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  • Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    Relational chains

    Theme issue for the ARCS journal - analysing networks for the social sciences

    In social network analysis, a distinction is made between approaches based on personal networks and those based on complete networks. While they allow for the precise documentation of network structures, these approaches have difficulty in capturing one-off situations of activation of “weak” ties. The aim of this issue is to present work on the study of relational chains in the various fields of social science.

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  • Lausanne

    Summer School - Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages High and Low: intersections, interactions, debates between academic knowledge and pop culture

    Medieval studies and medievalism both focus on the same object, the Middle Ages. Yet their approaches are different. Long separated, medieval studies and medievalism are now challenged to rethink their links in research, teaching and social dissemination of knowledge. The summer school aims to help young researchers to strengthen their understanding of these scientific developments, to position their research effectively, and to develop networks with international researchers. The school, in French and English, proposes lectures by world-renowned specialists, debates, meetings with professionals and practical workshops.

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  • Bucharest

    Call for papers - Representation

    Transmediatization and transwriting

    During the last decades, new concepts revolving around mediality and intermediality entered the arena of theoretical debates concerning the links between cinema and the established arts. Our conference aims to reassess two of these terms, namely transmédiagénie (transmediatization) and transécriture (transwriting). André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion’s concept of transécriture distances itself from the old paradigm of “fidelity” toward the original text and rethinks adaptations in accordance with the specific semiotical reconfigurations of the target medium. Transmédiagénie, on the other hand, is a wider notion defined by Philippe Marion as “a narrative’s capacity for star-like expansion, circulation and transmedial propagation.”

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  • Ariel

    Call for papers - History

    History of prehistory in Palestine – Israel

    International workshop

    Our workshop aims to shed light on the various actors and institutions who shaped the field of prehistory from the 19th century until our days. They will allow us to grasp the establishment and development of prehistoric international and local networks on the longue durée. We encourage participants to address the socio-political and cultural contexts in which prehistory was practiced and knowledge produced. Many answers to the above questions and topics of research may be uncovered in personal, institutional, and administrative archives, while others are revealed in excavation reports. This brings us to the last section of our workshop: what sources for the history of Prehistory and how can they be used? Has the writing of a renewed history of the discipline affected today’s research and how?

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  • Berlin

    Call for papers - Science studies

    “Rhythm” in the Concepts of Audio and Visual Arts

    This call is meant to establish communication and interaction between different cultures and to form a scientific community that includes researchers from the ocean to the Gulf, in addition to addressing common civilizational problems. This International Scientific Conference is dedicated to “Rhythm”. Rhythm regulates the durations of sounds in music, supporting its process and layers of its hierarchy to deliver an expressive discourse based on harmony and dissonance, on stillness and sound. Even in the freest melodies (Adlib), the rhythm does not disappear, but rather its presence takes a random, regular shape. Cinema does not differ in the interactions of the image and music, but also indulges in the manifestations of rhythm to imbue the viewer with sensory interactions that oscillate between tension and calm.

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  • Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Exploring Craft Spaces: A New Insight into the Archaeology of Pottery Production

    “Journal of Archaeological Science - Reports”

    In relation with a workshop on pottery production spaces that will take place on the 9th of December 2022 (programme forthcoming), the research teams "Du Village à l'état au Proche et Moyen-Orient" (Vepmo) and "Archéologie de la Gaule et du Monde Antique" (Gama) of the UMR 7041 Archéologie des sciences et de l'antiquité (Arscan), are editing a special issue in the Journal of Archaeological Science : Reports, entitled "Exploring Craft Spaces: A New Insight into the Archaeology of Pottery Production". This special issue aims to explore new approaches to pottery manufacturing spaces, from prehistory to the contemporary period, using cutting-edge scientific techniques. The expected papers will focus on the informational value of these spaces and related structures to address technological and socio-economic issues.

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  • Modena

    Call for papers - Language

    Metaphor in digital communication

    Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sulle Metafore (CIRM) will be organizing its annual Conference in October 2022 on the focal issue of metaphor in digital communication. Metaphor in digital communication is a recent and highly interdisciplinary field of research, and it will be explored from different epistemological perspectives.

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  • Madrid

    Summer School - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Changement climatique, paléoenvironnement et archéologie

    La thématique de l’atelier concernera le changement climatique et ses répercussions sur l’environnement et les sociétés antiques. Cette thématique, profondément ancrée dans l’actualité, se voit reflétée dans le renouvellement de l’approche historique qui intègre désormais la question du changement climatique à celles des changements historiques et culturels, sociaux et politiques, ainsi qu’à d’autres aspects de la vie individuelle et collective.

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  • Milan

    Call for papers - Modern


    InterArtes Review - number 2

    If the first issue of the journal dealt with the permeability of borders - the very sign of topicality - as a condition that supports an aesthetics of the hybrid, the second issue of InterArtes intends to ask how this process of hybridisation of different genres, content, themes, styles and languages changes the nature and structure of the text, what the final product born from this interaction is and whether it can give rise to multiple levels of reading generated by the presence of different expressive means. In this second issue, InterArtes opens up the possibility of taking an ontological viewpoint or a pragmatic or analytical perspective, with the ultimate aim of exploring a field of investigation that continues to offer broadening perspectives.


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  • Poitiers

    Call for papers - Education

    Distance education : a brave new world?

    Modalities, challenges, opportunities and prospects

    When the closure of schools and universities was imposed by governments across the globe to curb the pandemic in March 2020, the use of digital tools and platforms became the only way to ensure continuity of teaching and learning. Thus, a form of emergency distance teaching unexpectedly appeared and was imposed on teachers, learners and all the staff who provide pedagogical, pastoral and administrative support, who create content and who manage logistics. This emergency form of distance teaching and hybrid teaching modes are still widespread around the world today. This event will be dedicated to the challenges and opportunities of distance education in the time of Covid-19 and its aftermath.

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  • Lecture series - Epistemology and methodology

    Corpo e Vida em Foucault

    2º Encontro de Estudos sobre Michel Foucault

    La seconde rencontre d’études sur Michel Foucault (UFF - IHS - RPS) portera sur la question du « corps » et de la « vie » selon Michel Foucault, thématiques importantes de ses réflexions depuis Surveiller et Punir jusqu’aux textes des années 1980. Les thèmes principaux porteront sur les rapports entre la généalogie de Foucault et la psychologie, la psychanalyse et la psychiatrie, la notion de norme, la question de la vie et la constitution du sujet à partir des arguments sur la problématisation du désir. 

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Thought

    Bodies for (re)construction

    Das Ziel dieses Workshops ist es, den Begriff „Körper” in Bezug auf die spezifischen Herausforderungen, mit denen das leidende Subjekt konfrontiert ist, zu thematisieren. Den Ausgangspunkt hierfür bildet die Annahme, dass sich im Leiden und der Unmöglichkeit seiner vollständigen sprachlichen Vermittlung die enge Verbindung zwischen Körper und Sprache zeigt. Sie verweist auf die Notwendigkeit, diese beide Sphären zusammen zu denken. Wir laden Vertreter*innen philosophischer, psychoanalytischer, politik- und sozialwissenschaftlicher, literaturwissenschaftlicher sowie künstlerischer Perspektiven zu einem zweitägigen Workshop an der École normale supérieure (Paris) ein, um uns gemeinsam mit diesem Thema auseinanderzusetzen. Die Veranstaltung wird am 1. und 2. Oktober 2021 stattfinden.

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  • Conference, symposium - Middle Ages

    Le nuove frontiere del dictamen : tra epistolografia e Digital Humanities

    La conférence internationale Le nuove frontiere del dictamen: tra epistolografia e Digital Humanities, financé par le label scientifique 2020 de l'université franco-italienne, a été conçu comme une opportunité scientifique pour renforcer la collaboration internationale dans un domaine d'étude dans lequel des spécialistes de différents pays sont déjà impliqués dans des projets d'intérêt commun.

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  • Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    (Neo)Cybernetic Paths for an Epistemology of Digital Cultures

    “Open Philosophy” Journal

    This volume of Open Philosophy aims to draw a line between the classical cybernetic schools and sub-disciplines on the one hand and their implications in cultural theories and the contemporary positions influenced by them on the other. We want to refer complexity back to its genealogical roots and in this respect critically trace the realisation of operationally closed systems and self-organising processes.


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  • Dakar

    Call for papers - Africa

    Perspectives on Women’s Autobiographies from Africa and the Diaspora

    This international conference aims to examine the autobiographies of women from Africa (during colonial and post-colonial periods) and the Diaspora to shed light on the meaning and significance of the various messages conveyed through those texts. Although there is an abundance of autobiographical texts by these women, many remain unknown to the general public. From that angle, the conference is positioned as a real prospect to further bring those half- veiled writings to public's attention. As such, the conference intends to bring together scholars, researchers, experts and doctoral students, in human and social sciences, as well as in languages ​​and arts, affiliated to universities, research centers, NGOs and civil societies in Africa and around the world. Their objective is to present and discuss women's autobiographical writings from Africa and the Diaspora from a multidisciplinary perpective.

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  • Athens

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Europe

    French School in Athens - doctoral contracts (2021-2024)

    Conformément à ses statuts, l'École française d'Athènes développe en Grèce et à Chypre, où elle dispose de missions permanentes, ainsi que dans les Balkans, des recherches dans toutes les disciplines des sciences humaines et sociales, depuis la Préhistoire jusqu'à nos jours. Elle peut donc accueillir en septembre 2021 et pour une durée de trois ans un·e doctorant·e travaillant dans ces champs géographiques et chronologiques.

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  • Call for papers - Modern

    The Dynamics of Ritual and Embodiment in Contemporary Religion and Spirituality

    Methodological and theoretical issues

    Within the framework of International Society for the Sociology of Religion 36th Conference (12 July - 15 July 2021), this panel aims to explore and discuss methodological and theoretical issues related to ethnographic research on sensory and bodily experiences in contemporary religion and spirituality. This panel invites scholars to present their contributions that include sensoriality as a central aspect of their research, either as a methodological tool (completing classical methodologies); or as a theoretical perspective to approach sensory settings and bodily (inter-)actions.

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  • Call for papers - Ethnology, anthropology

    Museums and heritage in the post-COVID-19 era: the footprint of COVID and rethinking the future

    Her&Mus. Heritage & Museography Journal

    Through case studies and empirical studies, this issue of Her & Mus is a call to assess the proposals that have been developed throughout 2020 since the pandemic began, covering those practices that have worked and those that have not. It is an opportunity to reflect on the sustainability and future viability of museums and heritage facilities after the pandemic.

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  • Call for papers - History

    Christianity in Iraq at the turn of Islam: History & Archaeology

    An international round table organized on May 4 and 5, 2019 at the University of Salahaddin (Erbil, Iraq) highlighted the interest for a collective work that will address the question of Christianity in Iraq at the turn of Islam. Les Presses de l’Ifpo launch a call for papers related to this theme.

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  • Pisa

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    From quarries to rock-cut sites. Echoes of stone crafting

    The conference aims at carrying on the international debate on the archaeological investigation of rock-cut spaces and stone quarries, considered as aspects of the same mining phenomenon: places in which specific empirical and handcrafted knowledge related to stone working is expressed and conveyed. The conference envisages a diachronic approach and therefore all case studies are welcome, without chronological limits.

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