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  • Beirut

    Call for papers - Representation

    Narrative forms and co-production in Arab cinemas

    Norms, constraints, and margins of freedom

    Film industry in the Arab world remains generally underdeveloped. Arab countries still depend on international film support funds, mainly European. This puts Arab producers, scriptwriters and filmmakers in a subaltern position in relation to European producers and funders, whose expectations in terms of content and narrative forms end up strongly impacting the film creation process. On the other hand, margins of freedom and resistance can be created within this system. This conference aims at addressing the complex relation between Arab cinemas and international film support funds.

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  • Istanbul

    Call for papers - History

    The development of cinephilia and the promotion of French and local cinemas

    The contribution of the French Institutes and the Alliances françaises

    The role of movie theatres in the development of cinephilia is a field which has been the subject of a number of researches . Among these venues, a specific section consisting of those of the network of French cultural institutions abroad has not been analysed. Yet they have encouraged and still make a significant contribution to the dissemination and the promotion of cinema. The French cultural action outside France in general has been widely studied, cinema-related action, however, has been neglected. The aim of this colloquium is to remedy this lack and to highlight this contribution to the development of the cinephilia and to the promotion of French and local cinemas, including the encouragement of young creation and the emergence of new talents.

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  • Taipei

    Study days - Asia

    The Geopolitics of Film and Entertainment Industries Across the Taiwan Strait

    Franco-Taiwanese Workshop

    The Taipei office of the HK-based French Center for the Study of Contemporary China (CEFC, is inviting you to join a limited number of researchers in freely exchanging ideas about Cross-Taiwan Strait cinema and entertainment industries in a geopolitical perspective.

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  • Beirut

    Study days - Information

    Mobilisations on Stage. Image of the Real and the Verity of the Image

    Beirut Media Forum 2009

    Cette nouvelle édition du Beirut Media Forum (BMF) se propose d’interroger la diversité notionnelle et la polysémie des usages des images « documentaires ». Nous nous attacherons particulièrement à l’analyse des procédures et des dispositifs de fabrication de ces images ainsi qu’aux rôles et aux fonctions qu’elles recèlent dans des contextes de sensibilisation, d’influence et de mobilisation au Moyen-Orient ou, au-delà, dans le regard qui est porté sur lui.

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  • Beirut

    Conference, symposium - Information

    Beirut Media Forum 2008 : médias et islamismes

    Institut français du Proche-Orient (Ifpo), Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Orient Institute Beirut

    Ce colloque se propose de réfléchir sur les modes de représentation médiatique de l’islam politique à partir d’études de cas emblématiques (Palestine, Yémen, Soudan, Iran, Liban…) en explorant les facteurs qui président à leur construction et circulation. Il s’intéressera ensuite aux nouveaux lieux de communication politique islamistes – les i-médias – en s’interrogeant sur les formes de mobilisation et de réception qu’ils suscitent aux niveaux local, national et transnational.

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  • Manama

    Call for papers - Information

    Les nouveaux medias : nouvelles technologies pour un monde nouveau

    Colloque international - Bahrain 7-9 Avril 2009

    Le départment de communication de l'université de Bahraïn organise un colloque international intitulé « Les nouveaux medias : nouvelles technologies pour un monde nouveau » du 7 au 9 avril 2009.

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