer School - History

    Whose Global History? Perspectives from the Global South and Beyond

    This online Summer School seeks to question what Global History is primarily about, who it is written by, and who it is written for. By questioning the epistemic inequalities and exclusionary processes that shape the field, and considering actors, conceptual tools and historical positions that originate from different parts of the world, we aim to outline a global history that is meaningfully shaped by perspectives from the Global South.

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  • Timişoara

    Call for papers - Science studies

    History of the History of Archaeology: between Archaeologists’ and Historians’ Concerns

    Figures, Trends, and Perspectives (International Union of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences - IUPPS 2023 conference)

    Since several decades, historians and sociologists of science scrutinize the history of science as a practice. References demonstrate, first, the relevance of investigating who are the writers of disciplinary histories and what are the uses of these histories and, second, archaeologists’ concern to this regard. This session organised by the “History of Archaeology” commission is intended to strengthen these studies from the case of archaeology.

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