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  • Montréal

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    La transnationalisation du religieux par la musique

    La transnationalisation du religieux se traduit par une délocalisation et une relocalisation des croyances, rituels et pratiques religieuses qui se réalise au-delà du cadre national étatique, dans des espaces réels ou symboliques, et le plus souvent au moyen de nouveaux imaginaires et récits identitaires. Si l’analyse de cette transnationalisation religieuse a permis de mettre en lumière divers processus par lesquels le religieux transcende les frontières, il est frappant de constater que la musique est rarement appréhendée pour le rôle qu’elle y joue. Or, ce dernier est essentiel dans la transnationalisation des religions à vocation universelle comme l’islam ou le christianisme. La musique contribue aussi activement à la migration des religions de terroir, des mouvements néo-traditionalistes et des cultes associés à une localité d’origine, tels que le vodou haïtien, la santeria cubaine ou le candomble brésilien. Ces phénomènes musicaux, loin d’être nouveaux, ont d’abord donné le jour à des proto-mondialisations religieuses.

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  • Bayreuth

    Appel à contribution - Afrique

    Religious pathways to better futures

    Religious groups in Africa are not only an important source of imaginations of the future they are also remarkably active in their efforts to realize them. Thereby different religious groups articulate quite different visions on the future of their society, of Africa, the world or of mankind and follow different ways to pursue their goals: some groups might opt for public prayers, some for violence, some see in education the best way to realize their visions, some form political parties, and still others search for support in transnational networks or establish faith-based-organizations and try to link their future imaginaries to those of the donors in the world of development. Thus, looking at differing religious visions on the future and at the ways they are translated into practice, raises questions about the forms of public religion and interest articulation in a national and transnational setting as well as questions about religious diversity within a society.

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  • Édimbourg

    Appel à contribution - Préhistoire et antiquité

    Meet the New Gods, Same as the Old Gods? Formulary, Ritual and Status in Hellenistic Ruler Cult

    Panel to be held at the Eighth Celtic Conference in Classics

    Despite recent and widespread interest in Greek hero and ruler cult, evaluating the processes that lead to the bestowal of cultic honours on Hellenistic sovereigns still remains a controversial matter. Political readings of such honours within the framework of contemporary international diplomacy and euergetic discourse have picked up on polarities widely discussed by previous bibliography, such as "dynastic vs. civic", "living vs. posthumous", etc. Yet the main focus is still limited to a "top-down" perspective, which leaves aside the fascinating dialectics between "private" and "public", or to perhaps phrase this more accurately, between "institutional" and "non-institutional" actors.

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  • Bologne

    Appel à contribution - Études urbaines

    The Church and the City, 50 years after the II Vatican Council

    50 years after the II Vatican Council a time series analysis of what has been done so far in the field of architecture can be attempted: the number of interpretations given to the Council directives regarding both architecture and urbanism should be approached in a critical way, as well as their relevance today. Through practical examples, the purpose of the seminar is to think about and investigate the role of the Church in the complex urban reality of today. Starting from the assumption that the much debated issue of the Church identity directly refers to need of the Christian community to identify itself in the architectural forms, the main theoretical and methodological topic of the seminar will be the study of the different ways in which ecclesial communities can express themselves and find their identity today, always keeping in mind the multiculturalism which shapes the European cities today more than ever before.

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  • Brunswick

    Bourse, prix et emploi - Éducation

    Georg Arnhold Visiting Research Professorship in Education for Sustainable Peace (2014-2015)

    The Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research is pleased to announce the Call for Applications for the 2014/2015 Georg Arnhold Visiting Research Professorship in Education for Sustainable Peace. The appointment is for a three- to six-month research stay in Braunschweig and offers distinguished scholars from the humanities, political and social sciences, education sciences or law the opportunity to conduct research projects or to finish major publications without teaching or administrative obligations. Individuals with extensive high-level international experience in government or non-governmental organizations or in international organizations may also apply. 

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  • Louvain

    Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Developing a sense of belonging in diverse societies

    Hui-Muslims in China and Muslims in Europe

    The aim of this workshop is to gather scholars who work on Hui-Muslims in China and Muslims in Europe to compare the similitudes and differences of identity practices. Hui are predominantly Chinese speaking Muslims in China’s vast territory. With a population of 10 million, they are also the most numerous recognized ethnic group in China. Muslims in Europe are hardly featured in international media, domestic politics, and scholarly discussions. Multiculturalism, radicalisation, immigration, integration, forced marriage are discussed through the Muslim visibility and presence in Europe. Recent debates on integration and secularism are focused on  the "Muslim question". In contrast to the focus on Muslims in Europe, there is a notable lack of interest in Muslims in China with the exception of the Uyghur community. In this workshop, we want to study the impact of ethnic-religious interactions, state integration positions and policies to grasp the increasing influence of religious-collective-national expression of Muslims in the public sphere. We would like to examine the new patterns of expression and visibility of the Muslims in China and Europe. Tracing Muslim’s interaction with non-Muslims, this workshop investigates how Muslims encounters, accommodates and negotiates into different socio political contexts in China and Europe.

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  • Londres

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Revisiting Early Modern Prophecies (c.1500 – c.1815)

    Conférence internationale sur la prophétie en Europe et dans le monde méditerranéen à l'époque moderne. La conférence se tiendra à Goldsmiths, Université de Londres, du 26 au 28 juin 2014.

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  • Appel à contribution - Pensée

    Réalismes spéculatifs et religion

    ThéoRèmes consacrera un dossier spécial à cette présence de la question religieuse dans les différentes études philosophiques regroupées autour du « réalisme spéculatif » ou encore des « ontologies orientées vers l’objet », dans une perspective de compréhension interne mais aussi, éventuellement, de reprise critique. Les contributions de ce dossier spécial pourront s’inscrire dans l’un des axes suivant, depuis les différents points de vue des sciences des religions, de la philosophie et de la théologie.

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  • Appel à contribution - Sociologie

    Risk, Dignity and Fragility: Searching for a New Ethics

    Research Program on Lost Virtues, Found Vices, 1st International Symposium

    This trans-disciplinary research project is interested in exploring the nature and structure of an ethics for the 21st century. Ethics has most often been founded on a concept of the self as an agent that is secure, self-confident, and in control and on a view of the world as stable, unchanging and thus as knowable and predictable. Yet contemporary culture shows us a very different view of ourselves and of our environment. Caught up in a world in constant change where borders and boundaries, conditions and contexts are constantly changing and uncertainty is the norm, we find ourselves insecure, vulnerable as forces beyond our control direct and frame the moral decisions that we face. How must ethics be reconceived in light of our shifting ideals of the self and the world? Can there be an ethics under the conditions of uncertainty, flux, and instability?

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  • Appel à contribution - Psychisme

    Love, Lust and Longing: Rethinking Intimacy

    Research Program on Recasting Bonds, 4th International Symposium

    While discussion of sex become ever more common, opportunities to explore the nature of love are still rare. When the topic is raised, most often the focus is on dramatic experiences or hard cases. The “epic” and the “mundane” are probably more intertwined in our experiences of love than cultural speech and literature admit. Yet, an imbalance continues to exist: we reflect little on the smallness of events that sustain love bonds. What goes unexamined as such are the ways in which love is spoken of and enacted in everyday life. This trans-disciplinary research project is interested in exploring the lived experience of love considering the ways in which it is described and how it is practiced, identifying how love differs from and overlaps with concern, care, friendship and lust and raising questions about the ontology, expression and politics of love.

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  • Cambridge

    Appel à contribution - Religions

    Visions of Enchantment

    Occultism, Spirituality & Visual Culture

    This two-day event is a collaboration between the Department of History of Art, University of Cambridge and the Arts University Bournemouth and is organised in association with the European Society for the Study of Western Esotericism. The conference seeks to investigate the formative role that occultism and magic have played in Western and non-Western visual and material culture. It aims to present original research in this feld as well as to establish a productive dialogue between academics with a particular research interest in occultism and visual culture. We invite proposals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, provided that they present innovative insights into visual, symbolic or material aspects of the esoteric tradition. 

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  • Leyde

    Colloque - Représentations

    Rethinking the Dialogue Between the Visual and the Textual

    Methodological Approaches to the Relationships Between Religious Art and Literature (1400-1700)

    In recent decades, the interactions between religious art(s) and literature(s) in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period have been an important area of study for many scholars. More particularly, the study of the interconnectedness of texts and images and of the contact zones between visual arts and literature constitutes an emerging field that is particularly stimulating for both art historians and historians of literature. These scholarly interests generate a range of general methodological and theoretical questions: how can a text be used to understand an image? How can an image help to discern the meaning of a text? How do we interpret texts and images together in order to understand the religious culture of these periods? How do we consider them in relation to each other, without underestimating the specificities of each medium? What are the purposes of the combined study of these sources?

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  • Leyde

    Journée d'étude - Europe

    The Papacy and the East

    Intellectual debates and cross-cultural interactions, 1274-1439

    This symposium brings together scholars from different backgrounds to discuss intellectual relations and cultural interactions between the Papal curia and Christian communities and Churches of the Greek, Armenian, and Syriac East between 1274-1439. Fresh empirical analysis will provide new insights into this phase of East-West relations, offering a major laboratory to explore the actors, mechanisms, tools, ideas, and purposes of overseas cultural contacts.

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  • Paris

    Appel à contribution - Ethnologie, anthropologie

    Vous avez dit halal ?

    Normativités islamiques, mondialisation et sécularisation

    L’étude des dynamiques normatives islamiques sera au cœur de ce colloque qui s’intéressera aux processus de qualification / déqualification « halal » dans tous les domaines : comment et par qui, à l’intention de qui, en vertu de quoi, les objets, discours, pratiques peuvent-ils être ou sont-ils qualifiés de « halal » / « haram ». Quels sont les modes, institutions, argumentaires de légitimation / délégitimation islamiques ? Quelles sont les procédures de contrôle de conformité de la norme et comment et par qui sont-elles élaborées voire institutionnalisées ? L’appel à contributions s’adresse aux disciplines des sciences humaines et sociales, notamment l’histoire, l’anthropologie, la sociologie, le droit, les sciences politiques, la philosophie etc. Les contributions devront être étayées empiriquement, elles expliciteront leurs démarches méthodologiques, sources, bibliographies. 

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  • Venise

    Appel à contribution - Époque moderne


    The religious experience of the "disease of the soul" and its definitions in the early modern period: censorship, dissent and self-representation

    The seminar aims at exploring the different meanings of the term "melancholy" in early modern religion, both Protestant and Catholic. One of its main purposes will be to enquire into, clarify, and emphasize both elements of continuity and what was specific to each of the diverse discourses on melancholy within the historical, socio-cultural, political, geographical and linguistic contexts that framed its production.

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  • Erlangen

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Saints and the City

    Urban Holiness before Modernity

    Saints and the City is an international, interdisciplinary workshop on urban holiness in pre-modern times in East and West. Graduates and young post-graduates will be able to present their researches as guests of the Erlangen Centre for European Medieval and Renaissance Studies IZEMIR and the DFG-Research Group "Holiness and Sanctification in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period. Intercultural Perspectives in Europe and Asia".

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  • Bruxelles

    Appel à contribution - Histoire

    Food and Hospitals

    An Historical Perspective

    While contemporary grumblings about hospital food have become the quintessential hospital complaint, it is undeniable that a clean, warm bed, rest and the provision of food and drink, rather than medicines and therapies have always greatly increased hospital patients’ chances of recovery. Indeed diet has from the time of Galen been a central part of medical therapy. However, even if central to the day-to-day routine of hospitals, workhouses and asylums, food and drink continue to be overlooked in historical accounts of hospitalisation. This conference aims to foreground the role of food and drink in health care institutions in the past.

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