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  • Call for papers - Language

    “Gelan”. Laughing, making laugh, theorizing laughter

    Comicality and playfulness between words, concepts, and practices in ancient texts

    The “funny”, “humorous”, “ironic”, and “playful” dimensions of ancient works have often been the focus of modern scholarship and the subject of several published volumes and articles. Nevertheless, there have been no comprehensive studies that explore both the terms themselves and how to make these useful for the evaluation of ancient literature and art in a way that examines their heuristic value, with the goal of arriving at more objective interpretations. Since defining the comic and the playful remains a fundamental problem, conceptual tools are still needed so as to better identify and appreciate content of this kind in ancient works. The aim of this thematic dossier of Methodos is to refine the tools and methods that would permit such analyses.

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  • Bogotá

    Call for papers - Language

    Language revitalization

    The journal Forma y Función from the Department of Linguistics of the National University of Colombia is pleased to invite you to participate in a special volume focused on the language revitalization. We invite researchers and other people involved in the reclamation, the linguistic, cultural, and political strengthening of languages and minority communities to share their insights and contribute to the discussion about social survival and linguistic diversity.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    Proper names and the lexicon

    Lexis – Journal in English Lexicology

    This special issue of Lexis invites us to look at proper names, including units like John, Facebook (proper nouns) but also (the) United States, (the) Chancellor of the Exchequer (proper or denominative expressions). From a comparative perspective, we could also extend the analysis to peripheral forms close to proper names, such as nicknames and antonomasia of common nouns, which serve to name a referent in an alternative way (Lilibeth for Elizabeth, t/The Bard for William Shakespeare) in French or in English.

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  • Call for papers - Education

    Learning situations and language inequalities

    Langues et usages journal, no.6

    Le numéro 6 de la revue Langues et usages s'intéresse aux situations d'apprentissage et aux inégalités langagières. Ce numéro de Langues et usages vise ainsi à renouveler et prolonger la réflexion sur ce que peut recouvrir et représenter aujourd’hui la formule langue de scolarisation, dans le monde scolaire, dans le premier comme dans le second degré, et plus largement sur les interactions langagières en contexte scolaire ou universitaire, dans une acception large qui peut être saisie à partir de ce qu’en disent les acteurs ou les usagers (enseignants, apprenants, formateurs, partenaires institutionnels, parents etc.), mais aussi dans les pratiques, les productions diverses des uns et des autres, et qui sont susceptibles de traduire des conceptions diverses du rôle de la langue et de ses usages dans les apprentissages et dans la formation à l’université, dans différents contextes.

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  • Bordeaux | Boulogne

    Study days - Middle Ages

    The manufacture of medieval narratives (13th-16th centuries)

    Lors de ces deux journées d'étude, les intervenants proposeront une réflexion sur la fabrique du texte médiéval, sa matérialité ainsi que l’évolution des procédés de mise en forme des récits médiévaux entre le XIIIe et le XVIe siècle.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Language

    Time and language development: Pedagogical and practical considerations

    LIDIL numéro 66

    This issue of LIDIL intends to questioning how the temporal parameter was, is and will be taken into account in the literature of the field. The focus here is in teacher-fronted, institutional settings, where language development is situated in two respects.

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