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  • Delhi

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Image(s) of India

    What do we picture when we evoke India? For its 20 th annual Workshop, The “Association des jeunes études indiennes” (AJEI) invites young researchers to share their knowledge and to propose a critical approach of the concept of ‘Images’ in the subcontinent: To what extent do images reflect the many realities and representations of India and how does the Indian imagery affect scholarly, artistic and touristic as well as political perceptions, from a western and an Indian point of view? The Workshop is aimed to develop a cross-disciplinary dialogue in social sciences for a better understanding of the multiple roles that Images have been playing from antiquity to nowadays in the perceptions and the foundations of culture and identities in Indian society. The aim is also to open some reflexive discussions on the use and construction of images.

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  • Yogyakarta

    Appel à contribution - Asie

    Indonesian Exceptionalism: Values and Morals of the Middle Ground

    ‘Exceptionalism’ is a borrowed political term that implies that a country or entity is somehow special. Indonesia is not small. Indonesia is not poor in cultures, religions, society, or ethnic groups. Indonesia is not unimportant economically, regionally, or politically. Historically, Indonesia has always been an exceptional place. Indonesia as ‘imagined community’ continues to be an ongoing process. Various questions that can be raised include: What are relevant Indonesian values and morals for maintaining Indonesia’s competitiveness in the global world? What is religion’s contribution to forming agreed values and ethics? To what extent is there an Indonesian contribution in balancing Islamic values and democratic practices? How do religious values impact the ethics of state governance?

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  • Beyrouth

    Informations diverses - Époque moderne

    Language, Science and Aesthetics

    Articulations of Subjectivity and Objectivity in the Modern Middle East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia

    International Summer Academy, 11-19 September 2014 at the Orient-Institut Beirut. This Summer Academy offers early-career scholars an opportunity to follow up on the debates about modernity, its preconditions and its aftermath by focusing on the multifarious processes in which societies outside Europe have adopted, translated, rejected or produced the global, the modern and tradition since the seventeenth century. It places a specific focus on the notions of subjectivity and objectivity as discursive practices which are intrinsically linked to each other.

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  • Zhuhai

    Appel à contribution - Asie

    Translation History Matters

    1st East and West Conference on Translation Studies

    This conference aims to provide a biannual forum for East and West dialogue on Translation Studies.  This inaugural edition will be dedicated to “Translation History Matters” and welcomes contributions addressing issues related (though not circumscribed) to translation history, historiography and metahistoriography. Centred on translation understood as an intentional phenomenon of human and mostly intercultural communication, this conference aims to focus on the role played by translation in Eastern and Western cultural practices and encounters through history as well as on the role of history to understand both translation and translation studies.  By bringing together Eastern and Western views on a multitude of translation history matters, this conference aims to stress why, how and for which purposes translation history matters.

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  • Tokyo

    Colloque - Asie

    Keisai (1764-1824) et l'art du livre illustré

    D'Edo à Paris

    Symposium public en japonais sans traduction, à l'occasion de la publication des Dessins abrégés de Keisai (INHA, éd. Picquier, 2011).

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  • Pondichéry

    Colloque - Histoire

    Tamil and Tamil Akam at the Crossroads

    The objective of the conference is to examine Tamil Nadu as an example of a geographical space where multiple cultures met, exchanged, and absorbed from outside, while Tamil maintained until recent times its unique ancient traditions. To bring together an international cadre of scholars who work in diverse disciplines that focus on a single region is to create new knowledge as is the way of any innovative conference. The fourteen scholars participating in the event bring a range of disciplinary perspectives to the idea of Tamil and Tamil Akam as a crossroads of cultures and a locus of international exchange in both the arts and sciences.

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  • Ankara

    Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Asubjectivity and creation in Jan Patočka

    Workshop organized in the context of the 12th International Conference of the ISSEI (International Society for the Study of European Ideas) which will take place from August 2nd to 6th 2010 at Çankaya University of Ankara, in Turkey. The theme of the workshop is: « Asubjectivity and Creation in Jan Patocka ».

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  • Hong Kong

    Appel à contribution - Droit

    Huitième table ronde internationale de sémiotique juridique

    Eighth Roundtables for the Semiotics of Law - IRSL 2009

    La rencontre de 2009 entend se concentrer sur les progrès réalisés dans les divers domaines – méthodologiques, épistémologiques et conceptuels – de recherche en sémiotique juridique. La table ronde souhaite, notamment, explorer les conséquences des thèmes suivants : « Transparence, contrôle et pouvoir » sous une perspective sémiotique ainsi que les approches émergeantes et prometteuses qui peuvent être utilisées dans la recherche et l'interprétation du droit et des phénomènes juridiques. Le but principal de cette rencontre est d'examiner les défis épistémologiques et méthodologiques auxquels « transparence, contrôle et pouvoir » fait face aujourd'hui et d'en considérer les effets. Nous espérons que les communications refléteront la nature interdisciplinaire des recherches en sémiotique juridique ainsi que les défis auxquels les chercheurs font face dans ce domaine.

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