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  • Bordeaux

    Call for papers - Modern

    Vine, wine and education from the 18th century to today

    The vine, the wine and the education are themes which appear distant and which nevertheless can be gathered around the training program and the places of apprenticeship (high schools wine, universities, schools of oenology ...) and school knowledge through disciplines such as geography, biology, art ...; This does not prevent the School from also fighting against addictions, alcoholism and its excesses. It must be said that vine and wine have always brought people together, constituting a real cultural heritage spread all over the world, wine being then a cultural and societal cultural reference. Thus, this theme could be studied around three main axes by involving several disciplines from the Humanities and Social Sciences but also Sciences and literary and artistic disciplines.

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  • Béziers

    Conference, symposium - Language

    Jules Ronjat (1864-1925), a pioneering European linguist

    La Société archéologique, scientifique et littéraire de Béziers, le Félibrige et le CIRDÒC organisent le colloque « Jules Ronjat (1864-1925) un linguiste européen précurseur » pour rappeler l'actualité des travaux pionniers de Jules Ronjat, félibre, romaniste et linguiste (en savoir plus sur Jules Ronjat). Ce colloque se tient à Béziers afin de souligner le rôle de la Société archéologique scientifique et littéraire dans l’éclosion de la philologie romane au XIXe siècle et en raison de la présence à Béziers du CIRDOC, Médiatèca Occitana, pôle associé de la Bibliothèque nationale de France pour « la langue et la culture occitanes ».

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