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  • Nairobi

    Colloque - Géographie

    Diversity in Society ‒ Theories and Practice

    The conference, organised by IFRA (Kenya) and GRER-ICT (Université Paris Diderot), will be held at the French Institute in Nairobi (Kenya) on the 1st and 2nd December 2011.

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  • Addis-Abeba

    Colloque - Religions

    Rôles et valeurs du Menzuma : panégyriques islamiques en Éthiopie et dans la Corne de l'Afrique

    The songs of praise called menzuma, sung by a soloist accompanied by a choir and percussion are popular all over the Muslim areas of Ethiopia where the practice of Sufi Islam is still well rooted. The purposes of this workshop are many : to study Menzuma genre from different perspectives and in the different languages in which it is performed ; to study the role of Menzuma as a social performance in public or private spheres ; to understand the relations between the oral performance and the written text of Menzuma ; to explore the different levels of significance of Menzuma texts, i.e. Religious, moral, historical, artistic, etc. ; to observe the circulation, exchange and transformations of Menzuma among different societies of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

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