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  • Seville

    Call for papers - Language

    Languages in European University Alliances: challenges and issues

    Strategic partnerships across the EU between higher education institutions encouraged the emergence of European Universities, a key driver for improving the quality of Higher Education and strengthening links with the European research and innovation landscape, but also with society and the economy. Which will be the role of languages in University Alliances’ strategies for interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches, maintaining different contextual linguistic, rhetorical, and disciplinary traditions? Will multilingualism be enhanced, and with what perspectives? The CEL/ELC (European Language Council) Forum intends to bring together contributions, experiences, and reflections on the role of languages in HELP (Language Policy in Higher Education), on strategies for their valorisation, on intercomprehension practices, on methodologies and actions to promote plurilingualism.

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  • Târgovişte

    Call for papers - History

    Hegemons, warlords, and refugees

    The 13th international conference on Baltic and Nordic studies

    What is the legacy of the hegemonic pursuits of warlords that were drafted from among the Viking raiders, the German knights, the Scandinavian and Polish kings, and the Russian tsars and leaders on Baltic Sea Region and Scandinavia? In what ways was the region redesigned on the political, ideological, geographical, and cultural levels? Whether hegemony is defined in terms of political assertion or influence, especially by one country over other nations, masculinity, international leadership, regional hegemony, ideological hegemony, or hegemonic contestation, the term always connotes control, hierarchy, and dependency. What traces of their attempts have been left in culture, art, and public monuments throughout the course of time, and how are they considered in modern times ?

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  • Nijmegen

    Conference, symposium - Religion

    Passions and the Mystical

    Between Affecting and Being Affected

    It is a pleasure to invite you to the annual Mystical Theology Network Conference: Passions and the Mystical. Between Affecting and Being Affected. Theologians, religious studies scholars, philosophers, literary scholars, (art) historians, creative practice researchers, writers, artists and scholars working in related fields will discuss and map out the wider semantic field of ‘passion(s)’ across mystical traditions.

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  • Call for papers - Early modern

    Metamorphosis in the Arts (c.500-c.1700)

    This Special Issue considers the phenomenon of metamorphosis within oral traditions, literary genres, and the visual and theatrical arts dating from approximately 500 to 1700. Contributors are invited to submit articles examining the role of metaphysical transformation within the interplay of contexts—social, sacred, geographical, political, economic, and intellectual—in which they originated, were re-imagined, and/or developed across time.

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  • Call for papers - Africa

    Generic Boundaries in South African Literature: a Revaluation

    “Commonwealth Essays and Studies” journal, 46.1

    This call for papers invites proposals for an issue entitled ‘Generic Boundaries in South African Literature: a Revaluation’ which will aim to examine what is at stake in the distinction between fiction and non-fiction, but also, more generally, in the fluidity of boundaries between genres in South African literature. We invite contributions on South African literary works which show an awareness of the shifting boundaries between fiction and nonfiction (true crime, new journalism…), but also, possibly, between prose and poetry or between realism and fantasy.

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  • Scholarship, prize and job offer - Language

    Values Across Space and Time (VAST) - Research Grant for Master student

    A call for tender is open for one Research Grant for Master student under the VAST: Values Across Space and Time project, of which IELT – NOVA FCSH is a partner, financed by European funds through the European Commission (H2020), in the scientific area of Literature. The aim of the project is to study the transformation of moral values in space and time and their communication and perception by different audiences, capturing, digitizing, preserving and analyzing the stories and experiences of those exposed to these values.

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  • Salamanca

    Call for papers - Representation

    Verga Pop

    Traces of Verga in visual and performing arts, in literature, and in popular culture

    We propose an unusual and unprecedented approach within the domain of Verga studies, pursuing the presence of the author in contemporary society through non-canonical lines of research. Some possible areas of investigation could be: Verga in songs, in contemporary melodramas, in dance, in non canonical theatrical forms, in audiobooks and hyperbooks, in comics, in the Italian territory, in the social sector; Verga and the fantastic, parodies on Verga.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Digital Humanities in the Web 3.0 Era

    The publication of critical editions and their use for scientific purposes—two essential realities for research in the humanities—have transformed considerably in step with the digital revolutions of our time. With the adoption of the Open Science principles and their dissemination within the scientific community, the Web has become an indispensable place for the publication and digital exploitation of source texts. All things considered, we are still a long way from exploiting the full potential of Web 3.0 (the Web of data). This issue of Methodos aims to explore new methodologies, technologies, standards, data models, computational tools and applications that allow the integration of major aspects of Web 3.0 into digital editions, including: the Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, automatic natural language processing, and visualization or graphical representation of data.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Comparing Rivers: Aquacritical Perspectives across History and Literature

    This call for paper is a special issue journal proposal. We look for new eco-orientated interpretations of rivers in different cultural sources and for other people and their river-related studies. We expect the potential authors to investigate new or revisit well-known sources, both elite and popular, within what we call the aquacritical perspective of river-centred analysis. This river-centric approach may involve sources across genres and periods to show how they contribute to unexplored river people adaptation cultures, e.g. how such people coped with the elemental nature of rivers, negotiated their space in the riparian landscape, and encoded ecological knowledge that survived in the memory of culture.

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  • Guadalajara

    Call for papers - Education

    “Verbum et Lingua”, Issue 21 (January-June 2023) – Varia

    Verbum et Lingua: Didáctica, Lengua y Cultura is an academic journal published by the Modern Languages Department of the University of Guadalajara’s Centro Universitario de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades. It is a specialized publication that highlights linguistic, didactic and cultural issues and perspectives. This journal especially responds to the needs of professionals in Mexico. It is published every six months: January-June and July-December. The journal welcomes articles, essays, interviews and book reviews in five languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. At the same time, it also considers contributions submitted in other languages. On this occasion, we extend an open call for articles for Journal issue 21 and invite researchers and specialists in didactics, linguistics and cultural studies to submit their contributions (including research-based reflections articles or essays, as well as interviews and book reviews).

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  • Lecture series - Education

    Teaching and Learning Series

    This indispensable series is aimed at new lecturers, postgraduate students who have teaching time, Graduate Teaching Assistants, part-time tutors and demonstrators, as well as experienced teaching staff who may feel it’s time to review their skills in teaching and learning. Sessions in this series will provide teachers in higher education with practical, realistic guidance on the various different aspects of their teaching role, which is underpinned not only by current research in the field, but also by the extensive experience of our individual speakers.

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  • Madrid

    Conference, symposium - Epistemology and methodology

    Libraries & Digital Humanities: Projects and Challenges

    Erasmus Training Week

    Digital Humanities Laboratories’ staff involve professionals from different areas, encompassing teams that are necessarily interdisciplinary. The experience of information managers, librarians and documentalists, makes them the perfect partners to cooperate on these projects. In UNED, our Library is an essential part of the Laboratory of Innovation in Digital Humanities (LINHD), supporting a wide range of projects in these disciplines, as well as providing advice and training, both in UNED and other institutions. UNED Library will hold the International Meeting about Digital Humanities and the role of university libraries as essential allies in approaching DH projects, in Madrid in September 2022.

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  • Essen

    Call for papers - Early modern

    Conviviality and Sociability in the Long Eighteenth Century: Restoration to Romanticism

    Christoph Heyl (Univ. Duisburg-Essen) and Rémy Duthille (Univ. Bordeaux-Montaigne) are continuing the long tradition of the Landau-Paris Symposia on the Eighteenth Century, welcoming both established scholars of the field and early career researchers. The symposium focuses on the literature and culture of the British Isles of the period, but it is also open to topics relating to the British colonies, France, Germany, and further afield. The conference will include a panel of emerging scholars who are working on their PhD projects or are planning to begin a PhD project in the near future.

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  • Oxford

    Seminar - History

    Channels of Digital Scholarship Seminar

    New tools and old questions in the analysis of textual corpora

    The aim of this first Channels of Digital Scholarship seminar series is to reflect upon new avenues for the analysis and use of textual corpora. Textual corpora and their uses represent several challenges in the development and validation of digital tools for analysis, the dialogue between disciplines, and the institutional structures that support the wide range of projects that are being developed. In this series of four seminars, the Maison Française d'Oxford and Digital Scholarship @ Oxford, with the help of leaders of digital humanities initiatives in the CIVIS network, propose to explore these challenges from Franco-British and international perspectives.

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  • Siena

    Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Classicamente. Dialoghi senesi sul mondo antico

    V edizione

    Following the successful results of last year's series of seminars, the PhD students belonging to the Anthropology of the Ancient World curriculum of the PhD course in Classics and Archeology would like to promote a fifth cycle of seminars of the series Classicamente. Dialoghi senesi sul mondo antico. The series is characterised by a particular interest in the different methodologies and research perspectives which represent the main fields of enquiry of anthropology of the ancient world since its first development (with the works of Gernet, Vernant and Detienne), but it also focuses on how different inter-discipliary approaches can contribute to its constant innovation. In addition, one of the main goals of this year's edition is to create a meeting point for scholarship on antiquity and contemporary debate on its reception in modern societies, underlining the cultural, social and ideological aspects which spark from the interection between present and past.

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  • Bucharest

    Call for papers - Representation

    Transmediatization and transwriting

    During the last decades, new concepts revolving around mediality and intermediality entered the arena of theoretical debates concerning the links between cinema and the established arts. Our conference aims to reassess two of these terms, namely transmédiagénie (transmediatization) and transécriture (transwriting). André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion’s concept of transécriture distances itself from the old paradigm of “fidelity” toward the original text and rethinks adaptations in accordance with the specific semiotical reconfigurations of the target medium. Transmédiagénie, on the other hand, is a wider notion defined by Philippe Marion as “a narrative’s capacity for star-like expansion, circulation and transmedial propagation.”

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  • Louvain-la-Neuve

    Conference, symposium - Religion

    Do we still need inspiration?

    Scriptures and theology

    The aim of this conference is to scrutinize afresh the traditional notion of inspiration and related concepts such as revelation, in the framework of a theological reflection that takes into account both the challenges of biblical criticism and contemporary hermeneutics. What does it mean to speak of an inspired text when the manuscript evidence reveals that it is fluid, and when historical criticism shows that it is self-contradictory or fictional? Is there “theology” in the Bible, in spite of its inner plurality? Should reception be regarded as an integral part of revelation and/or of the inspiration process? Such questions will be raised not only in relation to Christianity, but also in relation to Judaism and Islam.

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  • Cluj-Napoca

    Call for papers - Language

    Emerging Terminologies and Specialised Translation

    Issue 1/2024 of the journal Studia Universitatis Babe ş-Bolyai, series Philologia will be focused on interdisciplinary approaches to emerging terminologies and the problems of specialised translation in these thematic and textual contexts. This issue aims to deepen the analysis of and expand debates in the new fields of terminological investigation of lesser-researched specialised domains of the contemporary world, as well as in already existing specialised domains which are enriched by emergent concepts, based on their corresponding neological needs.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    Hybridity: Text, Translation, Teaching

    In our globalized world, life in or with several languages has become a socially accepted fact and is continuously gaining momentum, ranging from simple code switching to such complex and systematic phenomena as diglossia, multilingualism and hybrid teaching formats. This year's symposium will discuss the topic of hybridity from a research and methodological perspective in an effort to raise interest and concern for its complexity and prospects in a research and teaching environment. The discussion of the many facets of multilingualism in its translatory and methodological dimensions will hopefully contribute to greater knowledge and acceptance of this global phenomenon in our everyday lives.

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    Poetry and Social Institutions in a Transimperial Frame

    Special issue of Global Nineteenth-Century Studies

    Although the nineteenth century is a site of prolific and creative institution-based poetry, the wide spectrum of this poetical subgenre remains little explored. This proposed special issue of Global Nineteenth-Century Studies will focus on poems written by figures who were not in positions of authority and who inhabited nineteenth-century social institutions—factories, prisons, hospitals, workhouses, schools, churches, clubs, mechanics’ institutes—within different empires and their colonies.

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