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    The Schizoanalytic Clinic

    La deleuziana, a journal that desires

    The schizoanalysis created by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari is critical-clinical. It is critical as it conjugates various knowledge and practices by freeing against all reductionism the transversality of the flows that trace a problematic. Schizoanalysis has profoundly influenced the practice of some important reference points in the social psychology of Argentina and Uruguay, and later in Brazil. However, this stimulating and favourable reception of schizoanalysis in South America is quite exceptional. Not only do we find nowhere else analysts who claim to be schizoanalysts, but even today it is largely ignored in clinical circles. It is in this perspective that this call for papers wishes to engage a presentation of the different theoretical and practical developments of schizoanalysis that currently affect the exercise of psychotherapy, although in reality this aspect is constantly overwhelmed. The aim is to identify the clinical perspectives that have proliferated in the wake of schizoanalysis to map emerging clinical practices.

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