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  • Milan

    Call for papers - Modern

    Interarts - mimetic hypertextuality between rewritings and allographic continuity

    The last decades have seen an increase in the number of publications concerned with the theme of trans-textuality, meaning the conscious reuse of themes and subjects. A widespread practice during the seventeenth and eighteenth century, trans-textuality was interrupted during the Romantic age only to be relentlessly resumed until  becoming, today, a real trend in literature and other arts, overlapping genres and artistic expressions.

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  • Rome

    Call for papers - Geography

    The mediation of technologies for a new communication and representation of territory

    Session S25 of the 32nd Italian Geographers Congress

    The session, which is part of the 32nd Congress of Italian Geographers, will accept both theoretical and methodological proposals exploring the forms through wich ICTs, particularly the Web, have been changing the dynamics of territory representation in the last decades. Among other things, the proposal shoud focus on territorial communication forms for both political and administrative aims (the communication by and for citizens/investors) and tourist and cultural purposes (the communication by and for tourists/visitors).

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  • Ciutadella

    Summer School - Middle Ages

    Summer school: creation and the use of corpuses of Medieval texts

    The COST “Medioevo Europeo” Working Group 3 (Dictionaries and texts) is organising a six-day training school that will provide an introduction to the creation and use of textual corpora in the historical and linguistic research.

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  • Grenoble

    Call for papers - Europe

    Heritage and digital humanities

    This interdisciplinary and international conference aims at gathering and confronting two notions that are currently quite fashionable: heritage and digital humanities. Heritage, to be understood as goods shared by a community and founding its cultural identity, is to be taken in its widest meaning. Digital humanities offer methods, practices and numerical tools serving traditional research objects, but also new ones and leading to new theoretical and analytical approaches.We shall question the specific contribution of digital humanities to the development and dissemination of a given heritage. What can be the advantage of digital technologies with regards to more traditional approaches, whether it is museographical, ethnologic, literary, linguistic, etc.?

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