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  • Call for papers - Language

    Langues de travail / langues au travail

    Revue « Études en didactique des langues », n° 38

    This issue of FLLTR is devoted to the relationship between the workplace and languages. The terms “working language” and “language at work” cover different realities. The first is a language commonly used in a professional context. The second is used to carry out certain tasks such as writing a report, a technical note or an article. This raises the problem of upstream training. In higher education in particular, language learning and acquisition are key aspects of student training. There is also the problem of the predominance of English. How much emphasis should be given to other languages in training in order to stimulate reflection on the interface between companies and training?

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Literatura, locura y malestar

    Revista Internacional de Estudios Literarios "Impossibilia"

    El propósito del monográfico consiste en el estudio de las relaciones entre literatura, locura y malestar en las producciones literarias contemporáneas y su recepción en los discursos teóricos y críticos recientes. El nexo entre locura y literatura es uno de los ejes presentes en la cultura: escritoras/es diversas/os han configurado su vínculo con el lenguaje desde el límite que les sitúa más allá de cierta normalización. En los últimos años, sin embargo, pareciera que el imaginario de la locura se hubiera desplazado de manera progresiva hacia una suerte de literatura o poética del malestar donde, de modo transversal, se convoca la medicamentalización generalizada de la población, la expansión de diagnósticos de trastornos afectivos o ansiosos, y, en suma, se hiciera oír la voz de una subjetividad doliente a la que tradicionalmente le estaba vedada la palabra.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Science studies

    University Telecollaboration in Language Classes

    Teaching Practices, Linguistic Challenges and Cultural Horizons

    This edition aims to bring together teachers/scholars working in the field of telecollaboration -also called distant collaboration- in order to discuss practices and innovations as well as to take stock of this teaching practice from its origins to the present day. Thus, it will look at examples of successes or failures of universitytelecollaborative projects carried out in various geographical spheres, in all languages, without any restriction. Likewise, the speakers will provide information on the solutions adopted in difficult or unsuccessful telecollaboration situations,and suggest areas for improvement in terms of future telecollaborations.

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  • Agadir-n-Oumzil

    Call for papers - Information

    The Discourse of “Rumor” in the Digital Age

    Rumor is a phenomenon that manifests itself in its destructive aspect. Even its dated appearance in the very first years of the twentieth century does not seem to be enough to make an “epistemological break”, as Bachelard said, “The rumor continues to be a phenomenon more believed than known in discourses” To this discursive form of rumor, its dissemination added as another dimension, because the term in question had an oral connotation, setting aside the iconic and scriptural mediation. However, we are accepting, for some time now, that the discourse of rumor could adapt to other linguistic media categories such as writings, images, caricature, especially with the advent of the Internet.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    José Saramago: character and figuration

    Revista de Estudos Literários journal

    Cet appel à contribution pour le numéro 12 (2022) de la Revista de Estudos Literários (revue d’études littéraires) porte sur le thème « José Saramago : personnage et figuration », organisé par Carlos Reis, Ana Paula Arnaut et Sara Grünhagen. La Revista de Estudos Literários est une publication annuelle du Centre de littérature portugaise de l’université de Coimbra.

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  • San Biagio della Cima | Ventimiglia

    Call for papers - Language

    Francesco Biamonti: archives, voices, and encounters

    Cet appel invite à proposer des communications qui explorent l’écriture et la poétique de Biamonti en posant l’accent sur les rapports entre l’œuvre de l’écrivain ligurien et celles d’autres auteur-e-s qu’il appréciait, c’est-à-dire non seulement d’autres narrateurs-trices mais encore des poètes, des philosophes, des artistes et théoricien-ne-s. Toute analyse des liens entre biographie et textes sera la bienvenue, que ce soit du point de vue d’une approche ample ou de la dimension intertextuelle, afin de tracer un dessin aussi global que possible des voix et des présences qui habitent les écrits de cet auteur.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    Generic Boundaries in South African Literature: a Revaluation

    Le présent appel à contribution concerne un numéro de la revue Commonwealth Essays and Studies (44.2) dont la parution est prévue en 2022. Ce numéro, rédigé entièrement en anglais, cherchera à examiner les frontières mouvantes entre les genres dans la littérature sud-africaine à la lumière des débats entre fiction et « non-fiction » mais aussi dans une perspective plus large.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    Phraseology and Paremiology in English

    Lexis Journal in English Lexicology – will publish its 19th issue in 2022. It will deal with the topic phraseology and paremiology in English. This issue aims for contributions reflecting the current trends in phraseology exploration, addressing exclusively English phraseology and paremiology and leaving aside contrastive aspects and comparisons with other languages.

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  • Guadalajara

    Call for papers - Language

    Verbum et Lingua journal - issue devoted to Peter Handke

    The 17th issue of the journal Verbum et Lingua will publish contributions on the Austrian-born Nobel Prize winner (2019) Peter Handke. Works are expected on all his work: from the very early experimental type and his intermediate phase in which he returns to the traditional forms of epic narrative and literary models with a clear philosophical influence. In the last part of his work, wide poetry of the narrative that links all the texts to each other stands out. Among the main themes of his work, the reality of war, the relationship between image and writing, text and film, and the social and media development of modernity predominate.

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  • Beirut

    Call for papers - Asia

    Beirut - the comeback

    L’appel à propositions interroge la catastrophe et la reprise, nécessaire, de la tragique explosion du 4 août, à Beyrouth. La reprise s’oppose, par définition pour Søren Kierkegaard, à la pure répétition — impossible — du même. La reprise est recréation sous un autre visage, en assumant les aléas de la mémoire, ses failles, ses imprécisions. Reprendre Beyrouth, c’est déjà se trouver sur un terrain miné, à ramasser des éclats de visages, de sens, de chronologie rompue. Reprendre Beyrouth, c’est aussi la repriser, en suturer l’architecture, l’histoire, l’héritage, la sauver de sa propre béance. L'appel, interdisciplinaire, s'ouvre à l'image (photographie, caricature, bande dessinée, illustration, dessin, collage) et au textuel (textes en prose, poèmes, réflexions).

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  • Conference, symposium - Language

    Terminologia e interculturalità. Problematiche e prospettive

    XVI Gionata scientifica Realiter

    La XVI Giornata Scientifica di REALITER vuole proporre una visione d’insieme sulle attuali ricerche, concentrandosi sull’incontro fra la terminologia e l’interculturalità, una relazione che viene spesso evocata ma che non gode ancora né di una riflessione sistematica né di quadro di riferimento teorico esplicito. L’esperienza degli studi dei Lexiques REALITER ha permesso di verificare sul campo fino a che punto questa relazione sia fondamentale in qualsiasi pratica terminologica. 

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Representation

    Organitechnosciences. Invective dynamics of a paradigm shift

    Since the second half of the 20th century, a fundamental paradigm shift can be observed in the scientific discourses of various disciplines: The separation between the organic and the technical, which has shaped the "Western" history of ideas for centuries seems to have been abolished. This paradigm shift - from separation to hybridization - turns out to be a multifaceted process and becomes the scene of a contested terrain, also in literary studies. The discussion will focus on organic-technical figures of thought in German-language texts from the Middle Ages to contemporary literature.

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  • Leeds

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Illness as Metaphor in the Latin Middle Ages

    Leeds International Medieval Congress 2021

    The session seeks to provide a forum for scholars to reflect on the variation and functions of metaphors of illness in the Latin writing of the Middle Ages. We encourage papers that investigate how the imagery of morbus, pestilentia, gangraena etc. structured individual experience and how it shaped self-knowledge and practices of communities. We invite original contributions that critically examine the role that Latin metaphors of illness played in medieval discourse as a tool of explaining reality and as a rhetorical device used to impose specific world views.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    Historiography and translation

    Comparative approaches to writing translation histories

    This issue of World Literature Studies on translation history aims to bring together views from different sociocultural environments and historical backgrounds in order to shed light on the tasks of translators and the methods they employed throughout history.

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  • Grenoble

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Urban studies

    Still on the Map!

    Mississippi Delta Communities Facing Disappearing Land

    "Still on the Map!" takes as its context the Mississippi Delta fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina and about five years after the commissioning of the major new "100-year" flood protection infrastructure. Expressed from its title -a statement of resistance/resilience chanted by many inhabitants during ecological events in Louisiana- this research project aims to describe the links and "attachments" (LATOUR, 2017) that different communities in the delta maintain with their geographical environment in a situation of strong ecological tipping point, integrating the natural and artificial infrastructures of the watershed into the definition of ecosystems as socio-political actors in their own right. In a context where the delta's land is gradually sinking into the sea, every hour the surface area of a football pitch is permanently flooded.

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  • Paris

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Representation

    "All Alone" in East-Central Europe: Reinventing the Orphan from the Fascist to the Socialist Era

    International PhD Contract 2020-2023

    Full-time, 36-month-long international PhD contract at Sorbonne University (PhD program IV) within the research centre Eur'ORBEM and in partnership with the French Research Centre in Social Sciences (CEFRES) in Prague, from 1 October 2020, under the supervision of Clara Royer. The PhD thesis may be written in French or in English. PhD propositions should focus on the discourses and practices surrounding the orphan condition in literature and/or visual arts (cinema, photography, graphic arts and so forth) in the wake of the violence and demographic upheavals that characterized 20th century East-Central Europe. Because of its interdisciplinary scope, applicants with a background in social history, literary studies and/or visual arts specialized in one or several countries of East-Central Europe may apply.

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  • Rennes

    Call for papers - America

    Central America : spaces, cartographies, and representations

    Amerika nr. 20

    L’espace centre-américain révèle constamment sa complexité, c’est pourquoi une première question guide la réflexion de cet appel, à savoir : de quelle manière et avec quels outils pouvons-nous penser les espaces centre-américains contemporains, leur histoire et leur configuration ? Michel Foucault se demande dans sa conférence « Des espaces autres » dans quelle mesure l’époque contemporaine serait probablement celle de l’espace à la différence du XIXe siècle et son obsession avec le temps. Ce tournant géographique nous permet de penser les faits humains et sociaux à partir d’un endroit déterminé et par conséquent la façon dont cet espace est analysé, imaginé ou recréé.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Representation

    Mediating Otherness: Encounters across Space and Time (16th to 19th centuries)

    Cette journée d'étude se donne pour but de considérer les stratégies mises en œuvre par la littérature de voyage entre les XVIe et XIXe siècles afin de représenter la figure de l'autre, qu'il s'agisse de stratégies textuelles ou visuelles. Tous les domaines linguistiques et culturels pourront être considérés afin de construire un tableau aussi large que possible de la manière dont l'autre est appréhendé par les récits des voyageurs à l'époque moderne.

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    The politics and geopolitics of translation

    The multilingual circulation of knowledge and transnational histories of geography

    In the last fifty years, the field of the history of geography has moved from an approach dominated by National Schools to an attention to the circulation of knowledge in its multiple scales. The history of science and of geography have in the last decades incorporated concepts such as transit, networks, mobilities, the transnational, circulation, centre of calculation, spaces of knowledge, geographies of science, spatial mobility of knowledge, geographies of reading and geographies of the book. More recently, a turn has emerged towards considering the dynamics and necessities of decolonizing the history of geography. This work is turning the field of the history of geography into one of the most dynamic areas of the discipline. Yet we suggest that questions of language and translation have remained under-determined in this new field. Translation and writing have not received the same attention as, for instance, departmental histories, sites of museums, laboratories, botanic gardens, and scientific societies, for example. We suggest, therefore, that new perspectives opened up by translation studies can open new windows on the history of geography.

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  • Luxembourg City

    Call for papers - Language

    Cognitive literary studies. Theories, methodologies and challenges

    Considering the eclecticism that defines cognitive literary studies as beneficial, we invite literary critics as well as researchers from all branches of cognitive science interested in this field to reflect together on the status, the theories, the methodologies and the challenges that cognitive literary studies are currently facing.

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