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  • Warsaw

    Call for papers - History

    Artistic Neighbourhoods between Tension and Cooperation

    The Artistic Space of Central and Eastern Europe in its Interactions with the USSR in the Interwar Period

    In the Interwar period the Soviet administration conceived a new type of cultural diplomacy with the aim of attaining political, diplomatic and propagandist ends. Historians have been mainly interested in cultural experiences and exchanges with Western Europe or/and with the United States, while neighbouring countries are often excluded from studies of these circulations. The workshop, which will take place on June 1, 2021 aims to revisit the artistic and cultural history of the interwar period from the perspective of relations between the USSR and Central and Eastern Europe, through the study of the international career of artists and works of art in the broad sense of the term (painting, sculpture and specifically graphic art productions). The goal of this workshop is to bring together young specialists (doctoral students and early-career researchers) in history of art, cultural and political history and visual studies around this complex, rich and little-studied topic.

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  • Montpellier

    Call for papers - Asia

    Fleeing the Nazis: the blessed exiles of Asia?

    This meeting is a continuation of the franco-german conference held in Berlin in 2014 about "Heroes and heroic myths : a social and cultural construction : Germany, France, Japan" (published in 2017 at Leipziger Universitätsverlag). After having studied those ambivalent constructions of warrior 'heroes', this new conference focuses on two other ambivalences associated with WWII : the position of host states towards exiles fleeing from nazism and the "survival ethic" of the exiles themselves.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Early modern

    Picturing the Margings

    Peripheries, Minorities and Taboos in the Films by Marcel Łoziński, Pál Schiffer and Želimir Žilnik

    The conference aims to study films directed by three acclaimed Central European and Balkanic documentary filmmakers who showed, through their filmic poetics, a special interest towards disqualified social groups. In parallel to the conference, multiple events will be held online: screenings, debates, masterclasses with Marcel Łoziński and Želimir Žilnik, tribute to Pál Schiffer, etc.

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  • Athens

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    French School in Athens - doctoral contracts (2021-2024)

    Conformément à ses statuts, l'École française d'Athènes développe en Grèce et à Chypre, où elle dispose de missions permanentes, ainsi que dans les Balkans, des recherches dans toutes les disciplines des sciences humaines et sociales, depuis la Préhistoire jusqu'à nos jours. Elle peut donc accueillir en septembre 2021 et pour une durée de trois ans un·e doctorant·e travaillant dans ces champs géographiques et chronologiques.

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  • Call for papers - Urban studies

    Undergound Atmospheres. Renewing the debate

    This special issue of Ambiances aims to highlight shared topics and possible bridges between actors who usually operate on different scales. We encourage reflections questioning the stakes and methods of the construction of inhabited space in its verticality by reintroducing the question of the underground, not as a soffit but as a living and evolving interface. The issue invites researchers, practitioners of the operational world and designers from different fields, who will share their work on the questions of undergrounds and ambiances – built, experienced and lived by humans – by highlighting case studies, in-situexperiences and new methodological tools. This call is organised around three, non-exclusive thematic lines open for articles from urban studies, architecture, engineering, humanities and social sciences.

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  • Call for papers - Language

    José Saramago: character and figuration

    Revista de Estudos Literários journal

    Cet appel à contribution pour le numéro 12 (2022) de la Revista de Estudos Literários (revue d’études littéraires) porte sur le thème « José Saramago : personnage et figuration », organisé par Carlos Reis, Ana Paula Arnaut et Sara Grünhagen. La Revista de Estudos Literários est une publication annuelle du Centre de littérature portugaise de l’université de Coimbra.

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  • Paris

    Seminar - History

    Muslims: a European History 16th-21st century

    For the second consecutive year, the CHSP (Centre d’histoire de sciences po) European History Seminar explores the social lives of Muslims in early modern and modern European societies. It fits in with the preliminary works of ESLAM (European Societies in the Light of Apolitical Muslims) and is open to established scholars, junior researchers and Ph.D. and master degree’s students in history and social sciences. 

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Museums and heritage in the post-COVID-19 era: the footprint of COVID and rethinking the future

    Her&Mus. Heritage & Museography Journal

    Through case studies and empirical studies, this issue of Her & Mus is a call to assess the proposals that have been developed throughout 2020 since the pandemic began, covering those practices that have worked and those that have not. It is an opportunity to reflect on the sustainability and future viability of museums and heritage facilities after the pandemic.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Christianity in Iraq at the turn of Islam: History & Archaeology

    An international round table organized on May 4 and 5, 2019 at the University of Salahaddin (Erbil, Iraq) highlighted the interest for a collective work that will address the question of Christianity in Iraq at the turn of Islam. Les Presses de l’Ifpo launch a call for papers related to this theme.

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  • Edmonton

    Call for papers - Information

    Northern Relations

    Canadian Communication Association (CCA) Annual Conference 2021

    As a theme, “Northern Relations” encourages delegates to explore the connections between peoples, communities, cultures, and ways of knowing, while also listening to those voices that speak directly to some of the most pressing matters of relation (to the land, to each other) in the North: climate change, governance, social justice, reconciliation, reciprocity, education, and much more. A relation is not only an association and an affiliation, it is also an act of telling or reporting; relations are at the heart of how peoples communicate, organize knowledge, and understand their place in the world.

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  • Beirut

    Call for papers - Asia

    Beirut - the comeback

    L’appel à propositions interroge la catastrophe et la reprise, nécessaire, de la tragique explosion du 4 août, à Beyrouth. La reprise s’oppose, par définition pour Søren Kierkegaard, à la pure répétition — impossible — du même. La reprise est recréation sous un autre visage, en assumant les aléas de la mémoire, ses failles, ses imprécisions. Reprendre Beyrouth, c’est déjà se trouver sur un terrain miné, à ramasser des éclats de visages, de sens, de chronologie rompue. Reprendre Beyrouth, c’est aussi la repriser, en suturer l’architecture, l’histoire, l’héritage, la sauver de sa propre béance. L'appel, interdisciplinaire, s'ouvre à l'image (photographie, caricature, bande dessinée, illustration, dessin, collage) et au textuel (textes en prose, poèmes, réflexions).

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Representation

    Organitechnosciences. Invective dynamics of a paradigm shift

    Since the second half of the 20th century, a fundamental paradigm shift can be observed in the scientific discourses of various disciplines: The separation between the organic and the technical, which has shaped the "Western" history of ideas for centuries seems to have been abolished. This paradigm shift - from separation to hybridization - turns out to be a multifaceted process and becomes the scene of a contested terrain, also in literary studies. The discussion will focus on organic-technical figures of thought in German-language texts from the Middle Ages to contemporary literature.

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  • Leeds

    Call for papers - Europe

    Before the Anthropocene: Medieval concepts of interdependent human-nature-relations

    Ces dernières années, l'histoire du climat et la climatologie historique se sont essentiellement concentrées sur les impacts économiques et sociaux des changements climatiques de long terme, comme ceux qui se sont produits pendant l'Anomalie climatique médiévale ou le Petit âge glaciaire. Néanmoins, les préoccupations contemporaines concernant le changement climatique global ont posé de nouvelles questions urgentes aux historiens du climat : Comment les sociétés du passé ont-elles perçu les périodes de changement climatique rapide ? Dans quelle mesure ont-elles été affectées, non seulement sur le plan économique, mais aussi dans leur réflexion sur la relation entre l'homme et la nature ?

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  • Grenoble

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Urban studies

    Still on the Map!

    Mississippi Delta Communities Facing Disappearing Land

    "Still on the Map!" takes as its context the Mississippi Delta fifteen years after Hurricane Katrina and about five years after the commissioning of the major new "100-year" flood protection infrastructure. Expressed from its title -a statement of resistance/resilience chanted by many inhabitants during ecological events in Louisiana- this research project aims to describe the links and "attachments" (LATOUR, 2017) that different communities in the delta maintain with their geographical environment in a situation of strong ecological tipping point, integrating the natural and artificial infrastructures of the watershed into the definition of ecosystems as socio-political actors in their own right. In a context where the delta's land is gradually sinking into the sea, every hour the surface area of a football pitch is permanently flooded.

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  • Lille

    Call for papers - Representation

    The Measurement of Images: Computational Approaches in the History and Theory of the Arts


    The DHNord colloquium brings together the digital humanities community every year at the Maison Européenne des Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société in Lille. The theme chosen for 2020 considers computational approaches to images in the history and theory of the arts. This conference will bring together for the first time in France the leading specialists in artificial intelligence applied to the arts.

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  • Paris

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Representation

    "All Alone" in East-Central Europe: Reinventing the Orphan from the Fascist to the Socialist Era

    International PhD Contract 2020-2023

    Full-time, 36-month-long international PhD contract at Sorbonne University (PhD program IV) within the research centre Eur'ORBEM and in partnership with the French Research Centre in Social Sciences (CEFRES) in Prague, from 1 October 2020, under the supervision of Clara Royer. The PhD thesis may be written in French or in English. PhD propositions should focus on the discourses and practices surrounding the orphan condition in literature and/or visual arts (cinema, photography, graphic arts and so forth) in the wake of the violence and demographic upheavals that characterized 20th century East-Central Europe. Because of its interdisciplinary scope, applicants with a background in social history, literary studies and/or visual arts specialized in one or several countries of East-Central Europe may apply.

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  • Madrid

    Call for papers - Modern

    Image, Cinema & Politics: the Avant-Garde Dilemma in the Interwar Period (1918-1936)

    In this publication we would like to explore the relation between the post-1918 crisis of the liberal system and the use of art and image as political media including its nationalist, gender and class discourses since they reflect the political and economic transformations of the post-war years. Art and cinema allow us to observe processes such as accelerated urbanisation, electrification and the automobile revolution, the incorporation of women into the waged- labour market or class struggles, all of which fed the insecurity and anxiety of industrialised societies which sought shelter in growing protectionism and corporatism.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Music and French History

    French Historical Studies (Special Issue)

    The history of the music of France has traditionally been studied as a separate category without the same robust interest as other cultural artifacts such as film and literature. More recent scholarship illuminates the place of music in French society and suggests that more work should be done to sketch out the particular place of music in all its forms in French history. This special issue of French Historical Studies proposes to take stock of and advance this historiographical renewal. What can the production and consumption of music tell us about the shifting nature of French identity and the relationships among various constituencies in French history?

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  • Call for papers - Asia

    Oman over Times: A Nation from the Nahda to the Oman Vision 2040

    Arabian Humanities Thematic Issue No. 15 (Spring 2021)

    This issue of Arabian Humanities proposes to offer a multidisciplinary overview of the Sultanate of Oman contemporary period by bringing together old and recent works. It will focus as much on its history as on the major social and cultural changes that have taken place in its society. The aim is to explore the different aspects that can be observed today and which contribute to a better understanding of this country over time.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Representation

    Mediating Otherness: Encounters across Space and Time (16th to 19th centuries)

    Cette journée d'étude se donne pour but de considérer les stratégies mises en œuvre par la littérature de voyage entre les XVIe et XIXe siècles afin de représenter la figure de l'autre, qu'il s'agisse de stratégies textuelles ou visuelles. Tous les domaines linguistiques et culturels pourront être considérés afin de construire un tableau aussi large que possible de la manière dont l'autre est appréhendé par les récits des voyageurs à l'époque moderne.

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