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  • Genoa

    Call for papers - Representation

    The social dimensions of cognitive cartography

    Cartotête fourth study day

    Cognitive representations of geographical space are often studied in order to better understand how individuals perceive and deal with everyday spatial problems (Down and Stea, 1977), including orientation, trip planning or navigation. Since these works focus particularly on the functional dimension of such spatial representations, maps are read in a literal, rather than metaphorical perspective. In addition, individual geographical experiences, both direct (trips and visited places) or indirect (spatial information) is considered as the main factor contributing to their construction. Therefore, this “cognitive tool” is essentially considered as an individual and personal construction.

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  • Marseille

    Conference, symposium - History

    Distances (15th-18th centuries)

    Dans une optique interdisciplinaire, ce colloque international se propose d'étudier la notion de distance à l'époque moderne (XV-XVIIIe siècle), en la considérant comme un angle essentiel pour les approches spatiales et multi-scalaires mobilisées dans de nombreux travaux en histoire. Que ce soit en termes de circulations, d’échanges ou encore de liens sociaux, les distances se pratiquent et s’éprouvent. Intervalles physiques ou symboliques, elles permettent donc d’aborder le rapport qu’entretiennent les hommes à leur espace.

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  • Rome

    Call for papers - Geography

    The mediation of technologies for a new communication and representation of territory

    Session S25 of the 32nd Italian Geographers Congress

    The session, which is part of the 32nd Congress of Italian Geographers, will accept both theoretical and methodological proposals exploring the forms through wich ICTs, particularly the Web, have been changing the dynamics of territory representation in the last decades. Among other things, the proposal shoud focus on territorial communication forms for both political and administrative aims (the communication by and for citizens/investors) and tourist and cultural purposes (the communication by and for tourists/visitors).

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