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  • Milan

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Pensée

    Public Competition for Admission to the PhD Courses with scholarships – State University of Milan

    PhD course in Philosophy and Human Sciences

    The PhD course in Philosophy and Human Sciences aims to offer a brand new track for higher education, which integrates the competences required for theoretical and experimental research in disciplines, such as anthropology, geography, linguistics, psychology and cognitive science, social science, art theory and criticism with the knowledge made available by philosophical research in both their theoretical and historical manifestations. This PhD course offers multidisciplinary training and aims to provide extensive knowledge in specific sectors of essential and applied research, promoting development in innovative and cutting edge fields, which promote the ability to master theories, methods and techniques of various fields.

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  • Paris

    Colloque - Époque contemporaine

    Ethicomp 2014

    Liberty and Security in an Age of ICTs

    ETHICOMP 2014 (june 25 to 27) will be held in Paris at « Les Cordeliers ». The ETHICOMP conference series was initiated in 1995 by Professors Simon Rogerson and Terry Bynum. The purpose of this series is to provide an inclusive forum for discussing the ethical and social issues associated with the development and application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Held every 18 months, the previous conferences have featured over 600 papers from delegates and speakers from all continents. ETHICOMP 2014 will be the first conference held jointly with the CEPE (Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiries) conference (sponsored by INSEIT - the International Society for Ethics and Information Technology). Our conferences will be hosted by CERNA.

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Information

    Computer Ethics and Philosophical Enquiry

    Well-Being, Flourishing and ICTs

    CEPE (Computer Ethics and Philosophical Enquiry) is a major conference in the field of computer/information ethics. It will be held, for the first time, in Paris, France, on the Cordeliers Campus, June 23-25 2013. Previous CEPE conferences themes include intercultural ethics, roboethics, social impacts of social computing, socio-technical and ethical change in ICTs, and social responsibility and ICTs. CEPE 2014 will be hosted by CERNA (Commission de réflexion sur l’Ethique de la Recherche en sciences et technologies du Numérique d’Allistene). As well, the last day of the conference (Wednesday, June 25) is co-sponsored by ACM SIGCAS (Special Interest Group, Computers and Society), and will focus on gender and technology.

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  • Bloemfontein

    Appel à contribution - Époque contemporaine

    Colloquium on Happiness

    Annual Conference Philosophical Society of Southern Africa (PSSA)

    We are pleased to announce a call for papers for a colloquium on happiness that will form part of the annual conference of Philosophical Society of Southern Africa (PSSA) in 2014. The colloquium will be run as a special parallel session throughout the conference. Participants are invited to submit papers related to the overall theme from within any philosophical sub-discipline, e.g. philosophy of economics, moral philosophy, aesthetics, political philosophy, neurophilosophy or philosophy of literature.

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  • Princeton

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Pratiques, procédures, récursivités : la réalité des médias ?

    Quatrième Princeton-Weimar Summer School for Media Studies

    The Princeton-Weimar Summer School for Media Studies – a collaboration between the Bauhaus- Universität Weimar (Internationales Kolleg für Kulturtechnikforschung und Medienphilosophie, IKKM) and Princeton University (German Department) – returns to Princeton in 2014 for its fourth installment. The 2014 topic will be “Practices, Procedures, Recursions: The Reality of Media?”. The weeklong program will be hosted by Princeton’s German Department. It will be directed by Bernhard Siegert (Weimar) and Nikolaus Wegmann (Princeton). Besides the directors the faculty will include renowned film maker Harun Farocki as well as scholars of media and literature such as Petra McGillen (Dartmouth), Grant Wythoff (Columbia), and Harun Maye (Weimar).

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  • Appel à contribution - Droit

    Realism, Rhetoric and Legal Studies

    Prim@ Facie journal is soliciting papers for its end-of-year issue: this thematic edition will focus on Realism, Rhetoric and Legal Studies. We aim to bring critical focus to a subject that deserves greater attention in the legal literature. We welcome papers on a topic of your choosing since it has been related with this call and journal's criteria.


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  • Bucarest

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Sociologie

    New Europe College International Fellowships

    Bucharest, Romania – 2014-15

    New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest, Romania – announces the competition for Fellowships for the academic year 2014-15. The program targets young international researchers/academics working in the fields of humanities, social studies, and economics.

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  • Lisbonne

    Appel à contribution - Représentations


    Framing (post)modernity

    CECC, The Research Centre for Communication and Culture, announces the 4thGraduate Conference in Culture Studies, Irony: framing (post)modernity, which will take place at the Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon on the 23rd and 24th of January 2014. This conference wishes to bring together doctoral students and post-docs working within disciplines that relate to the study of culture (arts, humanities and social sciences), and that seek a forum for prolific debate.

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  • Villeneuve-d'Ascq

    Colloque - Pensée

    La morphologie et ses interfaces

    Symposium organisé par l'UMR 8163 savoirs, textes, langage

    Le premier colloque international « La morphologie et ses interfaces » se tiendra à l'université Lille 3, les 12 et 13 septembre 2013. Le symposium abordera les questions liées aux interfaces que la morphologie peut construire avec d'autres disciplines linguistiques : les interfaces internes entre morphologie flexionnelle et dérivationnelle ou interfaces externes entre la morphologie et la syntaxe, la pragmatique, la traduction, la phonologie, le lexique, la linguistique computationnelle, et ainsi de suite.

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  • Bordeaux

    Journée d'étude - Études du politique

    Historicising Deliberative Democracy

    7th ECPR General Conference

    The last thirty years have seen the burgeoning of political and academic speeches on the merits of participative or deliberative democracy. In parallel, in occidental democracies, various systems sharing the ambition to strengthen or increase citizen participation through collective discussion on public issues are being institutionalized. These devices are often viewed today as a novel cure to the present crisis of representative governance. This panel, at the crossroads of sociology, history and political science, aims at historicizing such deliberation necessity and at redrawing the genesis of the phenomenon as speech and political practice.

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  • Kalamazoo

    Appel à contribution - Moyen Âge

    White, Empty, Silent in Medieval Artistic Creation

    Art-Hist sessions in Kalamazoo 2014

    In Spring 2014, Art-Hist will organize two sessions at Kalamazoo International Congress on Medieval Studies (8-11 May). Art-Hist sessions this year will deal with "White, Empty, Silent in Medieval Artistic Creation". The committee offered us two sessions: "I. Paleographical Aspects"; "II. From Sonorous White to Visual White: Silence and Its Representation". We are expecting proposals dealing with representation of silence in Medieval art and graphic practices. The deadline for the paper proposal is September 15th

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Langage

    Modernist Communities

    The inaugural international conference of the French Society of Modernist Studies

    The aim of this two-day conference is to foster discussion on communities in the modernist period. As discursive constructs and historical practices, communities constitute a privileged phenomenon from which to understand the political and ethical regime of modernist texts, as well as the actual forms of collective experience in which writers and readers were involved. More than a decade after Jessica Berman’s landmark work on "the politics of community" in modernist fiction, we seek to explore the various ways in which communities were configured across genres and artistic media, but also to acknowledge the grounds of their historical and cultural specificity. We hope that this will lead us to distinguish various versions of the communal, from the ideal to the empirical, from the utopian to the everyday, from consensus to dissensus.

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  • Düsseldorf

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    You were not expected to do this

    On the dynamics of production (Distraction/Interference – Resistance/Accident)

    Le collège doctoral « Matérialité et Production » (Heinrich Heine Universität, Düsseldorf) organise du 2 au 4 avril 2014 à Düsseldorf un colloque international sur le thème « You were not expected to this. On the Dynamics of Production (Distration/Interference - Resistance/Accident) ». Dans une perspective transpériodique (de l'Antiquité à nos jours), le but de ces rencontres est de questionner la dynamique de la production dans l'acte créateur à travers l'émergence d'éléments inattendus (interférences, distractions, détours...) venant troubler, modifier, arrêter, détourner etc, la production d'une oeuvre (artistique, littéraire, etc.) et révélant de façon sous-jacente ou directe la présence de l'artiste (au sen large) dans sa création.

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  • Gand

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Doing Empirical Research on Sexual Diversities: Methodological and Ethical Challenges

    CFP INSEP2013 - Special Session

    This session is part of the INSEP2013 Conference – The Value(s) of Sexual Diversity. The conference focuses on the legal, political and ethical boundaries of diverse sexualities, “troubling” current assumptions, dispositions and claims for the boundaries between legitimacy and illegitimacy in diverse sexual identities, sub‐cultures and practices in both national and international contexts. We welcome paper proposals reflecting on the ethical and methodological criticalities associated with doing empirical research on sexual diversities and (in) sexual (sub)cultures.

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  • Vatican

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Quatrième congrès international sur le carré des opposés

    The Square : a Central Object for Thought

    The square of opposition is a very famous theme coming from Aristotelian logic dealing with the notions of opposition, negation, quantification and proposition. It has been continuously studied by people interested in logic, philosophy and Aristotle during two thousand years. Even Frege, one of the main founders of modern mathematical logic, used it. This congress is an interdisciplinary event gathering logicians, philosophers, mathematicians, semioticians, artists, cognitivists, and computer scientists.

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Représentations

    Narrative Matters 2014

    Récit et savoir

    Narrative Matters 2014, the 7th Narrative Matters conference, will be held from 23rd June to 27th June 2014 at the University of Paris Diderot and the American University of Paris. The conference will address the theme of Narrative Knowing / Récit et savoir. This conference will bring together scholars of all disciplines — psychology, psychoanalysis, sociology, anthropology, history, philosophy, linguistics, literary studies, feminist and gender studies, education, medicine/healthcare, social work, biology, law, theology, computer science, visual studies, etc. — to reflect on the issue of the, sometimes, contested epistemic powers of narrative.

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  • Francfort-sur-le-Main

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Practices of critique

    International Graduate Conference

    Practices of critique are intertwined with normative orders in manifold ways. They contain and refer reflexively to critical contentions, and they can enable as well as suppress critique. In this context it is essential to reconstruct the theoretical foundations of critique and power structures as well the practices in which they are instantiated. Three aspects are crucial: firstly concrete forms of power and their application, which always emerge from a tension between normative claims and solidified systems of rule; secondly the purview of justice as the foundation for critical rationale; thirdly the aspect of aesthetic representation. Such themes shall be addressed from multidisciplinary perspectives at the international graduate conference “Practices of Critique” on 5-7 December 2013.

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  • Londres

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Revisiting Early Modern Prophecies (c.1500 – c.1815)

    Conférence internationale sur la prophétie en Europe et dans le monde méditerranéen à l'époque moderne. La conférence se tiendra à Goldsmiths, Université de Londres, du 26 au 28 juin 2014.

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  • Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Réalismes spéculatifs et religion

    ThéoRèmes consacrera un dossier spécial à cette présence de la question religieuse dans les différentes études philosophiques regroupées autour du « réalisme spéculatif » ou encore des « ontologies orientées vers l’objet », dans une perspective de compréhension interne mais aussi, éventuellement, de reprise critique. Les contributions de ce dossier spécial pourront s’inscrire dans l’un des axes suivant, depuis les différents points de vue des sciences des religions, de la philosophie et de la théologie.

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  • Paris

    Journée d'étude - Études du politique

    Sciences Po first Political Theory Graduate Conference

    We are happy to invite you to the 1st Sciences Po Political Theory Graduate Student Conference. The conference will take place at the CEVIPOF (98, rue de l’Université, Paris), from June 20 to June 21st. The keynote speech will be delivered by Joseph Raz and the closing note by Ruwen Ogien. 


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