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  • Call for papers - History

    Music and French History

    French Historical Studies (Special Issue)

    The history of the music of France has traditionally been studied as a separate category without the same robust interest as other cultural artifacts such as film and literature. More recent scholarship illuminates the place of music in French society and suggests that more work should be done to sketch out the particular place of music in all its forms in French history. This special issue of French Historical Studies proposes to take stock of and advance this historiographical renewal. What can the production and consumption of music tell us about the shifting nature of French identity and the relationships among various constituencies in French history?

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    The politics and geopolitics of translation

    The multilingual circulation of knowledge and transnational histories of geography

    In the last fifty years, the field of the history of geography has moved from an approach dominated by National Schools to an attention to the circulation of knowledge in its multiple scales. The history of science and of geography have in the last decades incorporated concepts such as transit, networks, mobilities, the transnational, circulation, centre of calculation, spaces of knowledge, geographies of science, spatial mobility of knowledge, geographies of reading and geographies of the book. More recently, a turn has emerged towards considering the dynamics and necessities of decolonizing the history of geography. This work is turning the field of the history of geography into one of the most dynamic areas of the discipline. Yet we suggest that questions of language and translation have remained under-determined in this new field. Translation and writing have not received the same attention as, for instance, departmental histories, sites of museums, laboratories, botanic gardens, and scientific societies, for example. We suggest, therefore, that new perspectives opened up by translation studies can open new windows on the history of geography.

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  • Aix-en-Provence

    Call for papers - Political studies

    Artistic, Digital, and Political Creation in English-Speaking African Countries

    Africa 2020

    French President Emmanuel Macron announced on 3rd July 2018 in Lagos that a Special Season would be organized in France, from June to December 2020, to mark a renewed partnership with Africa, a “varied, strong and diverse continent that will play a part in our shared future”. Even if this cultural focus cannot be abstracted from a broader geopolitical agenda marred by controversial presidential declarations, it nevertheless has the potential to offer a somewhat different coverage of the continent. One can only hope that it avoids the temptation to officially “curate into being” “exceptional” artists (Dovey), tapping into the all-too-familiar image of Africa as “the supreme receptacle of the West’s obsession with, and circular discourse about, the facts of ‘absence,’ ‘lack,’ and ‘non-being,’ of identity and difference” (Mbembe).


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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Language

    Translating E-Lit?

    International Conference (Jan. 16 and 17, 2020, Paris 8 University, France)

    The main focus of this conference will be translation as process, rather than as a mere product, which will prompt us to apprehend translated works as belonging to one or several networks, contexts and translational cultures. In short, translation is a concept that throws new light onto the exchanges and differences pertaining to contemporary digital literary culture. Contemporary digital literary culture mobilizes multiple operations: it involves translation across languages, but includes circulations characteristic of other translational issues at large: exchanges between interfaces, media, codes, institutions, cultural perspectives, artistic and archiving practices. In turn, digital forms of textuality share a certain number of aspects within ubiquitous environments, which means that translational processes will lead us to consider creative practices that stand beyond the traditional field of literature. 

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  • Fiesole

    Call for papers - Europe

    New shape of sharing: networks, expertise, information

    A forum on current issues in European librarianship

    The New Shape of Sharing: Networks, Expertise, Information continues conversations begun at the New Directions Symposium held in Frankfurt in 2017. This multi-day forum of panel presentations, a poster session, and interactive breakout sessions on key issues facing Western European collections and public services will encourage both structured and unstructured debate. We will advance our understanding of the challenges and initiate action in three areas: design new models for collaborative collection development and services; explore a growing range of content and format types and what they mean for libraries and researchers, and highlight the evolving role of libraries and librarians in the research process.

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  • Liège

    Conference, symposium - Information

    University Museums and their Publics

    University museums are still mainly visited by an insufficiently diverse audience limited to researchers/students/professors and a few families or informed amateurs. During this colloquium, we will address the reasons for this conjuncture and ask the nowadays practices of our university institutions: elitist speech? Dusty scenography? Not adapted communication means? University showcase? Too little known or heterogeneous collections? This colloquium aims in inviting university authorities and collection managers to engage a global thinking on their audience approach policy.

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  • Lyon

    Call for papers - Language

    The Adjective Category in English

    Lexis 15

    The e-journal LexisJournal in English Lexicology – will publish its 15th issue in 2020. It will be guest-edited by Vincent Hugou (Université de Tours) and Vincent Renner(Université Lumière Lyon 2) and will deal with “adjectives in English”, a lexical class known for its heterogeneity and instability.

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  • Ivry-sur-Seine

    Study days - Africa

    Ethiopian Studies and Digital Humanities: tools and projects

    Beta maṣāḥəft, Ethiopian Manuscript Archives, EthioMap

    The objective of this workshop is to create the conditions for the emergence of a scientific community using digital collaborative tools within Ethiopian studies. There is no need to recall the scientific and technological context in which we live to understand the importance and challenges of this methodological revolution. Many initiatives have emerged over the past two decades, both in terms of the availability of digitized documentation and the tools to use it. After the first experiments, interoperability and sharing have become the key words, and Ethiopian studies must respond to these good practices.


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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Time in the Middle Ages

    16th annual symposium of the International Medieval Society – Paris

    For its 16th annual symposium, the International Medieval Society Paris invites scholarly papers on any aspect of time in the Middle Ages. Papers may deal with the experience or exploitation of time, its reckoning or measuring, its inscription, its theorization, or the question of how or why or whether we should demarcate the “Middle Ages.” Papers focusing on historical or cultural material from medieval France or post-Roman Gaul, or on texts written in medieval French or Occitan, are particularly encouraged, but compelling papers on other material will also be considered.

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  • Mexico City

    Call for papers - America

    Mexican perspectives of France and the United States (1821-1950)

    What forgotten letters, personal journals, memoires and other self-penned documents reveal?

    Le projet du colloque sera d'examiner le regard sur l'Autre, français ou états-uniens de la part de voyageurs mexicains, politiques, intellectuels et anonymes pouur la période 1821-1950 sur la base d'écrits du for intérieur : correspondances, journaux intimes, mémoires, sans exclure les chroniques et les documents publiés dans la presse mexicaine sur la France et les États-Unis de la période considérée.

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  • Saint-Omer

    Call for papers - History

    The Literary Exchanges and Intellectual Encounters of Humanists in the Northern Provinces during the Renaissance

    First Saint-Omer international colloquium

    The first Saint-Omer international colloquium is co-organized by the Centre de Recherche et d’Études Histoire et Sociétés (EA 4027 CREHS - Université d’Artois), and the Cultural Services of St Omer country’s Urban district (CAPSO). It is part of the pluri-disciplinary research programme The Renaissance in the Northern Provinces, coordinated since 2015 by Pr. Charles Giry-Deloison and Dr. Laurence Baudoux, and is in the continuity of the conferences already held at the University of Artois. The Saint-Omer colloquium aims to address all expressions of the Renaissance in the field of Humanities (philosophy, literature, arts), in the former Southern Netherlands in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. It will focus in particular on the exchanges, encounters and bonds between the main actors of this cultural revival.

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  • Sao Paolo

    Call for papers - History

    Foreign press published in Americas

    Revista história (São Paulo) - Brésil

    This dossier will receive articles about periodical press (newspapers, magazines, reviews, almanacs, bulletins etc.) published in foreign language (other than the national language) in any country of North, Central and South America. Various contributions which deal with issues related to the production, circulation and dissemination of media, as well as studies on cultural mediators involved, whether individuals or institutions are expected. Papers belonging to a broad theoretical spectrum will be accepted, including approaches related to cultural transfers, global history, cross-stories, history connected among others, in order to contemplate the transnational characteristics of the printed version published in an allophone language.

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  • Sao Paolo

    Call for papers - Language

    The Francophone press in the Americas

    La culture et la langue françaises ont joué un rôle important dans le monde, tout particulièrement dans la presse du XIXe siècle, phénomène qui s’étend jusqu’au milieu du XXe siècle et s’est développée grâce à l’expansion des moyens techniques de production et de communication, permettant la circulation des modèles de presse et des sujets traités, ainsi que la constitution d’imaginaires mondialisés. Ce congrès est ainsi consacré à rassembler des chercheurs dédiés à l’étude de la presse périodique francophone dans les Amériques du XIXe et début du XXe siècle, comme journaux, revues et almanachs.

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  • Ottawa

    Call for papers - Representation

    Machines and the Musical Imagination (1900-1950)

    Drawing on historical, aesthetic, theoretical and sociocultural perspectives, this study day seeks to reconsider the place of machines in the musical imagination during the first half of the twentieth century, a period marked by the proliferation of mass technology.

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  • Berlin

    Summer School - History

    Visual History in the Twentieth Century: Bodies, Practices and Emotions

    The spring school Visual History in the Twentieth Century: Bodies, Practices, and Emotions invites participants to engage in five days of intensive discussion on the relation between the history of the body, body politics, and film and television in the twentieth century. The spring school will take a transnational perspective and focus particular on developments in Germany, France and Great Britain.

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  • London

    Conference, symposium - History

    Broadcasting health and disease

    Bodies, markets and television, 1950s-1980s

    In the television age, health and the body have been broadcasted in many ways: in short health education films, school television, professional training materials, TV ads, documentaries, reality TV shows and news, as well as stand-alone videos distributed to specific audiences. This three-day conference proposes an exploration of how television formats have influenced and staged bodies, health and healthy practices from local, regional, national and international perspectives, and how these TV programmes spread the conviction that viewers could and should invest in their health and shape their own body.

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  • Oxford

    Seminar - Representation

    Towards a Social History of Photoliterature and the Photobook

    (Séminaire, Maison Française d'Oxford, 2017-2018)

    This international seminar brings together researchers working on photography and the book with interdisciplinary approaches, connecting the aesthetic and material dimensions of the photobook with social, economic and political perspectives.

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  • Avanca

    Call for papers - Information

    Avanca | Cinema 2018

    International Cinema Conference – Art, Technology and Communication

    In 2018, we will be holding the 9th edition of a conference that is becoming a benchmark in the field of film research.The Avanca | Cinema is a meeting point for researchers who intend to disseminate and share their academic research. Having been the first scientific conference to take place within the framework of a film festival, the Avanca | Cinema and the 22nd Avanca 2018 Festival offer a unique atmosphere and a diverse program that includes cinema sessions, workshops, book presentations, round tables, plenary sessions and side events (from gastronomy to concerts).These are 5 days of cinema and truly festive moments ... in the eyes that meet in Avanca, Portugal, in midsummer.

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  • Rennes

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Representation

    Postdoctoral fellow “Mapping architectural criticism” (18 months)

    Postdoctorat « Mapping architectural criticism » (18 mois)

    The research team Histoire et critique des arts (EA1279) at Rennes 2 University is hiring a postdoctoral fellow, in the framework of the research project: Mapping Architectural Criticism. Architectural criticism, an intellectual and material cartography, directed by Hélène Jannière, Professor of contemporary history of architecture. An 18-months, full-time contract starting on March 1, 2018 is proposed. 

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  • Angoulême

    Call for papers - Economy

    Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth

    VIIIth Interdisciplinary Conference on Child and Teen Consumption

    The interdisciplinary conference « Child and Teen Consumption » aims to facilitate in-depth dialogue between researchers from various disciplines: management, psychology, sociology, information and communication, anthropology, history, educational sciences, law, etc. Whilst the 8th conference will aim to continue interdisciplinary research and dialogue on broad themes related to children and young people as consumers, the theme of the 2018 conference will be « Cultural and Creative Industries of Childhood and Youth » in order to reflect its location in Angoulême and the growing research and public policy interest in this topic. The conference aims to highlight research in this domaine and invites producers of cultural material to bring their views to the debate.

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