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    Call for papers - Prehistory and Antiquity

    Denunciation or dissimulation? Medical error in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

    Greece, Rome, Egypt, Near-East

    Mediator, Depakine, Thalidomides, contaminated blood, breast implants... health scandals over the past fifty years have regularly focused general attention on the problem of medical risk. They have raised many questions, abundantly relayed by the different media, showing us how crucial and complex the question of medical error is: where did the error come from? But before becoming a scandal, medical error has also been an inherent risk in the practice of medicine, since its very beginning. A mistake in diagnosis, prognosis or therapy, no matter how small, can have disastrous consequences for the doctor and the patient if not detected and corrected. Far from the huge media coverage of current health scandals, what is the status of medical error in ancient medicines and what are its issues?

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