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  • Cagliari

    Call for papers - Language

    “Imago Mundi”. An Overview of Metaphor: Creativity, Phraseology and Discourse

    The guiding question of the conference will therefore be to try to specify the linguistic and conceptual functioning of the metaphor. More generally, the conference will welcome any contribution aimed at bringing out the relationships between metaphor and the three concepts in question: creativity, lexicalization and discourse. The analysis of metaphor can proceed from both a diachronic and synchronic perspective and address different types of corpora and texts. The conference will pay particular attention to the analysis of different types of discourse, in particular scientific, technological, media, tourism, advertising, political, legal, philosophical, historical, literary, artistic and educational/didactic discourse.

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  • Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Medioevo e femminismi

    In the wake of Madeline Caviness's seminal article, what assessment can be made of the fertile links between the Middle Ages and feminism? In its wake, the next issue of Perspectives médiévales invites us to take a fresh look at the reciprocal contributions of medievalism and feminism, as part of an epistemological and historical reflection on the Middle Ages and the present. The aim of this issue is to explore contemporary feminisms by exploring the Middle Ages and their representations. In other words, in what way is the Middle Ages an object of investigation both for feminist thought and by feminist thought?

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  • Seminar - Thought

    Enygma of Symbol

    Philosophical Itineraries

    Our event will interrogate the concept of symbol, starting from the thought of Paul Ricoeur and in dialogue with other contemporary thinkers. This concept will be interpreted from different perspectives: aesthetics, philosophy of science, bioethics, psychology and phenomenology, philosophy of religion and metaphysics.

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  • Call for papers - Sociology

    Doing with Delphy

    Nouvelles questions féministes journal, special issue

    Pionnière et inspiratrice d’un féminisme matérialiste toujours vivant parce qu’en débats, Christine Delphy continue d’y occuper une place prépondérante à de multiples égards. En tant que théoricienne dont les idées restent incisives et indispensables pour qui veut penser le monde en féministe. Mais aussi, et autant, en tant que militante ayant engagé une lutte radicale contre le patriarcat. Ce numéro hors-série de Nouvelles questions féministes (NQF) cherche à relayer la vitalité et l’actualité de l’œuvre de Christine Delphy. Cela, en invitant des auteur·e·s et militant·e·s féministes à présenter des textes illustrant comment elles et ils s’approprient ou se sont appropriés ses travaux. Dans une perspective radicale, chère à Delphy, notre appel ne se limite pas à l’influence de son œuvre dans le champ académique : il vise à recueillir des contributions portant sur la manière dont les textes ou les interventions de Delphy enrichissent et questionnent de nos jours la réflexion scientifique comme l’action militante, mais aussi les postures personnelles.

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  • Paris

    Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    Humanities and linguistics: cross disciplinary methodologies

    This symposium aims to question the critical use of cross-cutting methodologies in the fieldsof humanities and linguistics, the exchanges and practices of pluri-, inter- or transdisciplinarity between this research fields. The papers will question to what extent one's research topics required the use of cross-cutting methodologies; how the use of these methodologies shed a new light on these topics.

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