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  • Metz

    Call for papers - Language

    Principles and actions for second language training, in migratory and pandemic contexts

    This call for papers follows on the colloquium held in Metz in September 2018 and is based on the various measures put in place to welcome migrants through language training. As the context in which we work has evolved, our thinking and actions now take into account the health crisis, which has multiplied the fragilities and vulnerabilities that had increased by the turn of the century with globalization, and even more so, the migration flow, which involved and still involve the responsibility of host societies. As for the new fragilities and vulnerabilities that have emerged in the pandemic context, they concern in particular the freedom of mobility, access to online courses, and the impacts of social distancing.

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  • Call for papers - History

    SISS Conference of Early Career Scholars in History of Science

    SISS Conference of Early Career Scholars in History of Science

    This conference will be devoted to exploring the richness of approaches, methodologies, and themes of the discipline in order to showcase a wide range of studies and provide a picture of the current state of research in the field of history of science in Italy and beyond. Consequently, the focus of this first event, which it is hoped will be held annually, has been purposefully left open in terms of topics as well as methodological and historiographical approaches. The interdisciplinary approach of the conference is combined with a broad historical scope, stretching from antiquity to the present, in order to highlight the trajectories of the various scientific disciplines in diverse traditions and geographical contexts – from the natural and hard sciences to the medical and clinical disciplines; from social, economic, and political science to cognitive science.

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Childhood(s) in Latin America: diversities in tension

    Thematic Dossier vol. XIII, n. 2, 2021

    The focus of the dossier is on the processes and social spaces for the construction and implementation of ideas about childhood, as well as the debates and tensions around them: education (formal, non-formal or informal) the family and parenting networks (nurture and care), the dynamics of gender construction and the collective sense of belonging (ethnicities and intercultural relations), labour aspects (rural and urban marginality and the issue of child labour) and areas of cultural production of each social group (the imaginaries, games, literature, sports and children entertainment).

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    From pre-professional mobility abroad to international professional mobility

    Issues, courses and strategies from various key players

    The multidisciplinary peer-reviewed Journal of International Mobility, published by PUF and led by Agence Erasmus+ France / Education Formation, brings together scientific papers related to all aspects of international mobility in the context of education and training in Europe and around the world. The journal aims to improve understanding of the issues, conditions and impact of mobility in order to encourage its consideration by the researchers and political decision-makers who have the authority to support it. The special edition will focus on: “From pre-professional mobility abroad to international professional mobility: Issues, courses and strategies from various key players”

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  • Mestre

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    History is a common good

    4th National Conference of the Italian Association of Public History

    In line with the Italian Public History Manifesto, approved after our association’s meeting in Pisa in June 2018, AIPH intends to contribute to the affirmation of a greater awareness of the value of historical knowledge, an essential resource for understanding the present, planning of the future and exercising full citizenship. The 4th AIPH National Conference of Venice-Mestre will create new opportunities for discussion and reflection between those who work with the past. The conference will examine ways in which history is present in society today, from universities to public places, in schools and learning institutions, in high and in popular culture and, finally, in the daily life of our communities.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Modern

    Contexts, forms and the reflection of censorship

    Creation, reeception and cultural canons between the 16th and 20th centuries

    L’enjeu de ce colloque est d’explorer les différentes formes de la censure dans la littérature et les arts. Le colloque portera essentiellement sur les formes indirectes de censure, et sur les relations qu’elles entretiennent avec l’histoire de la réception, la constitution d’un canon, et la genèse des œuvres.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Youth, ethnicity and school policies: a cross national approach in France and in Italy

    Italian Journal of Sociology of Education (HCERES 70e)

    In order to guarantee the same chances of success for all students, irrespective of their origins and belonging, the management of cultural and religious pluralism is one of the most important challenges of education systems today. In the European context, France and Italy represent two interesting and even emblematic case studies because of the differences in educational policies for the reception, insertion and management of immigrants and immigrant children’s. Despite these disparities, one element which is common to these two countries is the difficulty to manage this cultural pluralism, both from an individual point of view (representations, success rates, strategies of choice of pupils but also educational eams) who could trigger mechanisms of discrimination, and from the point of view of collective actors and institutions (school policies, public and private schools, government services). 

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  • Monopoli

    Summer School - Language

    Family morphologies: Leone and Natalia Ginzburg in Italian and European literature and culture

    Focusing on the works by Leone (1909-1944) and Natalia Ginzburg (1916-1991) the Summer School is dedicated to a reflection on the authors’ contribution to the 20th century Italian and European history. Besides a critical analysis of their creative and intellectual activity and their civic engagement, the participants will have the opportunity to debate the role both Leone and Natalia had in the publishing house Einaudi, and to experiment new methods of teaching literature. The program includes 3 plenary lessons and 5 seminars. Special guest: Carlo Ginzburg.Language of the activities: Italian.

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  • Padua

    Call for papers - Language

    Actors and forms of mediation for intercultural dialogue

    GLAT 2016 (Groupe de linguistique appliquée des télécommunications)

    Le GLAT 2016 nait de la volonté de faciliter le développement de réflexions et de recherches linguistiques sur les rapports qui lient la médiation et le dialogue interculturel. Le colloque s’inscrivant dans un cadre interdisciplinaire et pluridisciplinaire, les organisateurs souhaitent accueillir des propositions d’études sur les diverses situations et pratiques de médiation - « concept fédérateur, susceptible de regrouper les pratiques professionnelles et pédagogiques des différents métiers de la communication », pour reprendre les propos de John Humbley, et aussi comme un concept représentant un « processus de communication éthique », au sens de Michèle Guillaume-Hofnung - où les enjeux linguistiques (et en même temps culturels, interculturels et sociaux) demeurent au centre de la réflexion.

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  • Florence

    Conference, symposium - Europe

    Pourquoi transmettre la connaissance des arts ?

    La contribution des musées

    Dans une société toujours plus matérialiste où les savoirs sont essentiellement jugés au regard de leur utilité instrumentale, comment justifier la transmission des savoirs artistiques ? Quels en sont les enjeux de citoyenneté ? Et quelle peut être la contribution spécifique des musées ? Faisant suite au colloque organisé en 2009 au Palais Strozzi, Pourquoi enseigner l’histoire de l’art ?, cette nouvelle initiative permettra d’échanger sur un vaste ensemble de questions allant des principaux enjeux démocratiques de la connaissance artistique dans notre société, jusqu’aux techniques pédagogiques les plus efficaces, notamment celles recourant au numérique. Avec cette manifestation, notre souhait serait d’engager un cycle biennal qui permettrait de faire régulièrement un « état de la transmission artistique » en Europe. Tous les deux ans, un grand musée européen accueillerait ainsi la réflexion la plus large sur cette question assurément déterminante pour l’avenir de la démocratie telle que nous la cultivons. Un monde où l’art et la pensée demeurent une condition de la liberté.

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  • Paris

    Miscellaneous information - Geography

    Language, diffusion and scientific production in the context of globalization

    A question for geographies and geographers

    The CNFG (French National Committee for Geographers) in collaboration with IGUorganizes a two-day forum to discuss the relationship between languages, social contexts ofscientific production, and the overtly admitted language of scientific exchange, that is,English. It invites all French-speaking geographers, from different “national” and “linguistic”contexts, but also all geographers and geographies interested in sharing their views andexperience on the diffusion and production of knowledge in the global context.

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  • Call for papers - Education

    Education and Sustainable development

    La Revue internationale Formazione & Insegnamento reçoit les articles en italien, anglais et français et est publiée par le CISRE (Centro Internazionale degli Studi sulla Ricerca Educativa) de l’Université Cà Foscari de Venise. En référence à la décennie des Nations Unies pour l’éducation en vue du développement durable (2005-2014), le troisième numéro de l’année 2013 de la revue souhaite explorer les nouveaux champs de recherche sur le thème de l’éducation au développement durable. Les contributions attendues aborderont les aspects suivants: La généralisation de l’éducation au développement durable en milieu scolaire ; L’éducation au développement durable et les Objectifs du millénaire pour le développement ; L’éducation au développement durable et la critique postcoloniale ; La pédagogie du développement durable ; Les Agendas 21 scolaires ; Gouvernance scolaire et Green management ; éducation des adultes et éducation au développement durable.

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