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  • Strasbourg

    Study days - Geography

    Geoarchaeology and archaeology of the city of Cádiz, Spain

    This workshop-seminar organised in Strasbourg will be focusing on the archaeology and geoarchaeology of Cádiz. New sedimentary cores drilled in a marine palaeochannel crossing the city in Antiquity will be discussed. Researchers from the University of Cádiz, the CNRS, the ENGEES, and the University of Strasbourg will be present.

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  • Prague

    Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Visual culture in the classical world

    8th international postgraduate conference Pecla 2019

    PeClA 2019 is a two‐day conference in Classical Archaeology and Classics aimed at postgraduate / doctoral students traditionally offering a space for presenting research results, discussion, and an exchange of ideas, in a friendly and supportive environment. This year, we focus on the roots of the Classical Archaeology, and for this reason the main theme of the conference is Visual Culture in the Classical World.

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  • Nanterre

    Conference, symposium - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Textiles and Gender: Production to wardrobe from the Orient to the Mediterranean in Antiquity

    Textiles and gender intertwine on many levels, from the transformation of raw materials into fabric at one end, to dress and garments, and the construction of identity at the other. The conference will examine the gender division of work in the production of textiles, as well as attitudes to dress and gender across the Near East and Mediterranean culture in antiquity (c. 3000 BCE-300CE), tracing both cross-cultural and culturally specific associations.

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  • Medford

    Call for papers - Representation

    Ancient Greek and Roman painting and the Digital Humanities

    When in 1921, A. Reinach published the Recueil des textes grecs et latins relatifs à la peinture ancienne (Recueil Milliet), it was mainly to make accessible these texts about painting and aesthetics to a broader audience. Since two years, a team gathered around the Perseus Digital Library and the Perseids Project (Tufts University) seek to revitalize the Recueil Milliet (an essential tool for historians of Greek and Roman Art) implementing it into a digitalized format ( In relation to the work made, the proposed conference seek to question methodologies which combine Digital Humanities and scientific research, especially in the field of history of Greek and Roman art. But also, to put forward the relationship between textual sources and the most recent archaeological findings.

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  • Cagliari

    Conference, symposium - History

    Hagnos, Miasma and Katharsis

    A journey between the categories of the pure and impure in the imagination of the ancient world

    Le colloque international « Hagnos, Miasma, Katharsis. Voyage entre les catégories du pur et de l’impur dans l’imaginaire du monde ancien » (Cagliari, 4-6 mai 2016) propose une mise au point sur les études consacrées aux phénomènes du pur et de l’impur et à leur exégèse antique. La réflexion autour de ce thème privilégiera une approche interdisciplinaire, tenant compte des perspectives iconographique, littéraire, anthropologique et historico-religieuse, afin d’encourager une confrontation et un dialogue élargis entre les spécialistes de cette question cruciale pour comprendre les mentalités antiques.

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  • Alcúdia

    Summer School - Europe

    Archaeological sciences summer school

    The purpose of the course is to expose students to interdisciplinary research that involves archaeology and the natural sciences in the field. The students will experience interactive work that combines excavation and analysis of materials using an on-site laboratory. The course will emphasize the inter-connection between laboratory analyses and the archaeological context, and will include fieldwork, laboratory work, and lectures.

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  • Edinburgh

    Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Colonial geopolitics and local cultures in the Hellenistic and Roman East (IIIrd Century B.C. – IIIrd Century A.D.)

    Géopolitique coloniale et cultures locales dans l'Orient hellénistique et romain (IIIe siècle av. J.-C. – IIIe siècle ap. J.-C.)

    It seems clear that, in the Greek-speaking regions of the Roman Empire, Hellenistic models (civic, military or institutional) exercised considerable influence over “Italic” colonial projects. Within this field, relations between military colonists and indigenous peoples demand special attention, considering the degree of social, cultural, economic, political and geopolitical transformation brought about by the installation of certain groups upon those lands as a result of the will of the great power(s) that ruled over them. As for the Roman colonization, modern scholars have often described Roman colonies as vectors of Romanization inserted in alien lands, writing that these communities must have functioned as images of a “small Rome.” While the existence of Latin-speaking colonists ruled by a favorable juridical system such as the Ius Italicum cannot be denied, such a reductionist model can no longer be accepted without qualification, especially in the context of the Greek-speaking provinces of the Roman East. The regions of the Eastern Mediterranean world saw the coming of a number of groups of Roman colonists and thus their cultural climate, their agrarian structures and their geopolitical environment changed. The aim of this panel is to explore new research paths based on broader studies in time and space.

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