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  • Call for papers - Epistemology and methodology

    Global Debates in the Digital Humanities

    Where does Digital Humanities take place? DH has been described through various metaphors – “big tent”, “trading zone”, “expanded field”, etc. – lacking perhaps one further step: the idea of digital pluralism linked to new geographical and geopolitical dimension. Our aim in this project is therefore to build a different representation of DH based on cultural, political and ultimately epistemological diversity.

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  • Strasbourg

    Call for papers - America

    The media and Latin America

    Les XXe et XXIsiècles ont montré l’importance croissante qu’ont les médias dans les sociétés latino-américaines. Les particularités historiques, culturelles et économiques du continent amènent-elles les médias de masse à fonctionner différemment du reste du monde ? L’objectif de ce colloque est de réunir des chercheurs provenant de diverses disciplines autour des médias en Amérique latine et sur l’Amérique latine. En d’autres termes, il s’agira non seulement d’analyser les médias en Amérique latine (propriété, discours, réception), mais aussi d’observer comment les médias du monde regardent l’Amérique latine et ses médias.

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  • Nancy

    Call for papers - Middle Ages

    Out of Spain: Posterity and Dissemination of the Aliento corpus in Europe and the Mediterranean

    6th International Conference ALIENTO

    Previous Aliento Conferences examined medieval sapiential corpora in the Iberian Peninsula, the ancient sources of the medieval corpora, the links between proverbs and sapiential literature in the Middle Ages, and addressed the questions of translation and context. The 6thconference will address the posterity of sapiential texts (of the wider Aliento corpus, in Arabic, Hebrew, Latin, Castilian and Catalan) starting from the Iberian Peninsula and their influence in Europe and the Mediterranean.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Las Humanidades Digitales y los estudios históricos sobre Centroamérica

    Boletín n°68, enero-marzo de 2016

    El campo de la humanidades digitales se encuentra en pleno auge a nivel mundial y el ámbito de los estudios sobre Centroamérica no está al margen de este fenómeno. La Internet, las aplicaciones y programas han sido utilizados para ofrecer recursos diversos, además de las revistas electrónicas que, después de algunos años, han logrado convencer a la comunidad académica de que es un soporte más en que pueden darse a conocer los resultados de la investigación histórica.

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  • Tunis

    Miscellaneous information - Europe

    Dirāsāt hispānicas journal presentation

    Tunecina de Estudios Hispánicos journal

    Présentation de la revue « Dirāsāt Hispānicas. Revista Tunecina de Estudios Hispánicos » le mardi 29 avril 2014 à 10H30 à l'Institut supérieur des sciences humaines de Tunis (salle Paul Ricœur).

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  • Ciutadella

    Summer School - Middle Ages

    Summer school: creation and the use of corpuses of Medieval texts

    The COST “Medioevo Europeo” Working Group 3 (Dictionaries and texts) is organising a six-day training school that will provide an introduction to the creation and use of textual corpora in the historical and linguistic research.

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  • Miscellaneous information - Information

    Who are you, OpenEdition readers?

    With over three million visits per month to its platforms, OpenEdition has become an important actor in humanities and social sciences publishing portal, all thanks to you. In 2009, our first survey gave us a chance to identify the readership, and you shared your ideas and expectations with us. Today, we have a new survey for you, covering the full range of our academic communication platforms, which will enable us to find out more about you and improve our services.

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