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    Call for papers - History

    At War with Words

    Letters, diaries and memoirs of soldiers, women and children in the First World War

    What were the feelings, the perceptions and the mental attitudes of soldiers and civilians, of women and children, during the war? What strategies of psychological resistance did they employ in response to such destabilising experience? It is possible to answer these questions by consulting the wide variety of writings produced by the combatants and by the civilian population "mobilised" during the conflict. These letters, diaries, and memoirs – some still hidden in old drawers, though many collected in 'folk writing' archives – are also of considerable narrative and historical interest, due to their linguistic peculiarities, and their efficacy as depth-probes and guides into the war. This conference will address the methodological debates that are still ongoing, while presenting texts of particular significance, as well as the results of European research in historical and linguistic fields.

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