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  • Milan

    Call for papers - Africa

    The Becoming of the Congo: Collaborating, Imagining, Changing

    This new edition of the Congo Research Network (CRN) international and transdisciplinar Congress focuses on the concept of becoming: the becoming of research on/around the Congo (new paths and new links between knowledge andepistemologies, new means of communication (ICTs, new media, videos) and agents - academics,artists, writers, cultural actors, journalists and bloggers, activists and others); the becoming of Congolese culture (new places of creation and exhibition, new ways ofsharing/transmitting knowledge and cultural practices); the becoming of the country and the dynamics of mobility and stability not only in Congo, but also in Africa and the world (anthropological, climatic, epistemic, social, health and economic changes); the becoming of politics, between trauma, memory and resilience.

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  • Lausanne

    Summer School - Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages High and Low: intersections, interactions, debates between academic knowledge and pop culture

    Medieval studies and medievalism both focus on the same object, the Middle Ages. Yet their approaches are different. Long separated, medieval studies and medievalism are now challenged to rethink their links in research, teaching and social dissemination of knowledge. The summer school aims to help young researchers to strengthen their understanding of these scientific developments, to position their research effectively, and to develop networks with international researchers. The school, in French and English, proposes lectures by world-renowned specialists, debates, meetings with professionals and practical workshops.

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  • Bucharest

    Call for papers - Representation

    Transmediatization and transwriting

    During the last decades, new concepts revolving around mediality and intermediality entered the arena of theoretical debates concerning the links between cinema and the established arts. Our conference aims to reassess two of these terms, namely transmédiagénie (transmediatization) and transécriture (transwriting). André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion’s concept of transécriture distances itself from the old paradigm of “fidelity” toward the original text and rethinks adaptations in accordance with the specific semiotical reconfigurations of the target medium. Transmédiagénie, on the other hand, is a wider notion defined by Philippe Marion as “a narrative’s capacity for star-like expansion, circulation and transmedial propagation.”

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  • Ariel

    Call for papers - History

    History of prehistory in Palestine – Israel

    International workshop

    Our workshop aims to shed light on the various actors and institutions who shaped the field of prehistory from the 19th century until our days. They will allow us to grasp the establishment and development of prehistoric international and local networks on the longue durée. We encourage participants to address the socio-political and cultural contexts in which prehistory was practiced and knowledge produced. Many answers to the above questions and topics of research may be uncovered in personal, institutional, and administrative archives, while others are revealed in excavation reports. This brings us to the last section of our workshop: what sources for the history of Prehistory and how can they be used? Has the writing of a renewed history of the discipline affected today’s research and how?

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  • Madrid

    Conference, symposium - America

    Mundo hispánico-mundo global: memoria y futuro

    The encounter of Spain with America is an event of transcendental importance and has generated an original cultural space extended over half a billion people over the world. The conference, lectures, and activities will cover a wide range of topics and disciplines (arts, history, political sciences, philosophy...) to celebrate the richness and the global trajectory of the Hispanic cultures. The First International Hispano-American Congress aims to be an academic and cultural event, in a lively and attractive format, with a significant media projection; an opportunity to reflect on the unity made of the polyphony of voices from Hispanism around the world.

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  • Bad Muskau

    Conference, symposium - History

    Sortir de l’enclos : jardins et politique(s). Histoires, expériences et perspectives franco-allemandes

    Le colloque entend aborder la question des liens entre jardins et politique(s) sous un angle spécifiquement franco-allemand. Il s’agira d’évoquer le rôle des jardins comme symboles du pouvoir politique pour leurs créateurs, mais aussi la manière dont des jardins historiques ont pu être instrumentalisés ultérieurement à des fins politiques. Il sera également question des conséquences des tracés de frontières sur les jardins historiques – de leur destruction à leur reconstruction, sans oublier les opportunités de création de parcs transfrontaliers fonctionnant comme des « ponts culturels ». L’examen de l’importance des vertus pédagogiques et éducatives du jardin permettra l’évocation de problématiques contemporaines, tout comme l’attention accordée à son potentiel sociétal comme lieu d’intégration et d’engagement citoyen.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Exhibiting Design

    Call for papers for the fifth issue of RADDAR (Design Annual Review) focusing on the subject of Exhibiting Design. RADDAR is a thematic and bilingual journal for design research and is jointly published by mudac (Musée cantonal de design et d’arts appliqués contemporains, Lausanne) and T&P Work UNit, Paris. This fifth edition explores the question of how design in its many forms can be exhibited today. Given the expansion of the concept of design and the extension of our spaces into virtual worlds, what challenges do exhibition spaces and exhibition makers, whether in museums and galleries or wherever design is shown, have to face today?

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  • Seminar - Prehistory and Antiquity

    “Phusis kai phuta”. Nature and plants in Ancient Greece

    Phusis kai phuta is a research network that aims to gather and share ongoing research on nature (phusis) and plants (phuta) in ancient Greece. We are currently running our fourth online seminar series. We are particularly interested in three sets of interrelated topics. (1) Vegetal poetics: when and to which ends were plants mentionend in Greek poetical, philosophical and medical texts? (2) Botanical analogies: what models did plants offer to ancient Greek authors for speculating about cosmogony and cosmology, politics and society, psychology and ethics, the body and kinship? (3) The history of phusis: what concepts did this term cover exactly and how are we to grasp them without ironing out their differences from our concept(s) of nature?

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  • Bacău

    Call for papers - Language

    The Archaeology of Power through Discourse

    Interstudia n°33

    The changes from the socio-political life constantly bring about major transformations also encountered in contemporary communication and in the current ways of expression. More than ever, the clash with the dramatic events which have affected the whole world lately, imperatively demands us to ponder on words as a way to influence the actions and the power discourse or as a way to influence, to act upon and to control the others. Therefore, the current issue of our review, Interstudia, aims at a united effort to reflect upon the forms and ways through which discourse illustrates different degrees of power.

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  • Madrid

    Summer School - History

    Traces et représentations du passé dans les monuments et le patrimoine, XIXe-XXIe siècle (Europe-Amérique latine)

    Les traces du passé constituent les buttes-témoins (des témoins) d’événements historiques à jamais révolus : elles rendent présent ce qui appartient au passé et l’incarnent de manière non intentionnelle. Elles sont parfois l’objet d’un réinvestissement symbolique qui les désigne en marques, caractérisées par une signature intentionnelle de la part d’un acteur identifiable. L’enjeu est ici d’historiciser les usages des traces et des monuments selon les périodes considérées et de les situer dans un contexte local précis afin d’en repérer d’éventuelles singularités. Le jeu des circulations, des imitations dans l’espace euro-américain fera l’objet d’une attention particulière.

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  • La Courneuve

    Call for papers - History

    Diplomatic Gifts and Counter-Gifts (16th-early 20th c)

    Understandings and Misunderstandings between Britain and the Muslim East, 16th to Early 20th Century

    As symbolic commodities circulating within and across cultures, gifts offer rich and multiple perspectives on the conduct of international diplomacy and its corollary cross-cultural transactions. Taking as our focus diplomatic relations between Britain and the three Muslim systems of the Ottomans, Persians, and Mughals over a period ranging from early contacts in the 16th century to the high age of the British empire, we wish to map out the shifts of paradigms and the redefinitions of circuits of allegiance and power through objects over the longue durée.

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  • Saint-Martin-d'Hères

    Call for papers - Europe

    Le corps envahi dans la littérature italienne (XIXe-XXIe siècle)

    Depuis quelques décennies ont fleuri les études, qui, dans des champs disciplinaires très divers, ont renversé la primauté traditionnelle que l’Occident octroyait à la dimension psychique de l’être humain (esprit, âme, intellect) pour faire place au corps, non comme simple substrat matériel et biologique, mais comme construction historique au statut varié, pensé et envisagé selon des perspectives culturelles très différentes, et pris dans un réseau dense de relations sociales, politiques et symboliques. Portés par ce mouvement, nous nous proposons d’examiner le rôle que joue la littérature dans la définition de cet habitat véritable des êtres vivants, et plus précisément, de mettre en évidence les différentes formes d’« invasion » qui se font jour dans la littérature italienne depuis le décadentisme jusqu’à nos jours.

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  • Nantes

    Call for papers - Urban studies

    Migrant Atmospheres

    Ambiances. Revue internationale sur l’environnement sensible, l’architecture et l’espace urbain

    This special issue of Ambiances explores the transfers and creation of atmospheres and materialities caused by migratory movements, and how urban and architectural spaces develop, emerge or are transformed when specific migrant spatial practices intersect with specific hosting environments in the globalised contemporary city.

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  • Tunis

    Call for papers - Representation

    Climate change. Towards city’s sustainability

    This conference is proposed within the framework of the issues associated with climate change and the sustainability of the cities of tomorrow. It is a question of dealing with the double problem of the adaptation of cities to climate change and to the new solutions envisaged by urban decision-makers. The urban context offers an important angle of observation in view of the role of the built environment on the sustainability of cities. This international conference calls for contributions from disciplines dealing with urban planning, architecture, heritage, engineering, urban planning reglementations and building materials.

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  • Call for papers - Europe

    Dreaming Things

    Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Object Worlds and Dream Cultures

    While the close interconnection between the universe of things (expanding in a commodity-shaped way), the dream and its reflection in arts and media may be considered a founding trope of European modernity around 1900, the extension of our focus on pre-modern contexts and transcultural constellations in the present opens up new perspectives on connections between object cultures and dream cultures.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Voyageurs réels et imaginaires latino-américains en Algérie et le monde arabe (XIXe et XXe siècles)

    Les études sur la culture du monde arabe et ses rapports avec la civilisation, l’histoire, et les arts latino-américains à partir du XIXe siècle, sont très peu nombreuses. La constatation est flagrante si l’on considère les travaux sur l’Algérie des XIXe et XXe siècles. En particulier, il existe peu de publications relatives l’Algérie hormis différentes archives privées et publiques présentes aussi bien en Argentine, au Chili que dans d’autres régions du monde. Ce premier séminaire international devra permettre d’ouvrir un nouveau terrain de recherches et d’offrir une première vision globale sur l’Algérie et les pays arabes au cours des XIXe et XXe siècles, ainsi qu’investiguer les rapports des liens culturels avec l’Amérique latine.

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  • Milan

    Call for papers - Modern


    InterArtes Review - number 2

    If the first issue of the journal dealt with the permeability of borders - the very sign of topicality - as a condition that supports an aesthetics of the hybrid, the second issue of InterArtes intends to ask how this process of hybridisation of different genres, content, themes, styles and languages changes the nature and structure of the text, what the final product born from this interaction is and whether it can give rise to multiple levels of reading generated by the presence of different expressive means. In this second issue, InterArtes opens up the possibility of taking an ontological viewpoint or a pragmatic or analytical perspective, with the ultimate aim of exploring a field of investigation that continues to offer broadening perspectives.


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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Europe

    Thinking Europe Visually

    This conference will attempt to question the existence, history, contours, and impact of this “Europe of images”, from an art historical and visual studies perspective, as well as in historical, anthropological, and geopolitical terms.


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  • Call for papers - Language

    Exploring Transnational Dimensions of Activism in Contemporary Book Culture

    Mémoires du livre/Studies in Book Culture, vol. 26-2, Fall 2022

    “A is for Activist” is the title of a best‑selling children’s board book, published in 2013 by Innosanto Nagara. This small book amplifies a large message: books can catalyze change. Publishing has both supported and hampered progressive political and social change, in a variety of international contexts. Activism in publishing is also transnational because national contexts and identities matter, but they exist within a transnational network with unequal power dynamics and “literary capital” (Casanova 2004). Building on ideas of “print activism” in the long twentieth century (Schreiber 2013), this special issue is dedicated to furthering our understanding of activism in the contemporary publishing industry – and in the research thereof.

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  • Charleroi

    Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    C’est carnaval !

    The politics and policy of Carnival

    The interdisciplinary research unit TRANSFO (Research Center for Social Change, université libre de Bruxelles) organizes a two-day conference that aims to shed light on the political dynamics of contemporary carnivals. The conference welcomes both junior and senior scholars, in the following disciplines: political sociology, especially in the fields of social movement study and artivism; political anthropology; festive studies; urban studies; public policy; history and social geography.

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