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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - History

    Deciphering censorship

    From regulation to the production of invisibilities, from the archive to the Internet: an interdisciplinary approach

    We invite all parties interested in the theme of censorship to participate in the conference across any of the four axes detailed below. Nevertheless, there is an openness to other proposals that set out new paths and, hence, the framework below is in no way exhaustive: Analytical models and methodologies; Framework for the factor of international circulation; Meta-analysis; Implications of censorship.

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  • Saint-Denis

    Call for papers - History

    Magnats, entremetteurs et contrebandiers : les distributeurs de films et leurs réseaux au XXe siècle

    Moguls, Go-betweens and Smugglers: Film Distributors and their Networks in the Twentieth Century

    This workshop aims at revisiting the history of film importers/exporters and distributors throughout the 20th century by examining the social inscription of their trade. Moguls, go-betweens and/or smugglers, film traders were main actors in determining the value of films, building film markets, bringing out audiences by giving them (or not) access to the films. Yet, the history of cinema has long ignored the figure of the distributor, too bland to obscure the ethereal figure of the author, too close to the limelight to interest those, less numerous, researching “those wonderful people out there in the dark,” the audience. This workshop seeks to reconstruct the diversity of networks these businessmen/women used to maintain, how they positioned themselves in relation to their peers, remembering that many distributors also acted as exhibitors and producers.

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  • Rennes

    Seminar - History

    Conflictualité chileno-mapuche entre deux siècles

    Desde una perspectiva de largo plazo, las relaciones entre el pueblo mapuche y la sociedad chilena evidencian frecuentemente tintes de conflictividad. Ya sea desde un punto de vista político, territorial o económico, a menudo estallan crisis que tensionan, cuando no oponen, a ambas identidades tanto discursiva como factualmente. Este seminario recorre dos de esos momentos críticos: por un lado la Guerra de Pacificación (1862-1883), que consagra la anexión del país mapuche por parte del Estado chileno, y por otro, la emergencia del discurso plurinacional durante el presente año 2022 que desemboca en el rechazo de la llamada constitución indigenista.

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  • Buenos Aires

    Call for papers - Thought

    Rhythm and Art

    Rhythm is a central element in the creation of meaning in art, and its configuration is such that it requires a multi, inter and transdisciplinary approach. The difference of materials, procedures and events masks the resemblance of rhythmic phenomena that are similar in different arts and hides their identity or their homology. In the work of some scholars, the concepts do not seem to belong to a particular artistic discipline, being rather characteristic of the rhythmic phenomenon. The objective of this conference is to provide an instance for exchanging knowledge, concerns and aspirations for those who have been devoting themselves to the study of rhythm and artistic creation on the subject.

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  • Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Emplois et remplois du livre manuscrit au Moyen Âge méridional

    Ce colloque international est consacré aux emplois et remplois du manuscrit médiéval latin dans l’Italie méridionale, considérée comme lieu de production, passage et circulation ultérieure des livres. Par le biais d’une approche interdisciplinaire, qui allie la codicologie, la paléographie, la philologie, l’histoire de l’art et des bibliothèques, les communications porteront sur les paratextes des livres médiévaux, cherchant aussi à déchiffrer l’histoire des annotateurs, en mobilisant des méthodes variées, exploratoires et numériques. 

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  • Lisbon

    Call for papers - History

    The Book in Its Time: Places, Materials, Forms and Techniques

    « Cadernos do Arquivo Municipal », Number 20

    The Book is a phenomenon that combines the fascination of its manifestations of yesteryear to the current debates and practices that announce future paths and dilemmas. We propose in this call an exercise that recovers the procedures and techniques that gained body to welcome another invention, that of writing, which inscribes the history of copyists, printing typographers who moved between cities and countries in search of business, that of their emergence in monasteries, courts, universities, binder workshops and typographies, that of street vendors and that of the production and marketing circuits.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Digital Humanities in the Web 3.0 Era

    The publication of critical editions and their use for scientific purposes—two essential realities for research in the humanities—have transformed considerably in step with the digital revolutions of our time. With the adoption of the Open Science principles and their dissemination within the scientific community, the Web has become an indispensable place for the publication and digital exploitation of source texts. All things considered, we are still a long way from exploiting the full potential of Web 3.0 (the Web of data). This issue of Methodos aims to explore new methodologies, technologies, standards, data models, computational tools and applications that allow the integration of major aspects of Web 3.0 into digital editions, including: the Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, automatic natural language processing, and visualization or graphical representation of data.

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  • Bucharest

    Call for papers - Representation

    Transmediatization and transwriting

    During the last decades, new concepts revolving around mediality and intermediality entered the arena of theoretical debates concerning the links between cinema and the established arts. Our conference aims to reassess two of these terms, namely transmédiagénie (transmediatization) and transécriture (transwriting). André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion’s concept of transécriture distances itself from the old paradigm of “fidelity” toward the original text and rethinks adaptations in accordance with the specific semiotical reconfigurations of the target medium. Transmédiagénie, on the other hand, is a wider notion defined by Philippe Marion as “a narrative’s capacity for star-like expansion, circulation and transmedial propagation.”

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  • Berlin

    Call for papers - Science studies

    “Rhythm” in the Concepts of Audio and Visual Arts

    This call is meant to establish communication and interaction between different cultures and to form a scientific community that includes researchers from the ocean to the Gulf, in addition to addressing common civilizational problems. This International Scientific Conference is dedicated to “Rhythm”. Rhythm regulates the durations of sounds in music, supporting its process and layers of its hierarchy to deliver an expressive discourse based on harmony and dissonance, on stillness and sound. Even in the freest melodies (Adlib), the rhythm does not disappear, but rather its presence takes a random, regular shape. Cinema does not differ in the interactions of the image and music, but also indulges in the manifestations of rhythm to imbue the viewer with sensory interactions that oscillate between tension and calm.

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  • Call for papers - Information

    Post-Truth and Affective Publics’ Challenges to Social Ties

    Disinformation, Populism, Data-Driven Propaganda

    The acceleration of innovation in communication technology and the increasing commodification of personal data have combined with the already hyper-segmented offer of legacy media to throw news media ecologies across the globe in a state of flux. Through selective exposure, users are provided with infinite opportunities to reinforce their pre-existing attitudes and engage with the political process affectively, a phenomenon further compounded by new challenges to journalistic authority that accelerate already existing trends and shake traditional informational hierarchies to their cores. The resulting audience polarization in turn jeopardizes the possibility of a common citizenship, as users are effectively barred from cultivating shared patterns of representation of the social world.

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  • Call for papers - Economics

    Socio-economic approaches to literary translation

    The aim of this conference is to explore the literary translation sector and literary translator careers from a socioeconomic angle.

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  • Poitiers

    Call for papers - Education

    Distance education : a brave new world?

    Modalities, challenges, opportunities and prospects

    When the closure of schools and universities was imposed by governments across the globe to curb the pandemic in March 2020, the use of digital tools and platforms became the only way to ensure continuity of teaching and learning. Thus, a form of emergency distance teaching unexpectedly appeared and was imposed on teachers, learners and all the staff who provide pedagogical, pastoral and administrative support, who create content and who manage logistics. This emergency form of distance teaching and hybrid teaching modes are still widespread around the world today. This event will be dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of distance education in the time of Covid-19 and its aftermath.

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  • Lyon

    Call for papers - Economics

    Digital, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Financing (DIF-2021)

    This call invites you to submit your paper in various areas for the the third international conference on digital, innovation, entrepreneurship and financing (DIF-2021). It will be an excellent networking opportunity for academics, doctoral students and practitioners to present new research results, and discuss current and challenging issues in their disciplines.

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  • Call for papers - Economics

    Cultural and market mediations: dangerous digital liaisons?

    The continuous diffusion of digital technology leads to new cultural and market mediations through new media to capture and enhance the attention of the public (Citton, 2014). In the perspective of exploratory conventions, and innovations, the axes developed here intend to think about the novel forms, which guide the concordances as oppositions between the designers, the actors and the receivers of these digital projections. This call for paper is dedicated to understanding and developing interdisciplinary cultural and market mediations approaches. It aims at understanding their dangerous digital liaisons through online advertising and ethics, through the prism of communication and marketing dangerous digital creation, and dangerous digital staging of the territory.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Representation

    New Worlds, Old Worlds, Lost Worlds

    Picturing Prehistory in American Art and Visual Culture

    Atlantis, pre-Columbian “Mound Builders,” cave men locked in combat with T. Rex — visions of ancient, ruined, or “lost” worlds on a spectrum between fact and fantasy have long fascinated American artists and producers of visual culture. How have U.S. artists and image makers depicted prehistory, and to what ends? How have visualizations of prehistory from the eighteenth century to 1980 contributed to new conceptualizations of culture, time, and space? For this two-day conference, we invite papers examining images of prehistory, in different media and in both artistic and nonartistic contexts. 

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  • Agadir-n-Oumzil

    Call for papers - Information

    The Discourse of “Rumor” in the Digital Age

    Rumor is a phenomenon that manifests itself in its destructive aspect. Even its dated appearance in the very first years of the twentieth century does not seem to be enough to make an “epistemological break”, as Bachelard said, “The rumor continues to be a phenomenon more believed than known in discourses” To this discursive form of rumor, its dissemination added as another dimension, because the term in question had an oral connotation, setting aside the iconic and scriptural mediation. However, we are accepting, for some time now, that the discourse of rumor could adapt to other linguistic media categories such as writings, images, caricature, especially with the advent of the Internet.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    José Saramago: character and figuration

    Revista de Estudos Literários journal

    Cet appel à contribution pour le numéro 12 (2022) de la Revista de Estudos Literários (revue d’études littéraires) porte sur le thème « José Saramago : personnage et figuration », organisé par Carlos Reis, Ana Paula Arnaut et Sara Grünhagen. La Revista de Estudos Literários est une publication annuelle du Centre de littérature portugaise de l’université de Coimbra.

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  • Edmonton

    Call for papers - Information

    Northern Relations

    Canadian Communication Association (CCA) Annual Conference 2021

    As a theme, “Northern Relations” encourages delegates to explore the connections between peoples, communities, cultures, and ways of knowing, while also listening to those voices that speak directly to some of the most pressing matters of relation (to the land, to each other) in the North: climate change, governance, social justice, reconciliation, reciprocity, education, and much more. A relation is not only an association and an affiliation, it is also an act of telling or reporting; relations are at the heart of how peoples communicate, organize knowledge, and understand their place in the world.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Music and French History

    French Historical Studies (Special Issue)

    The history of the music of France has traditionally been studied as a separate category without the same robust interest as other cultural artifacts such as film and literature. More recent scholarship illuminates the place of music in French society and suggests that more work should be done to sketch out the particular place of music in all its forms in French history. This special issue of French Historical Studies proposes to take stock of and advance this historiographical renewal. What can the production and consumption of music tell us about the shifting nature of French identity and the relationships among various constituencies in French history?

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  • Call for papers - Geography

    The politics and geopolitics of translation

    The multilingual circulation of knowledge and transnational histories of geography

    In the last fifty years, the field of the history of geography has moved from an approach dominated by National Schools to an attention to the circulation of knowledge in its multiple scales. The history of science and of geography have in the last decades incorporated concepts such as transit, networks, mobilities, the transnational, circulation, centre of calculation, spaces of knowledge, geographies of science, spatial mobility of knowledge, geographies of reading and geographies of the book. More recently, a turn has emerged towards considering the dynamics and necessities of decolonizing the history of geography. This work is turning the field of the history of geography into one of the most dynamic areas of the discipline. Yet we suggest that questions of language and translation have remained under-determined in this new field. Translation and writing have not received the same attention as, for instance, departmental histories, sites of museums, laboratories, botanic gardens, and scientific societies, for example. We suggest, therefore, that new perspectives opened up by translation studies can open new windows on the history of geography.

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