• Granada

    Conference, symposium - Language

    Mythographica & Paramythographica Graeca

    La transmisión de los textos

    The International Colloquium “Mythographica & Paramythographica Graeca” aims to be a meeting space for the reflection, discussion, and dissemination of researches on the transmission of Greek mythographic texts in a broad sesnse (manuscripts, editions, translations, comments, etc.). The Colloquium focuses primarily on mythography, but contributions on the presence of mythographic materials in others types of scholarly literatura are included.

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  • Le Mans

    Call for papers - History

    Racial-religious genealogies in contemporary discourses

    The objective of this fourth workshop of the RelRace research program, Religions, Lineages, Races, is to document and analyze the most contemporary (21st century) expressions of racial-religious myths. These expressions remain marginal, however they nevertheless concern numerous religious sects, who very often develop a supremacist discourse.

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  • Lyon

    Conference, symposium - History

    Princesses’ journeys: new perspectives on dynastic alliances

    Western Europe, 15th-17th century

    L’objectif visé, dans le cadre de ce colloque, est de redonner aux princesses leur place véritable dans l’histoire politique et diplomatique en changeant de point de vue. Remises au centre de la réflexion en tant qu’actrices, c’est à partir de leurs regards et expériences que nous engagerons une redécouverte et une relecture de l’histoire des alliances dynastiques.

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  • Call for papers - America

    Black poetics in contemporary performing arts

    La Revista Brasileira de Estudos da Presença [Brazilian Journal on Presence Studies], revue périodique en ligne d’accès libre, avec révision par des pairs, sans frais de soumission ou de publication, reçoit des articles inédits portant sur le thème des poétiques noires dans la scène contemporaine. Cet appel concerne des auteurs et des autrices souhaitant proposer des articles inédits sur le thème des poétiques noires dans leur rapport à la scène contemporaine. Nous sommes intéressés par des textes consacrés aux processus de création, à la scène, aux pédagogies et aux différents aspects de la performativité contemporaine.

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  • Bordeaux

    Call for papers - America

    Political legitimacies in time of crisis

    This workshop aims therefore to analyze the contemporary dynamics of legitimacy and illegitimacy, of legitimization and delegitimization of political power in the United States in the context of political polarization. It will contribute to the analysis of the causes, mechanisms and consequences of the questioning of public authority.

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  • Seminar - Science studies

    Rencontres d’histoire et de philosophie des sciences

    The seminar Rencontres d’histoire et philosophie des sciences aims to promote a history and philosophy of science in which, in the words of Aldo Mieli (1935), “the unity of scientific thought” is “brought to the forefront, in relation to the multifaceted developments of particular sciences”. In order to do this, it seems imperative to us to involve all those who have an interest in the history and philosophy of science in its most diverse expressions in order to consolidate a community which, to exist, must regain its collegiality.

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  • Call for papers - Thought

    Thinking the Anthropocene debate with Merleau-Ponty

    Chiasmi International 24, thematic section on “Thinking the Anthropocene debate with Merleau-Ponty,” will investigate the possible convergences and divergences between Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s thinking and the notion of Anthropocene as well as the contributions that the work of the French thinker can offer the latter, in view of its possible enrichment and its further problematization.

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  • Paris

    Study days - History

    Students and sports in the world from the 19th century to the present day

    L’Institut des sciences du sport de l’université de Lausanne (ISSUL), le Groupe d’études et de recherche sur les mouvements étudiants (GERME) et la Cité des mémoires étudiantes organisent une double journée d’étude internationale consacrée à l’histoire des étudiant·e·s et du sport.

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  • Lille

    Call for papers - Europe

    The Reception of Ancient Greece in pre-modern French Literature and Illustrations of Manuscripts and Printed Books (1320-1550)

    How invented memories shaped the identity of European communities

    The AGRELITA project ERC n° 101018777 has been launched on October 1st 2021. It is a 5-year project (2021-2026) financed on an ERC Advanced Grant 2020 through the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020.

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  • Call for papers - History

    The Boundaries of Water

    Frontière·s. Revue d’archéologie, histoire et histoire de l’art

    By its nature, its cycles and the diversity of its states, watermaterializes different notions of the border. It can representand indicate a limit, a rupture, a separation betweenspaces and human groups. Conversely, it is also a mediumof exchange and contact between communities andacts as a bridge between the terrestrial and spiritual worlds. For this seventh issue, the authors are invited to examine, amongother things: the physical boundaries of water as topographic and hydrographicobstacles, political and territorial boundaries, the social boundaries of water and symbolic boundaries based on the values attached to water.

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  • Aubervilliers

    Study days - History

    Telling, exhibiting and commemorating minority histories in the United States

    U.S. museums and historic sites, and minority narratives

    Critical perspectives have contributed to the development of research on minority histories, which can be approached in two ways: on the one hand from the point of view of the domination that is exercised, on the other hand from the point of view of the experiences of members of the minority. Minority narratives mobilize collective memories and processes of patrimonialization and different mediations of history, notably in the school and medias. We propose to focus on one of their concrete forms, namely museums and heritage sites. Museums are indeed at the focus of political and historiographic issues in the way they articulate, or not, the narrative of minorities and the national narrative.The question of the mediation of history, here approached through the prism of museum institutions and heritage sites, as well as the articulation between past and present, will be our focus.

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  • Paris

    Scholarship, prize and job offer - Modern

    Chercheur∙se pour le département d’histoire contemporaine (XIXe–XXIe siècle) à l’Institut historique allemand

    Researcher at the department of contemporary history (19th-21st century) at the German Historcal Institute in Paris

    L’institut historique allemand (IHA), centre de recherche de la fondation publique Max Weber – Deutsche Geisteswissenschaftliche Institute im Ausland, recrute un∙e chercheur∙se pour le département de recherche en histoire contemporaine (XIXe–XXIe siècle). L’institut historique allemand travaille sous la devise « Recherche – Médiation – Qualification » dans le domaine de l’histoire française, franco-allemande et ouest-européenne, de l’Antiquité à nos jours, et joue un rôle de premier plan dans la médiation entre l’Allemagne et la France. L’histoire numérique et l’Afrique subsaharienne constituent des axes de recherche complémentaires.

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  • Liège

    Call for papers - History

    Did you say “authentic”?

    6th International Doctoral Days of “Transitions” (ULiège)

    On the 5th and 6th of May, 2022, the sixth edition of the Research Unit Transitions (Research Department on the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period)’s international Doctoral Days will be held at the University of Liège. Organised in partnership with the Centre d’études supérieures de civilisation médiévale (CESCM) of the University of Poitiers, these days will be structured around the theme of authenticity. The notion of authenticity is by its very nature polysemous and complex to define. The aim of these Doctoral Days is to examine authenticity in its various meanings and according to the various methodological approaches pertaining to different fields of research. The presentations will be oriented according to two distinct, but complementary axes: “The object to the test of time” and “Authenticity, a guarantee of truth?”.

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  • La Réole | Portets

    Conference, symposium - History

    Crossed views on the construction of river landscapes

    Today's rivers are the result of a complex and continuous metamorphosis in which the human footprint has become major since the industrial revolution. Its recent impact has largely obscured the characteristics of older river landscapes. The aim of this conference is to question, in an interdisciplinary perspective, the sources for studying the dynamics and/or the social, technical, legal and political contexts of fluvial or fluviomaritime spaces, to outline their reconstitution and to model their evolution until the beginning of the 20th century. Facilities and port spaces, temporalities of construction of fluvial landscapes and causes, modalities and consequences - ecological, hydrological, archaeological - of the transition to new landscape sequences will be questioned.

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  • Orléans

    Call for papers - History

    Ireland in the Concert of Nations, 1922-2022

    2022 SOFEIR Congress

    This SOFEIR (société française d’études irlandaises) Congress wishes to mark the centenary by questioning Ireland's place as an island, as a state and a society or societies within the international context, down the years ever since partition, and also from a contemporary perspective. It will also look at the cultural, social, political and economic developments of the country in a comparative manner, and by including all possible objects of study without omitting literary, artistic or cinematic representations.

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  • Brest

    Conference, symposium - Political studies

    What is a flag? Socio-history of political unveiling

    World, 19th-21st centuries

    What is a flag? The question is apparently very banal. Many works are interested in its symbolism. The symposium intends to take a step aside. The flag as an expression, minor, major, of a political unveiling (the flag is considered here as a latent ready-to-use resource), will exclusively hold our attention. The meeting will not only focus on national emblems. The flags of the unions, of the movements of identity claim, the banners of the supporters or those used in apparently folkloric frameworks have their place there as soon as their uses, the gestures and the practices of their actors formally or informally register on a political terrain.

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  • La Plaine-Saint-Denis

    Study days - Geography

    Scientific congresses and knowledge networks

    Issues and methods for processing event participation data

    This research day focuses on scientific congresses and conferences as both geographical and disciplinary spaces for the circulation of knowledge. Emphasis is placed on the methods available for studying data on events’ participation, noting that unlike the study of bibliographic corpora, which benefit from well-stabilised bibliometric methodologies, the study of scientific events not as well established. Different approaches will be addressed: ethnography, analysis of co-participation networks, content analysis. By bringing together historians working on congresses from the turn of the 20th century with social scientists working on congresses from the second half of the 20th century and today, the day will bring out similarities but also differences in approaches, types of sources, questions and methodological obstacles.

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  • Beirut

    Call for papers - Representation

    Whither the Spiritual? Rethinking Secularism’s Legacy in post-Ottoman Art

    This dossier examines—and challenges—the implications of art history’s secular tilt—what Shaw has called an over-reliance on “Christian-based ideas of visuality” - on the study of modern and contemporary art from the Middle East. It aims to consider what new explorations in this field can offer for rethinking both art history and spirituality’s relationship to empirical argument and experience as cornerstones of modernity in a western modality.

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  • Paris

    Conference, symposium - Representation

    Xérographie : artistes femmes (1965-1990)

    Xerography: Women Artists, 1965-1990

    This symposium offers a state of the field reflection on women artists’ use of xerography, a practice that, to date, has not been the subject of any in-depth study. Appearing in the artistic field during the 1960s, xerography (from the Greek xeros, “dry” and graphein “to write”) appears as an in-between practice bordered upstream by photography and downstream by the advent of the digital image. While male artists did explore the new technology in their work, the emergence of this phenomenon and its development, particularly on American soil, were essentially the work of female artists. Xerography was an Intermedial practice par excellence; it challenged the notion of medium specificity by the production of an infinitely reproducible mechanical image and was thus experienced as a threat to the dominant doctrine of medium specificity.

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  • Quito | Mexico City

    Conference, symposium - Modern

    Climate change and digital sound and audiovisual preservation

    IV International Congress of Digital Archives

    El cambio climático es el proceso que pone en riesgo la vida, la salud y el desarrollo de las naciones. De acuerdo con la Organización de las Naciones Unidas, en muchos países las temperaturas han presentado niveles máximos sin precedentes, los niveles de gases de efecto invernadero están aumentando, el nivel del mar está subiendo y los desastres naturales se agravan. Las soluciones encaminadas a crear economías verdes y sustentables van acompañadas de cambios en diferentes aspectos de la actividad humana. La investigación científica ocupa un espacio relevante y necesario para formular aportaciones que minimicen el impacto del cambio climático en la sociedad. Uno de los ámbitos poco estudiados, con incidencia en el cambio climático, es el relativo a los archivos digitales sonoros y audiovisuales. No obstante que la preservación digital de archivos sonoros y audiovisuales genera de forma constante basura tecnológica y requiere del uso continuo de energía.

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